What Comes Around ch 5 – 51 flavors

“Deep dark chocolate,” Alan mumbled around a spoonful. “Come to the Dark Side… we have chocolate….”

Aladdin eyed the swirls of rukh around the pair of them, but it was brighter than ever, bits of gold sparkling in silver like a scatter of diamond dust. Obviously this was going to be one of those weird things Ugo hadn’t told him about. But Alan was eating this with Morgan, so it was probably not something people tossed you out of taverns for doing in public. Continue reading

Princess Rama – Sita and Trijata

“Which of those nos didn’t you understand?” Sita held his ground in the forest grove with an effort, staring down the angry blur of Ravana’s ten heads. “No, I will not take another wife. No, I will not ally with Lanka. No, I will never believe I have been abandoned here. There are people coming for me. And you won’t like what happens when they do.”

The demon king folded his arms, supremely unimpressed. “A fool’s hope. We are across mountains; across an ocean! No mortal can reach Lanka without my permission. You are lost to them.” He leaned in. “Take care you are not lost, wholly. I may be banned from having my way with unwilling women, but you….” Continue reading

Princess Rama – A Bit more Hanuman

A/N: Hanuman is fun.


“Your king seems a bit less… energetic, this morning,” Laks reflected, walking with Hanuman and Utmila as Rama took the lead. Sugriva was behind them, surrounded by a contingent of grave-faced vanara warriors. “Yesterday, he was quite eager to see Vali faced and deposed. What troubles him today?”

“Ah, the difference between wished-for plans and reality!” Hanuman exclaimed, throwing arms wide as if white fur would embrace the sun itself. Continue reading

What Comes Around – Ch 5 further ficbit

Morgan bounced on the balls of her feet as she walked up the porch steps with Uncle Malachy, wishing she could kick off her sandals. But bare feet were something people in this neighborhood only saw on the beach. If then.

Her uncle poked a gentle finger at the doorbell, holding the button down a polite span of seconds before lifting his hand away. “Remember, things are breakable.”

Morgan tried not to smile, thinking about their front door last night, a vase Aunt Shionne had never liked anyway, and Malachy’s quietly sheepish expression. Continue reading