Count Taka and Princess Rama status update

Some origfic status updates.

Princess Rama

Currently in “deliberately not looking at it for at least a month” stage. That really, really helps in the later editing process, because you can look at the text with more of a clear head and less emotional ups and downs.

Count Taka and the Vampire Brides: A Comedy of Epic Vampire Bromance!

Currently 1/3 of the way through a third round of edits; most of what I’m finding is punctuation nitpicks and choice-of-words now. Though I anticipate having to tear apart, re-outline, and rewrite one of the later battle scenes to be more Awesome. Wheel of cheesy death!

…Ahem. *G*


15 thoughts on “Count Taka and Princess Rama status update

    1. 🙂 Hoping to also arrange Count Taka cover art sometime this month.

      I have to admit, I love DeviantArt. Where else can you find so many varied and unusual styles of stuff? And finding art that fits “Fantasy with humor” – well. Not as straightforward as finding yet another Urban Fantasy pic. 😉

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  1. I managed to convince my library to get a copy of a net of dawn and bone!!!!
    I already own a copy of course, but now more people will be able to enjoy your amazing stories!!!


    1. Currently I’ve got three besides “Seeds of Blood” (rough in-progress). There’s Skyfall, which has druids meeting demonic nomads; I think I need to do some serious work on the two cultures clashing so I can at least like one of them. There’s Pearl of Fire, which is in its second draft, and has elemental magic and a terrorist plot set in a city in a volcanic caldera. And there’s Princess Rama, still in rough. I’ve gotten some reference books for the original RL setting of when we think the Ramayana was originally composed, including one on Bronze Age chariots; need to read through those and chew before I tackle that again.

      One thing I need to double-check is if I’ve gotten enough original stuff into it that people will say, “okay, a reinterpretation, like a retelling of Robin Hood”. Because I have to admit, I started writing the fic without thinking that through all the way!


  2. Read it.5 Stars. The only problem I see is the lack of a sequel!*Please have Kae be a bit more sane in the next book. He’s near loco till almost the end.(Wish his mother has a cluebook or two dropped on her. Also an appointment with a beat-the-stupid-out O’ya McCoy-style Doc)


    1. A large part of the story was getting Kae to the point he figured out he was a mess. That kind of emotional damage is hard to work through!

      I have some books on the area, and there’s a couple more I want that should be coming out in the next few months. Will see if I find another story hook. 🙂


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