What Comes Around Ch 19 bit -Extra Sarcasm

Movement, traced by the faintest bright wings of rukh. A small head of messy brown hair, tucked against a woman’s dusty blue blouse as the young boy shivered in chill air. The lady herself was shackled to a bench – steel, no magoi-draining runes – deep blue eyes scared and furious enough that those shackles might be the only thing keeping her from tearing evil idiots to bits.

Alan blinked. And took a second look, where two blank-faced men in suits stood behind a stranger with a patrician air, carefully combed blond hair, and a white labcoat meticulously buttoned over his own suit.

Hidden underground lab, creatures that shouldn’t exist in tanks, and mass kidnapping. He is Hojo. Only no glasses, and less mad cackling. “Right,” Alan said dryly. “Mad scientist. Why not? I’ve run into everything else this week.”

Somewhere behind one of the tanks, there was a glimmer of rukh, like a stifled snicker. Hojo-lite’s eyes narrowed, just a hair.

Distract him. “So.” Alan spat out a bit more water, trying to link fuzzy thoughts together. Garlic, gah, why did everything taste like- oh.

No wonder I went down like a rock. Get that on your skin, it carries whatever nasty you mix it with right through. “DMSO’s illegal.”

“Ah, but so effective.” Hojo-lite was studying him, like a microbiologist who’d had something pink bloom in his Petrie dish. Why?

Oh. Damn.

…And maybe it would have been better if this had happened yesterday after all, because Hojo-lite had obviously been expecting a different reaction. Namely, fear.

I’m not afraid.

Worried sick, yes. Not looking forward to pain, yes. But the fear that usually dogged his every footstep in Boston… wasn’t there.

Aladdin and everyone got away. There’s nothing of mine he can touch now. Why should I be afraid?


46 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 19 bit -Extra Sarcasm

  1. I hate mad scientist types, they’re a special kind of evil. Good thing this one is going to get exactly what he deserves when the cavalry arrives.


  2. Why indeed?

    Alan, don’t knock taking a level in badass. Being too scared to think in that situation is bad. It wouldn’t help – through I’m sure Alan knows that. Alibaba’s memories would have taught him that much. Besides, even while appearing interesting due to lack visible fear and such, I still think the bad guys are overestimating themselves here.

    Part of that is, yes, the cavalry. Some of it very keen to get back the pretty lady and the kid and demonstrate exactly why one does not kidnap the wife and child of reborn dragon FBI agents. Especially when they are backed up by another three Generals of Sindria and its reborn King complete with one of his Djinn. Not to mention a certain Magi and Red Lioness. .

    Isn’t it interesting that Simon has Ba’al again and effectively all of the Generals who had Household Vessels powered by him? One of which has his again. Through hopefully if Domingo gets his back, he doesn’t end up a dragon again.

    The only odd man out on that front is Tiburon as Sharrkan’s was powered by another Djinn. But who would like the remind the audience that he is pretty badass without his Household Vessel.

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    1. At a certain point the brain goes from gibbering terror to just Flat What. On one level, Alan has definitely hit that point. On another – yep, he may not realize that’s what’s going on, but he is not out of options. And if you’ve got options, it’s a lot harder for people to properly terrify you.

      …Not to mention Alan now clearly remembers going up against the Medium. When you’ve helped slap down world-ending bad guys, nasty mad scientists just aren’t quite as high on your threat list anymore.

      Ah yes, the cavalry. 🙂 I have to admit I wanted massive overkill of the slimy bad guys. Which is why the two groups are split up. That way they’re both coming in armed for bear and things will get obliterated.

      “Interesting” is one word for it. “Yunan” might be another. 😉

      Domingo potentially ending up a dragon again is just about the top of Ja’far’s list of “why I need to grab Aladdin and talk to him immediately“. Hancock’s got a mascot already. 😉

      I couldn’t realistically fit Focalor into this fic too. But yes, Sharrkan was always plenty badass without using his Vessel. 🙂

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  3. I’m wondering where Amon is in all this. I’d be pretty surprised if a little water would stop him now that Alan is conscious again.


    1. 10 to 1 they took his vessel and are now trying to order around the ‘slave of Solomon’. After all djinn are supposed to obey whomever holds their container so he will now listen to them after all.

      I suspect that Amon’s “NO” will result in part of the complex looking like a volcano erupted. Which as a side effect will lead Aladdin, Morgan, Simon etc right to Alan.


  4. I did not know what DMSO’s were… so I Wikipedia’d. It’s always lovely when a carrier for sedatives has an Explosives tag, especially in this fic. It shows /possibilities/.


      1. I like the idea of DMSO as a sedative carrier, interesting option for capturing someone with a proven ability to burn ethers out of the air. However, I don’t think it’s a controlled substance, so I’m not sure i understand Alan’s comment. Maybe he meant something along the lines of “DMSO? That’s cheating”.


    1. Well that’s one way to show the bad guys are unwittingly in over their heads. After all you don’t have anything explosive around someone who can do fire unless you are dead certain they cannot fire. Now, if Alan can still fire, he will probably try wait for a good moment to pull that particular trick out of his sleeve. Since the element of surprise requires, you know, surprise. Through if Amon loses his top in a suitably fiery manner that will not only serve as “Here we are!” to the cavalry but could be the perfect distraction that Alan needs to get started on his own rescue. And saving Sarah and Matthew – cause no way Alan would leave them behind.

      Why do I think Hojo is going end seriously ticking Alan off?

      Not by doing anything to him but to someone else – hurting over people, especially vulnerable people like kids, has always been a major button-pusher for him. As it is most decent people. Through if they hurt the nearest kid, Alan will have to take a number because Sarah and Domingo will call dibs.

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  5. >>Very good guess. Trying to mess with Amon will not end well. Especially since… well, have you seen season 2 of Magi, ep 21? Kouha pulls a very interesting trick there. *EG*

    Do you mean the giant sword serving as an impromptu wall stunt or the gravity crush turning the black djinn 2D?

    Because I thought Amon was specialized in fire and all it’s forms/applications.


    1. Neither. Exactly. It’s a bit subtle, and I had to watch the scene right after Kouha’s saved most of his battalion a few times to be absolutely sure I was right. And then I had to thoroughly poke what I knew of Magi canon to be sure Alibaba could actually pull the same stunt, if he tried.

      Long story short – when Kouha loses his temper and Equips? He’s not touching his Vessel. There are, in fact, several yards and no few people directly between him and Leraje’s Vessel.

      This presents possibilities…. 😉


      1. So on the upside after they manage to set Alan off sufficiently he’s going to go Krakatoa on the fools.

        On the downside we won’t get to have the Metal Vessel tearing through restraints, bad guys, walls and various other wannabe obstacles in order to return to its King. Oh well, can’t have everything in life.


  6. I love your work and can’t wait to see more.

    I don’t know how the Goa’uld got kicked off Earth in canon, but I think Djinn equipped warriors and magi are the kind of firepower that could do it. the Goa’uld would stay up nights making up reasons why they should never try to reconquer Earth.

    you know this mad scientist lab would probably not look like something that was entirely made within Earth’s scientific level. what would a SG team think of the lab when they investigate the heat spike.

    I kinda like the idea that people would automatically blame the MID for it because of their past behavior. so when humen traficers are doing involuntary human experiments using “alien” technology in the US, the MID are on the top of the suspect list.

    and I don’t think the SGC are the only ones sick of the MID acting like laws don’t apply to them, defending themself with the old excuses it was “rogue agents” who just so happens to be using MID resources to break laws for MID benefit, like kidnapping and blackmailing US citizens.

    really I think the MID only got away with as much as they do because they have been attacking people who don’t legally exist or people who have signed non-disclosure agreements and are forced to keep most of it classified.

    it would be kind of funny if someone at the MID also assumed it was a MID operation because they can’t keep all the “rogue” operations straight, so they decided to try to cover it up as a matter of routine.

    I also don’t think lawyer dad is gonna let the military force the kids to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect humen traficers from legal prosicution.


    1. In canon there’s a pretty large gap in the SG timeline between the two times we know the Goa’uld were in contact with Earth, and that’s when the Sindrian group crashed in. So in this ‘verse the Goa’uld haven’t had much experience with magi or Djinn… yet. (Those poor, poor alien snakes.)

      About the NID being suspected… well, that would suggest there was enough of the lab left for someone to examine. *Halo*


      1. >>About the NID being suspected… well, that would suggest there was enough of the lab left for someone to examine.>>

        Yeah, it is difficult to examine piles of ash and say what they were. But it still might raise questions. It actually takes a lot more heat and a lot more time to completely reduce a place to ash than a lot of people think. The questions of what was here, what caused the fire, how it gets so hot and so quickly, how did it burn everything so completely in such a short space of time particularly the stuff that isn’t usually so flammable, everyone claims the fire didn’t last very long but there is no way a fire could do this without a lot of time but why did no one see a fire burning for days in Boston, a fire that does this should have been more intense than your average arsonists would expect and yet no reports of anyone showing up to hospital with burns that night . . . and more might be unanswerable unless you know to think magic . . . or aliens. Heck, even the people who know magic would be going this is impossible.

        One could have had the Toolmakers were already under observation by certain parties, parties that were gearing up for an attempted snatch and grab when everything become fire and explosions. They can’t say what happened either but be damned if they are going to let everyone else know they are just as clueless . . .

        You could always have the NID become a suspect after SGC starts looking at the events because if it isn’t aliens, it is probably them to guess from their past history . . . be both amusing and terrifying if for once, they had absolutely nothing to do with it. Until now because this definitely sounds like something we should be poking our noses into, thanks for telling us about it Stargate Command . . .


      2. Plus… no Djinn on Earth until Yunan raised Baal’s tower. They were on Alma Torran and the world the Sindrian refugees came from.

        *echoes halo*

        Poor, poor snakes….

        (Well, if you’re a snake fan. I’m all: “Yay, Major Beatdown!”)


    2. Sudden Awful Thought About Sneaky_Commenter’s remark about NID and “people who don’t legally exist or people who have signed non-disclosure agreements and are forced to keep most of it classified.”

      What if someone attempts to ghost Our Heroes later because they are “obviously aliens.” After all, no one can do those kind of things. Yes, some of them would be difficult to disappear entirely – Simon is at least a minor celebrity. But since the majority of people who’d kick up a fuss about them disappearing would be disappeared them with them . . .

      Some might even attempt to prove that the ones with Earth identities were faked . . .

      First task of Stargate Command wanting to keep very powerful allies on side might be to shore up certain people’s identity papers.

      Since their bodies are changing . . . I bet their DNA is too . . . and some of those genes might be very distinctive as they very much of that other world . . .

      Okay, time for some levity:

      Person A: “Where are they?”
      Person B: “We’ll find them.”
      Person A: “How? In city this size finding someone who doesn’t want to be found is like looking for a needle in a-”
      Person B: Found ’em.
      Person A: But . . .
      Person B: Trust me. That’s them. Let’s go.


      1. *Snrk* You have an excellent Kaboom, there.

        Though if you’re looking at someone trying to use DNA excuses – it probably wouldn’t fly. Sure, they have a concentrated lot of what are probably rare alleles today, but if they’re the ancestors of Indo-Europeans? I doubt modern day gene tech would be able to sort them out as distinctly different. Not unless they had a very good idea of exactly what genes they were looking for. 😉


      2. oh I could see the MID trying that. it would backfire on them horribly. really trying to do the same with Alan and the gang is going to make that op. crash and burn.

        the Fanalis are the only ones with any non human DNA (I don’t think many Fanalis volunteered for the human genome project) so the MID trying to defend them self by claiming their human-rights protection was revoked based on the one drop rule is not gonna go over well at all when it gets out.

        and unlike the SGC, Alan has no reason to cover it up for national security reasons, the media is really gonna go nuts over this one.

        and with all the black ops contacts Tiburon has. it is not only going to be the rich lawyer raising hell if the MID decides to steal them selv some superpowered children. the MID don’t really think long term about the consequences of their black ops. they are used to going after targets that can’t really defend themselves.

        everyone from the SGC has very little they can do to report the MID when everything around the situation is classified top secret, and the SGC are obligated to keep the military’s secrets as well.

        they are also too used to leaving the SGC holding the bag when it comes to avoiding starting wars with aliens. the SGC can’t really let the MID deal with the enemies they made offworld themselves either, since doing so would make the rest of the Earth pay for it as well.

        on top of my head I can only remember reading one fic where MID shenanigans caused a diplomatic incident that actually ended up costing the Earth a powerful ally they needed (it was the Asgard btw.)


      3. Er, going by Magi canon, all the main characters from the Magi ‘verse except Aladdin were originally “nonhuman”. Fanalis are just one of three groups (the others being the Imuchakk and Pisti’s tribe) that kept some obviously less-human traits. In the Magi-verse the only humans who were originally human are now the Torran (Tran, depending on translation) tribe.

        Granted, it’s quite possible any of the main characters might also have some Tran heritage as well. In specific, we have no real idea what Alibaba’s heritage is, given he’s the only kid in Balbadd with gold hair and eyes.

        My personal headcanon is that there’s some manticore way back in there, and a whole mix of other things, making Alibaba a scarily glorious mutt. But that’s me. 😉


  7. Yeah their DNA, aside from a few rare alleles, probably is indistinguishable from the general population but just something wouldn’t work doesn’t mean someone wouldn’t try.

    And then you will get the people who would be “These guys ain’t human. I don’t care what their DNA says. No human can do that.”

    There might also be Carter going: “There is scientific explanation for all of this. It is not magic. There is no such thing as magic.”
    Magi Crew: “Yeah, just keep telling yourself that.”


    1. >>Magi Crew: “Yeah, just keep telling yourself that.

      Thing is magic for the Magi crew doesn’t mean ‘We have no idea how this works or any of the principles of it’s function.’ which is what Carter sees the word as.

      Magic was a legitimate field of study in their world. The problem for Carter is that the ‘technology’ involved in it’s use was primarily a person’s will and not microcircuits and electricity.

      Ergo Carter and the various ‘experts’ are going to be looking for control devices, naquadah in their systems, projectors, energy signatures, storage units etc. Some explanation as to how these people can do these things other then this new-age garbage of ‘life-force’ and ‘will-power’ that they’re trying to peddle.

      >>And then you will get the people who would be “These guys ain’t human. I don’t care what their DNA says. No human can do that.”

      Yeah Jake’s going to be going that big time particulary with the MacLea clan if any of them cut loose (and by cut loose I mean the sorts of feats Morgiana pulled in series). No human can do that in his mind, Goa’uld and other aliens sure but not people..And if you want to get really technical he’s right about the Fanalis. But for all intents and purposes they’re human right now just a bit……..different.


      1. trantos,

        Have you read Kryal’s The Dragon King’s Temple? (link leads to FFNet) Carter trying to explain bending…. *snrks*

        (And a truly good Goa’uld, who rather holds the Tok’ra in as much contempt as they deserve. And whose hosts are not humna, because of reasons that make excellent sense in-fic – and might even work as potential canon for why the Goa’uld started taking human hosts when Unas are stronger and tougher….)


  8. >> It’s definitely going to be a clash to take very carefully. *Nods*

    Meaning it’s going to end in tears, fire and explosions. When has an SG1 diplomatic venture ever gone smoothly?


  9. >>My personal headcanon is that there’s some manticore way back in there, and a whole mix of other things, making Alibaba a scarily glorious mutt. But that’s me.>>

    Headcannon accepted!

    Maybe I’m weird but I’m amused by the idea that all of our heroes might not be entirely Torran/Tran human. Some of them are more obvious about it than others but . . .


    1. 🙂 Amuses me, too. Though it is a bit mind-twisty. “Wait, the advanced human magicians… ended up as primitive tribes. Whom Aladdin probably feels like he has nothing in common with – at least, compared to his friends. Whose ancestors weren’t even the same species as he was. Wow….”


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