Crossover Queen’s Creative Chaos – Sneaking into the Fray

Camo2Blog Starting with a shiny. Because everyone likes shinies.

Here I plan to play around, and post up stuff about various things; mostly writing, origfic, fanfic, beads and what I’d really want to have in a Cozy Catastrophe.  And Tropes. Lots and lots of Tropes.

Because seriously, Tropes are fun. Tropes provide a backbone, an inspiration for riffing on, a cultural connection for readers to get it when you write the age-old story with a new twist, or deliberately swim upstream against the conventional to break new ground. The Cammo Earrings I made above are their own twist on tropes; heck, you might call them Highly Visible Ninja earrings.

Without Tropes, A Net of Dawn and Bones would never have been written.

Then again, without NaNoWrimo, it wouldn’t have gotten written either. Anyone else out there looking forward to November?

2 thoughts on “Crossover Queen’s Creative Chaos – Sneaking into the Fray

  1. Re November: You know I am! And it’s beginning to look like the majority of Accidental Marriage will be my story for this year….

    🙂 Trudy


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