What Comes Around Ch 5 – sparring

Tiburon’s floor was hard, damn it.

At least it’s not stone.

An impression more than a thought; polished wood hard and just a little slick against side, knee, toes as Alan hit the floor and rolled inside the range of Tiburon’s longsword.

Tendon, artery in the groin

Knee. This was a spar. Blunt steel.

Tiburon skipped sideways to dodge, using the distance to bring his blade in and down-

But Alan was up on one knee already, blade angled and braced with his off hand to let the sword slide harmlessly away. Only for a second… but a second was all he needed.



Blunt tip above Tiburon’s kidney, Alan froze.

The room seemed to fade back in, a whole class of sword students barely whispering as they watched, while Morgan, Aladdin, and Malachy hung out by the door. Aladdin was grinning, Morgan had a cat-smile that had spooked some of the guys into edging a bit farther away from her, and Malachy’s straight face had distinct overtones of smug.

“Right.” Tiburon was breathing deeply as he faced the rest of the class. “So let me sum up, for anyone who missed it the first time. This is Alan. He’s one of Simon’s foundlings. Your guess is as good as mine for how Simon found him; I think he’s got a special magnet he waves over the underbrush to drag out weirdness. It’s how he found me. You’ve never seen a survivalist embarrassed until you’ve seen him realize a movie star helped you haul him and his broken leg out of grizzly fishing grounds. And you’ve met Vice-Principal Ja’far Zvezdilin, right? Bureaucrat, bio teacher, ninja? Of course he says he’s not a ninja… which is exactly what a ninja would say.” Tiburon winked at the class. “Anyway. Due to circumstances I’m not at liberty to go into, some idiot apparently left him half-trained. So I’m going to be doing extra work with him so nobody gets hurt.”

12 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 5 – sparring

  1. …And now the thought of Sinbad with a magnet on a string searching for misplaced generals won’t leave my mind….though it would make sense as to how he found them in the first place.

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  2. Wow, good on the half trained part making a lot of sense of why he doesn’t train so much with the rest. And that can be really scary to deal with on the half trained part, your brain kind of gets stuck in the rut of “what works.” And Morgan and Alan are just too cute a couple, who doesn’t want their love to be able to give you the hearts of your enemies?

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    1. Thanks!

      It was the best way Tiburon figured he could get across “remember stuff I don’t remember learning” in a way that’d keep the rest of his students safe. 🙂 And also keep Alan safe – not so much in the physical sense, but in the “oh good, I’m not sparring with anyone who might not realize _yes I might kill them._” There’s only so much blunted blades can do when someone’s running on _reflexes._

      And yes. Those two are adorable. *G*

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  3. Why do I have a feeling that Simon and Ja’far are masters of stating all the facts and lying through their teeth at the same time? Or hell, all the generals, with varying degrees of proficiency.

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  4. You’ve been on TVTropes? *G*

    Oh yes. They so are. I’m actually wondering what colleges think of Hancock High applicants – though a fair number of them are only going for specific courses, because they already have enough hands-on experience to get started in what they want to do. I do know that they have a rep already for being able to handle pressure and improvise with an Evil Grin.

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