What Comes Around – Chapter 2 ficbit

A/N: No matter what life he’s in, Alibaba cannot catch a break. Nope. Never.

Kill the wab-bit! Kill the wab-bit! Kill the

Alan thumped off the Ride of the Valkyries alarm, blinking blearily. Alarms were evil and should die. Especially alarms that made him have to struggle out of a knobby, warm bubble of happy.

Happy. It’s been a while. Continue reading


Earring Tales: Vincent Valentine

Vincent 1

I stumbled on some rose gold Swarovski crystals when poking around for neat beads in Hobby Lobby, and had to take them home. I was considering what kind of earrings they would make, and had them near some other new Delicas I’d gotten; in particular, a Luster Rust shade of red that struck me as the perfect color for a certain FF7 ex-Turk’s cloak. And so I was reminded of the coppery shine of ammunition. Continue reading

Water on Mars, and the chance of Interstellar Zombies

No, seriously, it is possible. Where there is water, on Earth, there is life. And given we know Earth and Mars have traded bits of meteorite fragment over the ages, and the tests NASA has run on various germs and spores, the odds are good that either life evolved first on Mars and got here, or earth-borne life has already gotten to Mars.

Any way you slice it, if life’s been clinging on there, it could have evolved in ways we can’t predict but that might make our immune systems very, very unhappy. Whether zombies result is another matter, but….

On the other hand? Earth and Mars have traded bits back and forth. So I’d say that if there is life on Mars, it’s at least as possible our immune systems have already met and munched on the invader sometime in the ancient past. Who knows?

Long story short – we should colonize Mars. Carefully. Just in case the Doom movies are right.

Things I’d Want to Have in a Zombie Apocalypse: Getting into Hot Water

Mmm, hot water. One of the true marks of civilization. Absolutely indispensable in an emergency situation, like the zombies beating down your door.

No, really. After all, that zombie contagion spreads some way – and if it can spread by a bite, it can probably also spread by ghastly fluids getting into a nick or scrape. Given that destroying zombie brains can get a bit messy, you’re going to want to clean up after every fight – and one of the best things for that is soap and hot water. Continue reading

Thoughts on Fanfic worldbuilding – Magi modern day (What Comes Around)

“What Comes Around” was spawned in part by wanting the Magi characters to earn a Happy Ending. Given what’s happened to Balbadd so far in canon, the whole horrific mess with Hakuryuu, and what’s apparently happened to Sinbad, that was looking a bit… iffy. But since reincarnation is part of Magi canon, the plotbunnies said, “well, how about that? Why not make sure they had a second chance in the modern day – oh man, the chaos, if dungeons showed up in the modern world….”

As you can imagine, my bunnies love chaos.

So now I had an Idea gnawing at my brain. But there were lots of details that had to be figured out. Continue reading

What Comes Around ficbit

He wasn’t the same Ja’far as he’d been in Sindria, for better or worse. Probably for better. His past self, encountering Simon, would have dragged him into the Magnos spell out of sheer paranoid self-preservation.

His present self, once he’d accepted the fact that Simon was real, and not a radioactive hallucination, had started layering every spell of mental and spiritual protection he could find on the man. Including a few he’d flat-out invented. Because no evil, grasping megalomaniac was getting their fingers into that soul ever again. Continue reading

Earring Tales – Judal

Judar2aBlogCan’t have Hakuryuu without his Magi.

The drops here are made with almost all Delica beads; the resulting jaggedness in the lines of the strands surprised me. After all, Delica beads are used in beadweaving because they’re very regular in shape… at least, in cylindrical shape. The edges, apparently not so much.

Despite their irregularity, regular seed beads tend to be more rounded on the edges, and so tend to slide around to the point that an earring drop makes a much smoother and more supple line. Given this earring is for Judal, who’s several flavors of jagged crazy, the result wasn’t bad, but it’s definitely something I intend to keep in mind when making further shinies.