River of Stars Ch 2 bit – irony

“Fortunately, Koumyou Sanzo was known to be a bit eccentric,” Hakkai informed them, picking his words with delicate care. It wasn’t lying. Exactly. “Once he pulled Kouryuu from the river, he allowed the rumor to spread that the stranger was actually a holy young monk from the mountains, who’d been persecuted by jealous evil spirits to the point that he threw himself into the river and prayed for purification. Which, obviously, worked.” Continue reading


What Comes Around Ch 19 bit -Extra Sarcasm

Movement, traced by the faintest bright wings of rukh. A small head of messy brown hair, tucked against a woman’s dusty blue blouse as the young boy shivered in chill air. The lady herself was shackled to a bench – steel, no magoi-draining runes – deep blue eyes scared and furious enough that those shackles might be the only thing keeping her from tearing evil idiots to bits. Continue reading

River of Stars Ch 2 bit – meeting Koumyou

You know something, Hakkai concluded. Oh dear. But he let that realization slide over his reactions like glass. Whatever they might know, they didn’t – couldn’t – know what a Sanzo really was. Most of Shangri-La didn’t know; not even the highest priests. “I don’t think Ni believes in control groups. Dr. Genjyo wasn’t experimented on-” by Ni, at least “-because he wasn’t there.” Continue reading

River of Stars Ch 2 bit – flashback

A/N: I did change one canon detail in specific, because Hakkai’s backstory has so much squick already and that (manga) canon bit with his relations with Kanan is completely unnecessary and would blow the lid off any dealings with the SGC, ever. Warning, if you do know Hakkai’s canon backstory, here’s where things get bloody. If you don’t… um. See above? Hakkai has the nickname Thousand-Slayer in canon.

The nickname does. Not. Exaggerate. Consider yourself warned.

“Sorry I’m late!” He pushed through the front door, schoolbooks in hand, ready for Kanan’s fond smile and Gonou’s disapproving scowl. Honestly, glad as he was to have found his sister again after all these years, he wished he’d been around to help her think twice about marrying a man so – stiff. And secretive. Continue reading

What Comes Around Ch 18 bit – Some Favor Fire…

A/N: Currently in the middle of editing/writing new stuff for a lot of 18. (Which will end up being 19 on AO3, due to the chats being 17 there.) There’s an interrogating-Biegen scene, for one, that is being very stubborn. On the bright side, once that’s done, that chapter will have at least half again more length?


Aladdin got a grip and kept dragging. Morgan could handle whatever was ahead of them, but he didn’t need Fanalis ears to hear the enemies rushing into the tunnel behind them. Where Alan was. Continue reading