What Comes Around Ch 19 bit – For Science!


Alan sputtered, spitting out water that had tried to sneak into his nose. Jerked once, before he could think better of it, trying to flinch away from the bloodsucking drain on his wrists. Chains and the slosh of cold water around him told him that wasn’t going to work.

Losing magoi. Losing life. Make it stop!

A day ago he wouldn’t have been able to do this. But he remembered, he remembered now; and if his magoi was a little different in this life, well, he’d dealt with that before. His magic, his life, was not going to get eaten by the bastards who’d hurt Maria!

The drain… stuttered. Thumped to a halt, like rough water piling up against a dam.

Good thing they go for the wrists, Alan thought fuzzily, hair sloshing through cold liquid. Arms and weapon, I can do; moving magoi around there’s easy. If they’d latched these cuffs onto my ankles instead of just plain steel shackles, I’d be in real trouble.

I’m in shackles. And water up to my chin. Oh hell.


They know I’m awake.

Fine. Then he might as well get a good look at what kind of unholy mess he’d landed in this time. Alan blinked away water, lifted his head to look past the distortion of the clear tank around him-

Held himself as still as he could, determined not to scream. His wasn’t the only tank in this echoing room. Though most of the others were… smaller. With sealed-over tops. And didn’t have anything as innocent as water in them.

Scales, and bone, and patches of hair, and- focus! Whatever’s there isn’t moving, so it’s not the threat. Even if this does look like some of Hojo’s scariest labs from Final Fantasy… huh, wonder how much the game pulled out of old fairytales, Arba would’ve moved right in with her rukh-monsters- keep a grip, damn it! Arba’s gone, and David’s gone, and whatever this is can’t be as bad as them. I’ll deal with it later.

Preferably with a flamethrower.


41 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 19 bit – For Science!

  1. While lightning can make pretty big boom . . . Through one also hopes for big fireball . . . anyone else curious to see if fire + lightning = earth-shattering kaboom?

    And is anyone else eager to see just how much chaos can be generated by two kings, their djinn, a magi, couple of Fanalis and reborn Generals? I’m guessing quite a bit. Through knowing these people and the author the snark level will be as impressive as the explosions.
    One Smart-Ass: What took you so long?
    Second Smart-Ass: Oh you know, traffic.

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    1. I’m still working out how the big final fight goes, but I’m hoping to live up to the snark level. 😉

      At the moment I’m doing some massive overhauls on the bit with Domingo and Biegen; some on that scene, some on an entirely new scene that I figured out needed to be in there after Domingo gets rescued. After that I’ve got stacks more notes on how to edit 19… and then, hopefully, I’ll have a solid foundation to start on entirely new stuff again. Whoof.

      I do know that the Big Finish will have our heroes scampering, because an IR satellite picked up something suspicious. Hee. 🙂


      1. IR satellite – that might be one way to get Stargate’s attention. Especially after nobody can find any good explanation for the intensity of the heat . . . . since nobody believes in magic, the first answer that will spring to mind would be ‘It’s weird and we don’t know what did it – sounds like someone’s else problem. Definitely it’s beyond my pay grade.’
        Which means the reports and such might wind their way to the desks of Stargate Command since someone in the know will see it and think ‘aliens!’

        Through considering their souls – or all of them in the case of Aladdin and the Djinn – ARE from another world (worlds) – the aliens guess isn’t technically wrong . . .


      2. Which is part of the amusement factor. “Are you aliens?” “…Maybe?”

        The problem will be connecting a heat pulse in Boston with an odd little performing arts HS in Florida. Which means SG-1 will probably have to make their initial contact with Hancock because of some other reason. I’m poking a few possible alternatives. One of which includes Richard’s mother being involved as a diplomat in some very hush-hush stuff… why should Jacob have all the offworld fun?

        Another of which involves trashing part of Thule AFB. (Sorry, guys.)

        The two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

        Other ideas for Crash Into Hellos welcome! The only specification my bunnies have is they want to set it up so neither SG-1 nor our Hancock crew know what they’re dealing with, from the start. The most SG-1 should know is “something near here seems a bit odd” (Tiburon maaaaay have been talking certain people into letting Alan and Simon borrow a bombing range when they’re not using it. For practice). And the most Hancock should know – and that probably not until after they’ve met the team – is “okay, they do something secret, no one really knows – and those who know, aren’t going to disclose anything.”

        Basically, if I could achieve “Who are those guys?” on both sides, I would be very happy. 🙂

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      3. For my own Crash Into Hello idea, maybe it has to do with the Djinn Towers? Stargate has all sorts of weird sensors, and who knows what a stable (mostly) dimensional/interplanetary gate opening up onto the earth could look like on some of those mentioned sensors.

        Also, while Aladdin might not be making Djinn towers all over the place, he isn’t the only one who can place them, and I doubt Amon is the only Djinn who might be interested in looking up old friends who should not be forgotten…

        On the other side of things, it doesn’t have to be the Stargate team showing up first. There is all sorts of alien junk left on the planet, and who knows who might turn up with some? And the Djinn have experience with inter-planetary travel. If one happens to be wandering, and then go ‘oh, what is this’ if said Djinn happens to notice a stargate activation, that could also be interesting.

        …And finally, speaking of ‘black ops Tiburon doesn’t want looking at your students’, NID can always show up first and try to exploit something they don’t fully understand.


      4. The SGC or a related group picking up the dungeon portals? Interesting. I’ll have to poke SG canon tech, decide how they would interact!

        I, er, also have plans for something interplanetary to happen, but that would likely be a third story after the initial crash into the SGC. Because… well, I have ideas for where one of the magi might have turned up. And it wouldn’t be that hard to mistake a Magi for an Ancient….

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  2. In Which I Make Offerings To The Plot Bunnies:

    It would be amusing if they were looking at Hancock for other reasons, were aware of the Boston but had no idea one had anything to do with the other, even after using Alan use fire until someone on the Magi side referenced the incident and SG-1 is like “That was you?!”

    I do like the bomb range idea . . . where else are they going to find somewhere open enough and empty enough of easily breakeble things like buildings and cities for two kings to play / practice with their Equips? And people looking at it later and going ‘what in the heck did they do? How?’

    Having to trash Thule for one reason or another would be interesting too . . why were they there? Magoi-draining bad guys, more bad sorcerers, a dungeon for a Djinn they really don’t want getting into the wrong hands appearing because at least one magi is a pain in the behind that way and getting Aladdin close enough to take it down will be tricky and messy . . .

    Again, it would be amusing if SG-1 had heard of both Thule and the bomb range but again had no idea it was connected to the Hancock crew until it is off-handedly mentioned,
    “That was you too?!”
    “Yeah we get around.”
    “Have you been causing ALL the explosions?”
    “Don’t be ridiculous. Besides, Ja’far said no.”

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    1. Only realizing Boston was linked later does make sense. Hee.

      *Nod* Lots of open space where things can blow up. Works for bomb testing, why not Equips? And whoever’s letting Tiburon persuade them to sneak in and play is probably looking at “Something interesting is going on, and I’d like it in my backyard so I can keep an eye on it.”

      ATM my plans for Thule do indeed involve someone raising a dungeon. With a Djinn that Our Heroes think of someone getting hold of, and shudder. So they originally show up planning for Aladdin to put the dungeon back down. Things… don’t go that smoothly. Of course.

      …When your best options for avoiding sudden peril are diving into a Dungeon, you have problems.

      *SNRK* Ja’far said no, indeed….


  3. Arba is scary enough on her own. I now have images of her trying to posses Jenova and interacting with Hojo. I don’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight.


  4. Possible Crashing Into Hello Situation

    {1}Richard’s mom is a diplomat working on something hush-hush but unless they’d like to explain WHY she can’t occasionally come to visit her son, she has do that sometime. Besides she’s an agreeable host and perhaps other members of her family would be persuaded . . . because Tok’ra are allies and NID / others are frequent pains in the behind, Stargate is asked to scout out the area and make sure nothing that might threaten their alien ally is going on there.

    {2} Like the MacLeas, Jack has heard OF Tiburon but never actually met him. While they are in town, why not check out his salle? And the MacLea dojo. Happens to see one of the characters training – it’s the for public consumption version but still . . .

    {Bonus!} When discussing the rumors about the MacLeas (and Tiburon) and after meeting the Hancock and thinking there is something odd about these people and it’s not just that they live in Florida and are Hollywood . . . Jack mentions the bar-bending thing. Sam or Daniel or Teal’c point out that many alien races or a Gao’uld host could perform that feat.

    {Bonus B} On the other side of the coin, Tiburon has likewise heard OF Jack O’Neill but never actually met the man. Doesn’t exactly mind the guy showing up – military black ops types are frequent visitors after all but he is leery of a bunch of black ops types who AREN’T his students sniffing around the area. Particularly ones he knows via scuttlebutt is involved something very important and very secret. Like too secret to even hint at. This makes Tiburon a little nervous. Ja’far isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows about it either.

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    1. For Magi/SG meetups: you mentioned that you weren’t sure what Yamuraiha is up to, but personally I think she needs to be a scientist/researcher associated with SGC, or at least the sort they would keep an eye on. Then you just need an excuse for her to be in Florida and the Magi crew will do the rest.


      1. That’s a definite thought. The bunnies are poking that she is an active magician, as well as whatever she does for a day job, and a complete con-going fan. Which is how Tiburon’s met her… he has met her before, but at the time he wasn’t quite settled enough for the pair of them to get involved. I think he’s actually calmed down since, and with current events and the MacLeas proving they think he’s family material (his family back in Britain wasn’t so kind), a second meeting should be… interesting.


    2. *G* All of the above have been things I’ve poked as possible scenarios; good to know they seem plausible!

      I think there are 2 bits the bunnies are getting hung up on. 1) Does SG-1 have any clue something odd is going on in the Hancock area before they show up? If so, what’s the clue? 2) If SG-1 is there as “escort duty”, how badly have they recently been injured? Because SG-1 is the flagship team, so I suspect that “escort” is the kind of duty General Hammond would use to kill two birds with one stone: Keep an allied diplomat safe, and get his people some much-needed rest.


      1. Would make sense. Hammond going: It’s just a town in northern Florida. Perfectly normal place, for Florida.* No aliens, nothing weird beyond typical Florida weirdness, no way they can get themselves into trouble. It’s perfect!
        Rukh: Now you have gone and done it. You’ve tempted us. You must be taught the error of your ways.
        SG-1: Damnit sir, you KNOW better than to tempt Murphy!

        *I’ve lived in Florida for over 10 years and my mother was born in Florida. Trust me, Florida and people here are weird.


      2. *Nod!* Someone I read said, “Florida is the only state in the Union where the farther north you go, the farther South you are.”

        As for the weird…. Not that long ago, the local news had a bit about someone crashing into a building…. because they were trying to break 88 mph and time travel.


        So yes. Yes, Hammond, you’re Air Force, you know where Eglin AFB is, you really should know better…. *EG*


      3. Ooh! A con would work beautifully. In this world, it would be a good way for magicians to have quiet meet ups, and it makes sense for the Magi crew to start spreading the word about what the Toolmakers have been up to. And Daniel could be taking advantage of a bit of enforced downtime to quietly look into an odd little subculture he’s been hearing hints about…


      4. Speaking of the Toolmakers, I just suddenly realized that if any of the products they’ve been pumping out make their way into Stargate Command (or NID)’s interested hands, well… They do have a definite reason to be interested in potential alien technology being built, and more importantly sold, on planet Earth.

        For another point, I see a note about ‘an IR satellite picked up something suspicious’. Well, how many stargate episodes have ‘something weird on Earth happened and we need to figure it out’ as an acceptable description of the plot? It might take a while to make it through the red tape and get to the right interested hands, but depending on how strange things get in the city, and how suspicious whatever happens is, what are the chances of someone eventually showing up to see if aliens have been running amok in the city? Or, given the Toolmakers, if people with alien technology have been doing naughty things.

        After all, if you know that energy weapons actually do exist, you might get very interested in some of the wreckage being left behind by magic users and Djinn alike…


  5. Frankly, I’ve been poking the idea that one of Simon’s childhood friends for whatever reason ends up getting involved with the magic and explosions.
    Jaf’ar: *pulls out pencil* look, let me just show you-
    Friend: No. I believe you.
    Everyone: What?
    Friend: *begins detailing all the weird little things that were the rukh messing with Simon’s childhood*


    1. *G* Bunnies say that at some point Simon should consider – out loud – asking his parents for advice on raising young kings.

      Currently assembled Generals: Staaaaare.

      Ja’far: Simon. Your parents are wonderful people. But the last time they raised a king, we got you.

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  6. Well, how old do you plan on having mini-Jack and Cassie? If they’re not school-age still, maybe they decided to get a job in education? And hey, Hancock just scared off, er, lost to better (saner) opportunities a few teachers, right?


      1. Okay, according to the Stargate Handbook, Mini-Jack is Season 7, Episode 3 (“Fragile Balance”). So it depends partly on whether Danny has Ascended yet.


  7. Plot-bunny nibbles:
    Mini-jack decides to transfer schools because he’s really not fitting into regular high school. He ends up in Hancock because why not? It’s in Florida and therefor warm and sunny and a preforming arts school likely wouldn’t notice one more weird kid. He then runs into Ja’far/Simon/Alan and the rest of the gang.


  8. You could also use the quantum mirror to at least catch the interest of the SG crew. Not showing any of Magi canon to them but at least enough that the hints would make them interested in them when they go back. Kind of like you (Ithink) Heart and Soul fic with Jack and Archangel.


      1. Especially if say an Alt!Tiburon (or another of the reborn Generals) are with the SG crew. They don’t even have to say anything to whoever crosses the Mirror. It could just be an observation with how they act or how others react to them. Just something that sticks with them when they go back that makes them wonder.


    1. Not to mention, to judge from a certain someone’s amusement in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, a certain reborn king of the seven seas might not have to dye his hair purple anymore soon. Ja’far’s white hair and Tiburon’s if (when) it goes that color will also be head-tilting since they are young and it’s not white blonde.


      1. Hmm. Ja’far’s is definitely white, but from the anime at least, I could see Sharrkan’s as either white or pale platinum blond. Which would be striking enough!

        Anyone else have a better view on Sharrkan’s hair? I admit I’m not always the best judge….


  9. *Takes another look*

    Looks like the same kind of white to me. But since mileage can vary, you can make it white blonde. It’s still be unusual since that’s not very common. Also it might help us remember which pale-haired cutie with sharp pointy things we’re talking about. 😉

    >>Simon: “Isn’t it great? You’ve got to meet our makeup department!”>>

    That is so Simon. And following the plan of “We make movies. And yes, we are just that darned good.”

    And hard to disprove ’cause everyone knows there is no such thing as natural blue hair (kind of like how there is no such thing as magic . . . ). ;P


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