What Comes Around – chapter 3 ficbit

He reached out, not quite touching polished brass, to be certain he had where the text started. One symbol off, and Tran could throw you. “I drink the breath of men, and drown their hopes. I am a perilous passage. Who gains by seeking me?”

“Oh no,” Tiburon said wryly, eyeing the edge of his sword for nicks. “That’s not ominous.”

Moving on to the not-Anubis, Alan had to grin. “Don’t worry, it gets worse. I call the shepherd away, and devour him; I call away men by name, and they are lost. No weapon of steel shall defeat me. Shall I haunt thee forever?

“Right,” Tiburon deadpanned. “Worse.”

Morgan moved up beside them both, bare toes stroking a swirl of green tiles. “Why can’t I read it?”

“Not many people could read Tran,” Aladdin said practically. “Alibaba worked really hard on it. Morgiana… well, you learned to read when you were with us, but we didn’t really have time for Tran too.”

Alan glanced up at the granite warrior, then down at his plaque. “I thunder in the sky, eyes bright, stronger than the reddest lion. Who shall claim my strength?”

“Oh!” Morgan clapped her hands together, delighted. “Uncle Malachy, you told me that one! The only things stronger than the Red Lions-”

“Are the dragons,” her uncle nodded.

“Oh,” Tiburon said numbly. “Dragons.”

Malachy gave him a concerned look. “You okay?”

“No,” the swordsman said at last. “No, I am not okay. And when we find Simon I am going to tell him how not okay I am, with pointy things for emphasis. I….” He shivered. “Malachy, I like it here.”

Silent, Malachy nodded.

“Don’t just- augh, MacLeas! This place is trying to kill me, it’s messing with my head, and I like it!” He brandished his blade at air. “That’s not – no one should-!”

“You’re remembering.” Aladdin looked up at him, solemn and calm as a sage. “A long time ago, in another life, you were someone important. Baal knows you were his ally. I think he wants us to like it here.”

“Electric sharks,” Tiburon said skeptically.

“Well, some of us are Fanalis.” Aladdin grinned at Morgan and Malachy. “He wouldn’t want us to be bored.”


2 thoughts on “What Comes Around – chapter 3 ficbit

  1. Ooh cool with a side of creepy. well cool in the “I’m glad it’s happening to them and not me.” Still cool…and I foresee you getting me into yet another fandom. Thanks for the introduction to Log Horizon by the way ^^ (yes I’m one of your many lurkers who finally got around to de-lurking.)


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