What Comes Around – Chapter 3 ficbit

“Mr. Zvezdil… Ja’far. Aladdin, when he called, you looked like you knew him-”

“I do!” The magi brightened. “That’s why I’m not worried. He’s fine in a dungeon. Simon will be fine too.”

Fine in a dungeon. “Does he read Tran?” Alan asked.

“What difference does that make?” Tiburon frowned. “We just need to pick the right tunnel to get farther on, right?”

“No,” Malachy said quietly. “We don’t need to find the right one. We need to know, which one would Simon pick?

“Ja’far does know Tran,” Aladdin nodded. “If he can remember his own name, then he should be able to read the symbols here. But we should pick the right one anyway. Once we talk to Baal in the treasure room-”

“They could be dead by then,” Alan cut him off. Stared into blue eyes, determined to resist the power of soulful pleading. “I know you believe in us.” Though I can’t figure out why. “I know you believe in Ja’far. But if you know him – do you think he would have called people in to help if he thought the two of them could make it on their own?”

Aladdin’s shoulders fell. “I really want to talk to Baal,” he said softly. “I want to know if… if he knows if Ugo’s okay.”

“We know.” Morgan put a hand on his shoulder. “But we have to save people first.”

“…You’re right,” Aladdin admitted. Touched his flute, and looked up at the two adults in their party. “I can tell they’re not too far, but I don’t know which of these tunnels leads the way they went, and which just doubles back and dumps us into more trouble. So which way would they go?”

“Hmm.” Malachy’s brows wrinkled, as he looked over stone wave, Anubis’ nastier cousin, and the winged warrior.

“This is Simon,” Tiburon said wryly. “Do you really think he’d miss out on seeing a dragon?”


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