Earring Tales: Vincent Valentine

Vincent 1

I stumbled on some rose gold Swarovski crystals when poking around for neat beads in Hobby Lobby, and had to take them home. I was considering what kind of earrings they would make, and had them near some other new Delicas I’d gotten; in particular, a Luster Rust shade of red that struck me as the perfect color for a certain FF7 ex-Turk’s cloak. And so I was reminded of the coppery shine of ammunition.

So: red for the cloak, blue for Galian Beast, gunmetal bugles (for Cerberus) and bronze to set it off. Vincent!

One small detail I think came out nicely is that the red beads setting off the crystals at the very tip of the drops are not, in fact, Delica beads. They’re cranberry luster rust I picked up a very long time ago (the shade I was trying to find when I got the Delicas), but they are rounded seed beads, not the brick-like cylinder of a Delica. Which brings in hints of Materia globes. 🙂

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