What Comes Around Ch 18 bit – Some Favor Fire…

A/N: Currently in the middle of editing/writing new stuff for a lot of 18. (Which will end up being 19 on AO3, due to the chats being 17 there.) There’s an interrogating-Biegen scene, for one, that is being very stubborn. On the bright side, once that’s done, that chapter will have at least half again more length?


Aladdin got a grip and kept dragging. Morgan could handle whatever was ahead of them, but he didn’t need Fanalis ears to hear the enemies rushing into the tunnel behind them. Where Alan was.

Have to get out of here; have to get where I can see what I’m doing! Where Morgan can fight without bringing the whole place down!

Though from the crunches and yelps ahead of him, Morgan was doing a fair job of that, even half out on her feet.

So I need to keep them from coming up behind us, Aladdin knew. What can I do? A mirage won’t hide us in a tunnel and they’re ready for fire

But just because Fire was his affinity, didn’t mean that was all he could cast.

Never thought I’d be glad for fighting Judar!

Aladdin whirled his wand, calling to all the trickles of water in the tunnels. Come, form, freeze-!

Ice crackled into place behind them, a glittering wall of cold. There were thuds.

8 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 18 bit – Some Favor Fire…

  1. Go Aladdin! Go Morgan!

    Don’t be too scared Maria. Yes, the bad guys have Alan. But said bad guys don’t know what they are really dealing with and the help is in town. Help that is scary good at the Big Damn Heroes thing. Not that Aladdin and Morgan are slouches in that department. And don’t count Alan out – being able to capture someone doesn’t mean you can hold them. As Ja’far can testify – Alibaba and likely Alan is very good at escaping.


    1. The Toolmakers are good enough at what they do that Alan will have trouble getting away on his own. But he’s not exactly alone….

      Still working out all the details, but hoping to set the stage so it’s one big mess of several groups colliding!


      1. This is going to be a pileup. I love it! One of my favorite things is when several groups collide all at once, so you have people fighting who legitimately are enemies, people who end up fighting because they don’t like the other person’s face, people who aren’t sure who that guy is but he’s wailing away on their enemy so watch his back, and it’s all disordered chaos. I know that’s a mess IRL, but I do enjoy chaos.

        Luckily at least two groups are allies, so even though Alan, Aladdin, and Morgan aren’t expecting help, they’ll know not to shoot it.


  2. You know, I was reading/listening to/saw something the other day that was remarking how weird it is that we think that cold is a thing. There is no “cold” there is “only the absence of heat.” It’s privative (I learned that word today. I love this word.) So it MAKES SENSE that Alan can freeze things, and this makes me far more happy than I really think it should. *G*


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