What Comes Around Ch 18 bit – poison

What the-? Alan backed up to the tunnel snarl as more bodies hit the floor, nose wrinkling at a sudden strong taste of garlic in the air. What’s going….


In the air. In his tingling lips. Already in his blood, which meant Amon couldn’t-

The ground smashed him into darkness.

“Don’t breathe!”

Aladdin hardened his Borg with an extra layer of Wind as Morgan reeled. The air tasted like garlic and something bitter; the rukh was scattered into whispers of what? and poison! and ambush!

Ja’far’s anti-venom spell hadn’t been meant for inhaled gas, but poison was poison. Aladdin swept the spell over all three of them, fighting back waves of dizziness. Maria was keening, a wavering mix of no and brother and Señora Anne! that ached in his ears.

And that means they know we’re here, Aladdin thought grimly, grabbing Maria’s arm with his free hand to drag her away. Morgan was already pulling, woozy as she was, tears of fury trickling from red eyes. And it took both of them to drag Maria, because the younger girl was fighting, trying to get back to Alan if it meant biting them both.

“Ahead!” Morgan snarled, and shoved Maria on top of him.

The next few seconds would have been very confusing to anyone who’d never been in the backwash of a Fanalis’ glass-shattering roar. As it was, all Aladdin’s muscles twitched, as his nerves reacted to predator by trying to run screeching the other way.


6 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 18 bit – poison

  1. …You are *evil*.

    Alan’s been taken by the bad guys, and it’ll be weeks until this chapter is actually posted, and I just bet the snippets here are not going to make matters any better.

    …so evil.


    1. *Polishes nails* Thank you, you’re so kind…. 😉

      If it helps? I tossed chapters 17-19 thoroughly with Snickerer, and I’m in the process of putting in major edits and additions. So each of those will have maybe 1/3 again of text in it than has been posted here, or more. 🙂


  2. Crap . . . while it wouldn’t be Alan/Alibaba if he didn’t get into trouble. More trouble, I should say. Presumably their interest in Amon is why they took him alive (or at least that one’s reason) but I have the feeling that separating Djinn and King isn’t as easy as they are assuming. Being embedded in Alan’s soul probably makes him much more of a Clingy MacGuffin than before.

    ‘Course, I think attempting to control a Djinn isn’t as easy as the bad guys are assuming it is. Especially since these guys seem to think having a metal thing with the seal is enough.

    And even if you go through their tests, if I’m remembering the subtitles right, the Djinn is /lending/ you their power. And they can say no.


    1. Actually, in canon, that’s not as clear-cut as we might wish. Hakuryuu and Belial, for example. Belial had absolutely no desire to take a king as deep into darkness as Hakuryuu was – but between Hakuryuu and Judar, they forced him into it.

      But yes. The Toolmakers really don’t know what they’re dealing with. This will get… interesting.


      1. Oh yeah.

        Through Judar is a magi so that tends to make these things fuzzy – it’s not like he is a standard magician.

        Of course, Aladdin and the rest HAVE changed the rules from before . . .

        But for now, let’s enjoy our fix-it fic and watching the bad guys get hoisted by their own petard.


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