River of Stars Ch 2 bit – irony

“Fortunately, Koumyou Sanzo was known to be a bit eccentric,” Hakkai informed them, picking his words with delicate care. It wasn’t lying. Exactly. “Once he pulled Kouryuu from the river, he allowed the rumor to spread that the stranger was actually a holy young monk from the mountains, who’d been persecuted by jealous evil spirits to the point that he threw himself into the river and prayed for purification. Which, obviously, worked.” The healer chuckled. “It’s the best kind of story; everyone expects Sanzo to deny it, because only a complete boor would boast about such a sign of divine favor.”

Teal’c eyed him skeptically. Major Carter frowned. Dr. Jackson translated for Janet, looking worried. “And what did this Koumyou get out of it?” O’Neill asked dryly.

“Someone to talk to, who didn’t expect him to be a pinnacle of holiness?” Hakkai shrugged. “I didn’t really have a chance to meet him.” Poor Sanzo.

O’Neill smirked, like Gojyo with a winning hand. “So he got robes and a gun. Tell me they don’t ask him to make it rain.”

Not twice. “That’s – ah – more the gods’ department. Though he does sometimes end up preaching.” Better not to say too much about the sermons. Lectures on holy hypocrisy, refusing to attack youkai who didn’t attack you first, and the necessity of higher stopping power if you did start shooting – well. He had no idea how seriously these people took their gods, and he didn’t feel inclined to find out.

“We don’t impersonate gods,” Dr. Jackson said worriedly. “Or priests.”

O’Neill cleared his throat.

“The emissary of Ra thing was an accident, Jack.”


9 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 2 bit – irony

  1. Now I’m curious about the ‘not twice’ bit, if only to find out about the verbal lashing Sanzo would have given the poor fool. I’m starting to get the feeling Daniel and Sanzo did their best to avoid each other due to what could politely be described as ‘philosophical differences’.

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    1. Daniel and Dr. Genjyo probably did avoid each other, in part because they came from two very different areas of study. (Ancient Egypt vs. ancient Asia? Very different.) Although I suspect that before he nearly got shot at, blown up, and drowned, Kouryuu might have been a bit less… cranky.

      And now he has a monkey to look after. Do not underestimate the crankiness-inducing power of idiot monkeys. 😉

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  2. …Does is actually count as IMPERSONATING a priest if he actually DID get inducted into the priesthood, all proper-like? (I don’t know if it actually happened, mind, but if we’re sticking close enough to canon in this respect aside from pushing up the age Sanzo was when he got pulled form the river? I can totally see him actually officially being a recognized priest.


    1. *EG* Nail on the head! Sanzo’s not impersonating anything. (Oh man, the fireworks when that comes out….)

      Which shows one of Jack’s blind spots that may not get as much play on the canon show as it probably deserves: the man has very little respect for other people’s religious beliefs. Or even the outward form of the same. Not that unusual a reaction to a tragedy in a family… but it means he misses some very important motivations for people’s actions.


    2. Yes, technically he was inducted into the priesthood. But I think that falls under the category of “things they aren’t telling.


  3. ER, I get the feeling that more of ‘gunshots’ then just verbal lashing was going on. He might have made a special, heh, ‘sermon’ about asking a priest to intervene in the gods’ domain, especially when you’d just insulted all of his companions, *including his monkey,* and were overall smarmy idiots. But that might go back to the hypocrisy sermons….


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