River of Stars Ch 1 bit – sunlight

“So this is where you come from.” Hakkai leaned back in the chair by Sanzo’s bed, studying the hard, straight lines of lights and ceiling as he sipped what the locals called tea. It wasn’t bad, just… not quite right. Like the cloth of his borrowed shirt and jeans, faded blue that pulled at skin and muscle in unfamiliar ways. Continue reading


River of Stars – Watch der Blinkenlights…

A/N: Whoof, real thunderbumper last night. To anyone getting this weather now, I feel your pain, and take cover.

So, have an extra-long post. 🙂


“It could have come by trade from some other world the Goa’uld ignore, like Orban.” Daniel pushed his glasses up thoughtfully. “Which still implies there’s a way to get onto the planet that the Tok’ra haven’t told us about. We really need to talk to these people.”

“I believe you should see the security footage, first.” Hammond hit the projector. Continue reading

River of Stars Ch 1 bit – anticipating explosions

And then it was needles, vials, and labels, one after another. The blood looked human enough. But then, that was what the cellular reader was for.

At least we got that much out of the Tok’ra. Their so-called allies had had to come up with something for Earth in the wake of the utter disaster that had wiped out SG-10 and 6, putting Sha and nine other Tau’ri on the KIA list. Continue reading