Princess Rama -duel opening

Hanuman watched Rama leap toward the demon king, and felt the fur stand up on the back of his neck. This is going to be very. Very. Messy.

Rama preferred a bow for a reason, after all. Pinaka’s power aside – and Hanuman would never think less of Shiva’s own weapon – arrows could be enspelled, or treated to burn, or simply fired at a rate to make an unfortunate foe look like an oversized hedgehog. Arrows were good at keeping foes at a distance… and given Rama’s desire to have most battles over as soon as possible because war was pain and suffering, ending the fight before a foe could get within sword’s reach suited her just fine.

But from that leap, she definitely hadn’t neglected her sword training.

What, did you think Laks always went easy on her in the pre-battle duel? Hanuman thought wryly, as Ravana moved like lightning to bring his blade into line with Rama’s neck. They don’t know she’s… well. Who she really is.

Even though it ought to be blindingly obvious, because no sane human warrior would use a shield as Rama just had, slapping it at Ravana’s swordarm to twirl her in midair away from that gleaming blade.


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