What Comes Around Ch 19 bit – Anne

“You killed Anne Ryans.” Sarah’s voice was quiet, but there was nothing soft about it.

“Don’t be ridiculous. The little bitch killed herself.” Hojo-lite was watching him. Enjoying how the rukh shivered and shimmered around them, mirror-silver to night-black. “She just happened to take out one of our better procurers in the process. Mariñelarena may have been a coarse sort, but he knew how to find what we wanted.” Gray eyes had an avaricious gleam. “I wonder how it tore at your little pet. Knowing her own father-”

That. Is. Enough.

“Give it up,” Alan said raggedly. “I’ve seen people pushed into Falling before. You? You have nothing on them.” God, the water was cold. “Maria’s not responsible for what her jerk of a father did. She saved my life.” Because good as a Djinn was, Amon had miscalculated, and if he hadn’t been in a hospital for those feverish weeks who knew what would have happened. “Go sit on a turbine and rotate. You think you can turn me?” He shook his head, hair sloshing through chill that climbed toward his ears. “You can’t. Burn down the world around me, and I won’t hate you.” One breath. Another, as he raised his head to stare into evil gray. “But I will stop you.”

“Falling?” Hojo-lite smirked, crossing his arms confidently. “What do you think this is, an old Sinbad fairytale? No one Falls into a bottomless well of dark power, to be condemned to hate and despair for all eternity. It’s not thaumaturgically possible.”

…Right. Because Aladdin spent who knows how many thousands of years fixing the rukh so people wouldn’t

“Now, psychotic breaks – well, those happen.” The mad magician’s smirk gained a harder edge. “And psychologists have no idea how those in the grip of psychosis can perform impossible feats. When it’s so utterly simple. In those with the potential for power… strong emotions rouse the most energy of all.” A laugh, like any adult faced with a too-innocent child. “You won’t hate? Then you have no chance of defeating a kitten, much less… well.” One hand lifted in an expansive wave, taking in chains, tanks, the ancient stone walls. “Pacifists are so easily manipulated.”

If you think not wanting to hurt people is pacifism, boy have you got another think coming.


17 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 19 bit – Anne

  1. Idiot. There is a big difference between “doesn’t want to fight” and “cannot fight.”

    A difference that you are probably going to learn. Briefly.

    Also the fact that he thinks that hatred giving you more power – first of all, Emperor Palpatine you are not and second of all, doesn’t he know that if you only deal with either (1) hateful people or (2) people who have every reason to be pissed, then that might skew your results ever so slightly . . . Then again, he is an idiot. A dangerous idiot but an idiot.


      1. Darling, you are the writer who had Zuko enter a fight by dropping a gondola on the kanaloa… between that, A Train is Not A Boat, Ukitake vs Phoenix, and many, many more moments if awesome, I do not remotely question you’re ability to bring the awesome.

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    1. And uh… yeah. Given I don’t like to fight – in part because karate lessons in childhood or not, I tend toward, “My hands are where?!” – but adore Sanzo and Hakkai, Jack and Daniel, Kenshin, etc…. Yeah, definitely not pacifistic. 😉


  2. He is taunting Alan with his mother’s death? Oh dear… now I’m wondering if all Simon and company are going find are pieces …very *small* pieces …miniscule


  3. Um, excuse me, Flammable Object, you might want to look past your nose and how clever you are to actually, you know, listen to what he’s saying. Something doesn’t fit here. Not that I’m objecting to your eventual fate, oh Kindling, but could you not be so obviously, well, Hojo in your obvious superiority.

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    1. In their spurious defense?

      They have no idea. And probably wouldn’t believe it if you told them.

      After all, how many of us would believe it if someone mentioned that a dragon and King Arthur were about to start battling it out on main street? 😉

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  4. >>They have no idea. And probably wouldn’t believe it if you told them.

    And to be fair they are very experienced as to how magic SHOULD work. Even if magoi levels are on the upswing you simply can’t pull off any major stunt without a lot of prep time and stored energy.

    Even the smallest of the stunts Djinn wielders pull is stuff from fantasy and legend.

    They are perfectly justified in believing that Alan can do precisely jack and s**t in this situation. Which will make their OMGWTFBBQ reactions to what goes down all the more enjoyable.

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  5. True pacifists are astonishingly rare, in my experience and I have to admire the courage of their convictions, even if I don’t agree with a lot of them. People who don’t get into fights needlessly are a lot more common, especially people who can mess other people up.

    Also, Hojo has tried to push people into Falling before, just to experiment. *shivers* I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming battle!


    1. I got more the impression that he’s familiar with the surrounding theory, but hasn’t tested it, any more than he would try to capture a unicorn to experiment on it. Sooo, Alan unleashing a can of completely mythical whoopass…should be fun.


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