Earring Stories: Sindrian General (a.k.a. Earrings of Doom)

This pair almost killed me.

Sindrian General2aBlog Well, not literally. I called the design Sindrian General but I was thinking of Ja’far when I designed it, so I suppose mayhem was kind of a given.

If something could go wrong putting this one together, it did. Threads snapping. Beads cracking. Coming up short on Swarovski crystals of the right color. Finding out when I reordered that Swarovski has changed the cut on the crystals since the last time I ordered that color, so if you look very closely you can tell that some of the crystals have a more “brilliant” cut than the others. Clear nail polish disappearing on me. (Darn, that stuff’s really clear….)  Superglue – well. My fingers were Not Happy with me.

But in the end I got it to all come together, and my bead-bunnies are very pleased with how the green bugles give the effect of the hem on a Sindrian robe.

Plus, white, green and gold. Spring!

3 thoughts on “Earring Stories: Sindrian General (a.k.a. Earrings of Doom)

  1. Brilliant as always!! And yes, Ja’Far is ALWAYS out to express his displeasure ^_*.

    … Dear gods, just make sure you keep them in the same box with the Sinbad earrings or who KNOWS what those two will do…




  2. *snickers wryly and sympathetically*

    Whoof. Yes, hate when anything like that happens. All of it happening at once? {Virtual Hugs}



  3. *Snrk* I have several variants on Sinbad to corral the Ja’far pair; kind of the inverse situation from the AU in Around, where several people are cooperating to corral Sinbad. With varying degrees of success.

    And sometimes beading just goes like that. At least all the problems were fixable, even if it did mean starting with a fresh thread and redoing things!


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