What Comes Around Ch 19 bit – need a plan

“I must admit this little toy is an interesting conundrum,” Hojo-lite observed, gray gaze flicking over the rukh as if he couldn’t believe it wasn’t shading darker. “Obviously modern steel, yet the symbol is utterly mythical.” He twirled the multitool on its lanyard, watching silvery rukh flicker to and from it. “And it appears to have limitations on it to bind it to specific owners; a very archaic trait indeed. Something you’d find in an ancient tomb, or as an… heirloom. Where did you find it?”

Sarah was staring at the man as if she couldn’t believe her own ears.

Heh. Yeah. Magic. No wonder she’s blinking. Not to mention, guy casually skims past a murder, like it’s the weather, Alan thought, fury still icing through him. Man, that’s one thing about the past I did not miss. “Online, twenty bucks on eBay.”

“Not cold enough yet.” The mad magician shrugged. “Perhaps some more time will persuade you to change your mind. After all,” he glanced through the tank, where water washed over magoi-draining shackles, “halting that flow must take an incredible amount of concentration. I wonder how long you can keep it up?”

Turning on his heel, he stalked off through the ranks of creature-tanks, heavies trundling in his wake.

“Right,” Alan murmured, listening to a door close out of sight behind them. “So. Assume we’re on candid camera.”

Sarah apparently had a better angle to see the door; her shoulders relaxed, just a little. She swallowed, and shivered.

“Don’t bother trying to get inside that guy’s head, Mrs. Dominguez,” Alan advised her. “Guys like him, the rest of us are just things. And a new toy’s so much more interesting than an old murder.”

Something hardened in her gaze as she nodded. Her arms tightened around her son; enough to make the boy squirm, before she relaxed them again.

Yeah. If they’re willing to leave us alone, camera or no camera – leave Matt loose, even if they’re pretty sure a kid’s too scared to leave his mom – they’re not planning on keeping us long. We’re dead when we’re not interesting anymore. Or useful. I need a plan.


15 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 19 bit – need a plan

  1. I love how Alan was being totally truthful about where he got the multi-tool. It’s not his fault that the reason it’s magical is (literally I believe) straight out of ‘an old Sinbad fairytale.’


  2. I love it when the hero tells the villains the 100% truthful answer to their question (in the answering exactly what they’ve asked and nothing else sense) and the villain thinks they are being sarcastic. It’s one of my favorite tropes.

    Even keeping in mind that they (the bad guys) genuinely don’t know any better (in terms of what exactly they are dealing with), it will be very amusing to see them find just how wrong they are. It’s like in Witchy Woman – “Not Kenshin’s fault she got an Uzi when she was expecting a rubber-band gun.”


      1. Simon as a Jedi . . . . like Ja’far, I’m not sure whether to be horrified as Simon is quite enough of handful just being a king, thank you very much or intensely amused either because the image is so funny as it is so not Simon OR seeing how he would give the Jedi Order a much needed kick up the backside . . .

        Err . . . bunnies, you can ignore that particular fusion/crossover thought. This isn’t the story you are looking for, move on.

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      2. I, er, may or may not have various notes trying to figure out how to set Magi in the SW ‘verse. *Halo*

        I pretty much came to the conclusion that there actually was a way to pull off both Djinn and Dark Djinn in a way that fit SW canon. (Look up derriphan on the Wookieepedia.) The problem was fitting in Kings and Magi. Particularly Magi. They outpower Jedi by an astounding degree. So… any cross/fusion would have to take that into account.

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      3. Hmm…maybe they could be something like Anakin is? Isn’t he suppose to be overpowered too? And nowhere did it say there had to be one ‘chosen one’. But then, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the movies, so take it with a grain of salt.


      4. To shiori_makiba:

        *grins evilly* Who do you think makes the comparison?

        (Simon’s convinced it’s revenge for the Disney jokes. I’m not entirely sure I disagree. ;))


  3. But I thought Alan and Anne picked it out in a flea market? Oh, wait, no, Alan just says he and Anne picked it out before the landfill went boom. I just assumed that it was at a flea market or some other local place. Because I had this image in my head of the two of them at this windy stand, Anne grinning Alibaba’s fierce and wild grin of ‘This is going to be good’ and little Alan standing there with his ‘Making a considered decision’ look. I’m sure those moments happened, but not for the multitool.


  4. Re: Jedi Magi

    More than one Chosen One . . . . like the idea. But that sounds closer to the kings. After all Anakin as the Chosen One is supposed to bring balance back to the Force. Sounds like fixing problems thing – which a King thing, not really a Magi thing. Maybe some kind of personification of the Force? A Manifestation of Its Will since the gosh-darned Force sensitives AREN’T LISTENING to it but the Idiot Ball in their hands and/or the Plot Armor they are wearing.

    Attention Star Wars writers – the bad guys are supposed to have more of the cards not all of the cards – when the heroes are supposed to be intelligent, competent people – the bad guys should not be having them dancing on strings so easily. And no, I don’t buy that he foresaw all of it exactly bs (if he had, why would he allow Obi-Wan to secret away Luke and Leia?). The God Mode Sue Bad Guy who somehow always knows exactly what everyone has been doing, is currently doing, is going to do does not come off as intelligent but like he read the script!

    Sorry about the rant but the overpowered bad guy who knows everything because the script said so and is only defeated by Deus Ex Machina is really starting to get on my nerves.

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