Shield Bracelet

Wanted to get the effect of tourmaline slices.


The same 8 colors are used in each pentagon; I just moved each color “in” one set of rows as I made the individual pentagons.

This was a request from someone who likes the combination of those 4 colors in mineral stones. 🙂 I was considering how best to do that in a pentagon shape, and ran across a picture of a slice of tourmaline that had almost the exact same pink-to-outer edge of dark gradation as the outer pentagons I have here. Tourmaline crystals are quartz-based and so 6-sided, but the similarity worked fine for the color order.

I’m still amazed that sewing the pentagons together edge to edge worked as well as it did. Peyote stitch and Delicas; what do you know.

Each pentagon is a little less than an inch, so with 9 pentagons it’s a little over 8 inches – appears to be a good bracelet length.

Thoughts and comments welcome!


9 thoughts on “Shield Bracelet

  1. Thank you! The person I made it for thinks so, too. (Whew!)

    I’d never made one of these before, so I may have actually used more stitching than was really necessary to hold it all together. But better too much than too little, I think. 😉


  2. It’s nice, did you choose the pentagon shape for the easier stars and ragged edges? I’ve mostly seen it done with six sides or triangles. And definitely strong stitching is the best.


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