Earring tales: Hakuryuu

Haku2BlogWe can’t leave out the last of the Magi foursome. Poor Hakuryuu. His mother is who? No wonder he was cracked.

The black bugles here are a tiny fraction shorter than the white bugles; Preciosa vs. Miyuki, so it goes. I always have to check beads made by different people, because 11/0 in one brand isn’t the same as 11/0 in another, and when you mix in Delica – yeah. Messy. 12-mm bugle beads you would think would all match up, brand or not, because they’re supposed to be 12 mm. In reality, not so much.

In this pair that wasn’t bad to deal with, since I made the drops leading from the black bugles in the base with mostly black beads to give the impression of Hakuryuu’s white-and-black outfit. So the difference in bugle bead length isn’t so visible.  Still, something I plan to take into account for future use.

Speaking of bugles, does anyone have a good source for a variety of twisted bugle colors? I love twisted bugles for the “water-shimmer” effect they give, but so far I’ve only found them in limited colors and sizes relative to straight bugles.


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