River of Stars Ch 1 bit -Hakkai vs. SG-1

A/N: Round one. Ding!

Someone cleared his throat. “Mind telling us what you’re up to?”

Abydonian, Gonou’s memories labeled that language; not Goa’uld, but used on many of their planets. Uh-oh.

Graying older man, dark eyes, clad in one of the ubiquitous green field uniforms but carrying it with an aura of leadership. A younger blond wearing glasses, peering at them like they were finger-puzzles to solve. A nervous blonde who felt of naquadah, and carried the rare scent of a dead symbiote. And a stern Jaffa, whose brow bore a golden symbol of the System Lords.

They match Gojyo’s description of SG-1. Hakkai eyed Hakuryuu. You couldn’t have warned me?

:Strange flock, no feeling of predator,: the dragon imaged back serenely. :Hakkai holding shield to negotiate, flattening idiots if hostilities threaten.:

Sometimes I wish I had that much faith in me. “Please don’t wake him,” Hakkai said quietly in the same language. “I’ve stilled the nightmares for now.”

“He has many bad dreams?” Dr. Fraiser asked, stepping out from behind them.

So we do speak a language in common, Hakkai thought, relieved. Well, a little; she’s not fluent. “We all do.” He gestured toward the far end of the infirmary. “May we?”

“Why not.” O’Neill’s smile was about as friendly as Prince Kougaiji’s stumbling on them without warning. Likely, for many of the same reasons.

We’ve never hurt these people. But from what Gojyo tells me about the Tok’ra…. “Are you Major Carter?” Hakkai asked the blonde.

“I am,” she said warily, as they gathered in the doctor’s office. “Did your symbiote know Jolinar?”

Hakkai listened, but there was nothing more than the usual dark rumble, echoing sorrow and madness. “Probably. It felt like he recognized her name, when Gojyo first mentioned you.”

“Felt like?” Dr. Jackson pounced. “You don’t know?”

“We don’t… talk much. Not that we ever did, even before-” Hakkai winced, trying not to recall Ni Jianyi’s empty, triumphant smile, before the horrors began. Horrors he’d felt he deserved, after what his hands had done….

“You’re Cho Hakkai!” Gojyo’s voice rang in his memory. “Not Gonou. Never him. You’re Hakkai. And don’t you forget that!”

“Who’s Gojyo?” O’Neill asked warily. “And how does he know about Carter?”

Hakkai blinked, and shook his head. “Sha Gojyo. You call him – Joseph Sha?” He had to look at Samantha Carter again, even if it might be rude. He had to see. “You’re real. I hoped you were. And… that’s a terrible thing to hope, isn’t it? That someone else understands your nightmares, because they’ve been there.”


14 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 1 bit -Hakkai vs. SG-1

  1. Oh Hakkai . . . it’s not wrong to not want to feel alone. To be understood.

    Poor dear . . but I guess it wouldn’t be Saiyuki and the Sanzo-ikkoku without their pasts being tragic.

    If (when * looks hopeful*) they get to the point of exchanging tragic stories, SG-1 has their own share. Not that some of them would willing talk about it themselves (*cough*Genjyo*cough*Jack*cough).

    New Team Shirt:
    “Been There. Done That. It Sucks. Let’s Never Do It Again.”

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  2. Hmm… something tells me what happened to Hakkai is a lot more complicated then what happened to Sam with Jolinar. Earlier in the chapter, Sanzo and Co. and Janet are acting like it’s Hakkai who’s the Goa’uld/Tok’ra, but here it turns out that it’s really Hakkai remembering what Gonou knew. On the other hand, Ni was involved in whatever turned Gonou into Hakkai in this ‘verse so that kinda throws any of the normal ways hosts remember their symbiotes out the window…

    I wonder how long it’ll take for Janet to get around to asking Sanzo and Gojyo why they changed their names to something more native sounding…


  3. Ah man. I haven’t commented on any of your earlier excerpts for River of Stars, but this already looks like such a stunning ‘verse. And, *ouch*, SG-1’s going to have their hands full with the Sanzo-ikkou, aren’t they. It makes total sense that they’re all so leery of one another, though. Even if Gojyo and Sanzo are connected to the Stargate side of things, from the sound of things they seem to have gone through most of the events in the lives of their canon counterparts, and that can’t be easy to go back to their old lives and relationships after that. And the wonderful people of SG-1… well. They probably have sprawling mental lists of the reasons why they don’t trust people who unexpectedly fall into their laps by this point.

    You’ve managed to get me in the mood to reread Saiyuki all the way from the beginning, though. Mostly because River of Stars made me terribly nostalgic. I still can’t tell if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, because it’s liable to leave me in tears. Oh, these poor boys and their messed up pasts.


      1. Yes, it has been a good thing, so far. And, oh! He is! Such a grump. I think that’s what made me so nostalgic – NO ONE can be as grumpy, caring and careworn as Sanzo can be. Your characterizations are awesome enough that I just had to go back to the manga.


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