Princess Rama – ongoing giants’ battle

A/N: Because going from Epic to Heroic Fantasy means some Reality has to Ensue.


Laks coughed out dust and bits of rock grains, arm still aching where Angada had plucked him up bodily and made one of his incredible vanara flying jumps. “Are we-?”

“Alive? Some of us,” the vanara prince said breathlessly. “Stupid, stupid – we knew they still had magic-workers amongst the army, but we were looking for illusions…. Uncle!” Continue reading


What Comes Around Ch 11 bit – in reserve

“You’re going to have to move me to emergency contact only. Something’s come up.”

Helping Morgan and Aunt Shionne tally up the class weapons by number and condition, Alan glanced at Tiburon. The swordsman stalked the gym, phone gripped in a carefully gentle hand, and rolled green eyes at whoever was on the other end, patiently miffed. Either whoever he was talking to was being deliberately thick, or Tiburon couldn’t figure out how Tyler had managed to bend a spearhead into a corkscrew either. Continue reading

What Comes Around Ch 10 bit – magical Superglue

“Magoi manipulation’s different?”

“It involves a lot more biofeedback,” Simon agreed, light glinting off his earrings like flecks of diamond. “It’s like… hmm. Say magic is like swimming. Everyone learns the same strokes, or how to float, and you do it in much the same way. It’s muscles and will, and every human body has those. Magoi manipulation is more like controlling your own heartbeat.” Continue reading