Princess Rama – royal duel

When I finish this woman, my brother, you die first, Ravana vowed.

Damn Vibhishana. Damn him for making this an even fight. Vibhishana hadn’t lost sons to this – this unnatural woman! His traitorous brother was holding back, watching, ready to take land, queens, and crown. How long had Vibhishana plotted against him, seeking to overthrow his rule?

Or perhaps you die second, once I find your slippery traitor of a daughter

The princess was lifting her bow, and setting it carefully aside. “We have witnesses, oh Demon King of Lanka. It would be unjust and foul to threaten them when our arrows clash. Surely, you would spare your army that.”

Damn the woman. And damn the dread and doubt she’d put on his own warriors’ faces; that they truly believed he was willing to wipe them all from the earth, only to have his vengeance.

Well, he was. But she’d made that tactic too obvious.


2 thoughts on “Princess Rama – royal duel

  1. Haven’t said much on this, but…I rather like seeing Rama from other eyes, this one time. It makes her more impressive, especially since the person seeing her is so willing to dismiss her, and yet, she disarms him with just a few words.


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