Earring Tales – Aladdin

GypsyBlue2aI ended up with catseye glass beads, and thought they might make a nice contrast to ordinary crystal drops for the Fourth Magi. (Whose grasp on the rukh is at an entirely different level than any Vessel wielder.) I like the effect, but Continue reading


Fic fragment – What Comes Around

Bit of a fanfic in progress; a Magi modern-day AU.

Flames crashed down with his next strike, biting into thinner denim under her arm. Not a surface slash, he was through fooling around; this one was going to slide right past ribs and kill-

Black light flared, an intricate runic circle that blasted fire back in his face. The world flashed red.

…How am I still alive?

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Earring tales: Silken Rainbow

Silk Rainbow2aBlogOne of the neat bits about figuring out a new design is trying to pick out what, specifically, works, so you can duplicate that aspect in new designs. Here I noticed two specific bits that were neat.

  1. Putting together subtle gradations in color really worked well here.
  2. Working with 11/0 beads (especially Delicas, that tend to run a smidge smaller than other seed beads) 4-mm Swarovski crystals need about 4 beads’ difference in length of the drop so the crystals don’t bump into each other.  In this case, picking 4 different colors of yellow-to-green and then decreasing the length of each color by 1 bead both created exactly the change in length needed, and looked very nice.

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If the SGC crowd-sourced an Alteran translation….

If the SGC ever crowd-sourced an Alteran translation:

Leukat? Okay, who’s the wise guy who stuck light-year into a PIE SF conlang?

“Guys, first off, if physics still holds in your universe then interstellar travel’s not feasible without some way to snip out of traveling through normal space. Which means light-years as a measure of distance could be totally useless. Continue reading