River of Stars Ch 2 bit – flashback

A/N: I did change one canon detail in specific, because Hakkai’s backstory has so much squick already and that (manga) canon bit with his relations with Kanan is completely unnecessary and would blow the lid off any dealings with the SGC, ever. Warning, if you do know Hakkai’s canon backstory, here’s where things get bloody. If you don’t… um. See above? Hakkai has the nickname Thousand-Slayer in canon.

The nickname does. Not. Exaggerate. Consider yourself warned.

“Sorry I’m late!” He pushed through the front door, schoolbooks in hand, ready for Kanan’s fond smile and Gonou’s disapproving scowl. Honestly, glad as he was to have found his sister again after all these years, he wished he’d been around to help her think twice about marrying a man so – stiff. And secretive. “I was seeing some students and lost track of the….”

Chairs overturned. A vase shattered on the floor, lily petals trampled underfoot. Kanan’s tools of healing scattered across her examining table; careless disarray, and the gentle Kanzeon’s favored was never careless-

Gonou, bleeding over the floor.

He dropped down beside the man, books falling where they would. “Hold on, I’ll get help!” Not that he expected it to do much good. He’d seen enough injuries to know only one of Kanzeon’s healers could save a man this far gone. Kanan, where is-?

Gonou’s hand latched onto his shoulder, dragging him down.

Strong; only youkai are this strong! Or-

Bloody lips smashed against his, and there was no time to scream.

An eternity later, he watched the world through a haze, as his body stepped over the corpse on the floor and headed for the kitchen.

For the knives.


“I’ll spare you the details.” Hakkai sipped the last of his tea, and stared into the empty mug. “Hyakugen Maoh’s people were looking for pretty girls, and a Tok’ra spy. I suppose one out of two isn’t bad, for minions.”

“Goodbye, Gonou.”

His sister’s voice ached in his memory, speaking to the demon inside him. She’d known. She’d known all along….

Hakkai blinked, trying to chase away the image of beloved hands taking his knife rather than bear the creature inside her. Praying, in the chaos left by his carnage, she’d be left dead long enough that not even a sarcophagus could revive her.

At least that prayer had been answered.

“Some of the survivors caught me. They handed me over to one of Gyokumen Koushu’s scientists, the one who was running a lab there. Mostly experimenting on the Maoh’s castoffs, when he didn’t have his own projects to tend. He was… very interested to see if the youkai transformation worked on a host. And of course, he didn’t want to use one of his Queen’s children.” Hakkai smiled thinly. “It takes a lot of effort, and time. But it does work. I really wouldn’t recommend it.”

“Youkai transformation?” Major Carter asked uneasily.

“Most youkai are born that way,” Hakkai nodded. “They’re sane. Well, as much as humans are. A little more prey-driven. But sane. But there are also… techniques, to transform the human – lifecode, I’m not sure of the word….”

“DNA?” Dr. Jackson suggested in English.

“Thank you,” Hakkai smiled. “Transformed humans don’t usually fare well. The shift in your senses, the shock of becoming other than yourself… most go insane. Which, I’m sorry to tell you, is what happened to some of the survivors from SG-6 and 10. I was – lucky.” He shook his head. “Gonou wasn’t.”

13 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 2 bit – flashback

  1. Ouch. That’s, that’s bad. Experimentation, check, screwed over by Go’auld, check, vague memories with important information that he can’t really access, check. Tortured to the point of insanity and beyond, check, unwilling host to To’kra, check. Yup, he’s a Jack Daniel mix, with a slice of Carter for flavor. Also, more ouch.

    And it was even worse then I thought it might be, better in other ways though. I feared that, well, Kanan and hosts, and the mouth to mouth factor. On the positive side, at least Kanan did not get taken as an unwilling host, Hakkai did not end up being the one to kill her, and Gojyo is/was awesome in his chillness. I love the Sanzo-ikkoku

    And, plunnies, just because Cho sounds like Clow is no reason to tempt me with a Saiyuki/Card Captor Sakura crossover with Hakkai as Clow Reed. No. That doesn’t even make sense, the magic doesn’t line up right! Though imagining the result of Hakkai reincarnating as Fujitaka and Kanan as Nadeshiko is interesting, as does the many, many changes such a parenting result would be. No.


    1. That would make for some interesting changes. For one thing, I think Sakura would be a very different kind of magical girl . . . and how would the rest of the gang get involved, if they were reincarnated too?


    2. Yep. Everybody’s got their trauma. Snazo has been ferociously working on getting everyone from “walking wounded” to “moderately functional in society”, though. It helps that – well, as a Sanzo, he’s allowed to be violent and outrageous.

      As for CCS – Huh. Bunnies just… huh.


  2. Ouch. So much ouch. This is just as messed up as canon, except in a completely different direction. How the heck did you manage that?! I probably should’ve expected the torture and experimentation angle, though, since youkai aren’t precisely supernatural here, so Hakkai’s original transformation wouldn’t have worked. Then again, I was expecting alternate/indigenous race that propagates through biological mutation, or something along those lines. À la Project Tatterdemalion? Or another of your old Saiyuki stories, I’m not sure which one. Oh, I don’t know. But torture and experimentation is so much better – and worse.

    And talk about nasty parallels with Carter – though now I’m wondering when and how Gonou died. Since from the sound of it, he *is* dead. But whoof, that must add a whole other layer to Hakkai’s guilt about Kanan. Who was out for revenge, him or the Tok’ra his brother-in-law turned out to be, using Hakkai’s body as the tool to kill the people who kidnapped and violated his wife and killed his old vessel in the process?


    1. Gonou’s not quite dead.

      As for how I came up with it… basically, I decided “I’m setting Saiyuki in the SG-verse. With SG-canon tech and events, how would X work?” 🙂

      And yes. The whole Gonou-taking-over bit means Hakkai is… close to as messed up as canon, I think. Sanzo keeps an eye on him. And takes him out to kill things that need killing.


  3. *wince* Even condensed and edited down to the basics, Hakkai’s story is full of ouch. Not unexpected but still . . . ow. And the other commentors are right, he seems to have gotten the worse parts of Jack, Daniel, and Carter’s experiences. With possibly added gore. And species transformation.

    So Gonou dead and Hakkai has his memories or Gonou alive but coo-coo for Coco Puffs and kept in largely catatonic state by Hakkai’s limiter. Through Hakkai doesn’t go as crazy without his own as Goku does. Then again, Goku had pretty good reasons for wearing the crazy-pants in that state and I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to guess that this universe wouldn’t have been any nicer to the monkey than canon.


    1. I want to point out that SG-1 did also get hit with species transformation. There is that episode Jack turns into a Neanderthal. I think it even spreads over on part of the SGC-personnel.


  4. I am so glad about that one change. Its the reason I can’t watch the irregular at magical high school even though it’s supposed to be a good show. I also see why you said Hakkai doesn’t hate him self as much in the fic.


    1. The Irregular anime, thankfully, is a lot less heavy-handed on that angle than the LN. Thank goodness.

      I have to admit I feel more sorry for the girl than anything; the social atmosphere they were raised in is horrible, and knowing your own brother was only allowed to survive to be your bodyguard… someone needs to adopt the kids. Other than their official clan.


  5. I think what worries me the most is that this is the *edited* version. The actual events were probably way worse then what Hakkai tells them here. And tough call… turn into a youkai because you wanted to kill a lot of them or because someone messed with your DNA… yeesh… and it sounds like whatever changes happened to Hakkai drove Gonou crazy.

    The last few paragraphs about youkai transformation read a little weird. I *think* what Hakkai is saying is that most youkai are born youkai, but that it’s possible to turn a human into a youkai via genetic manipulation. On the first read-though though, it sounded like Hakkai was agreeing with Carter that most youkai are born via some type of transformation and that there’s a second way of turning human DNA into youkai DNA that’s somehow different from the way most youkai are born. So maybe that could be made less ambiguous?


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