River of Stars Ch 2 bit – Law and disorder

A crook of O’Neill’s finger beckoned everyone out of the office. “Want to explain why you hauled an innocent guy to some kangaroo court when you knew he wasn’t guilty?”

“Jack,” Dr. Jackson sighed.

“I didn’t know he wasn’t guilty,” Sanzo said levelly. “And if you think Cho Hakkai is innocent, you don’t know him very well.”

How very true, Hakkai reflected, darkly amused. How could he be, after all? He didn’t regret all the deaths. Not even most of them.

Gojyo rolled his eyes. “Lay off the sarcasm for once, will you? They don’t know you well enough to figure it out.” He shrugged at the colonel. “You have to remember most hosts on Shangri-La volunteered. Which means when a Goa’uld goes over the edge like this-”

“The host is considered willing and complicit in the symbiote’s actions, unless sufficient and tangible proof is presented otherwise,” Sanzo stated flatly. “In this case, there was such evidence, beginning with the fact that Gonou was not listed in any temple as having been chosen of Kanzeon’s favored, and ending with the testimony of the survivors of Cho Hakkai’s village. The very few survivors.” The priest held the colonel’s gaze, unflinching. “Gonou didn’t just go after the Centipede Clan. He warmed up on everyone he thought should have protected Kanan, first. Massacre pretty much describes it.” Violet flicked to green. “I’m sorry.”

“So am I,” the healer whispered.

“I’ll spare you the technicalities,” Sanzo went on. “Gonou was found guilty, but insane. After a period of parole, Hakkai was released on his own recognizance. And for some unknown reason, he decided to stick around with the rest of us.”

“Unknown?” Hakkai said lightly, giving the priest a frank glance.

Goku straightened up, worried. “Hakkai-”

“It’s all right.” The healer ruffled brown hair. “I don’t mind if they know.”

“Yeah? Well, I mind,” Gojyo grumbled. “I still think we should dial up Cimmeria, and to hell with the Tok’ra alliance.”

“Right. And strand Hakkai somewhere he doesn’t know the language, with no way home?” Sanzo countered, as he had so many times before. “I’m not leaving one of my people like that. Not if there’s another way.”

“And I don’t want to kill him,” Hakkai reminded the han’you. He glanced over a skeptical SG-1. “He lost the woman he cared for, and he went insane. I can’t wish anyone dead for that.” He drew a breath. “But I won’t let him hurt anyone else using me.” Never again.

“How do you intend to stop him?” Teal’c asked bluntly.

Sanzo stared back. “We will.”

No matter what it takes, Hakkai knew. Sanzo would shoot him, if there were no other way to stop Gonou. Sometimes, knowing that was the only way he could sleep.

“But if you’ve got a way to get Gonou out, we’d love to hear it,” Gojyo said easily.

“We’ll look into it,” the colonel answered, almost kindly.

They will? Hakkai thought, stunned. Oh gods. The nightmare might finally be over….

But what do they want for a price?


32 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 2 bit – Law and disorder

  1. Not saying there will not be a price but it might not be as bad as he might be fearing. Stargate is usually pretty reasonable. Especially when Vathara is writing them. Where things might get sticky is if they have to depend on the others’ goodwill to solve this problem . . . because I have the suspicion that one of the hurtles will be someone being interfering/obstructive little pains. Because it wouldn’t be Stargate if someone wasn’t being a pain in the rear just because they can. Or because they obviously know better than those people . . . *gag*

    If you are so superior, then how come all of your years of “rebellion” have produced very damn little in results when compared to the inferior, primitive humans? And since you need the hosts, voluntary ones if you are really intending to stick with your stated thing of it being wrong to do so otherwise, sounds like in many ways, you need the primitive humans more than primitive humans need you.

    Yes, I know, valuable intel. Sometimes. When they feel like it. Inter-spaced with cute habits like running away when it gets too hot and allowing their non-snake allies to be slaughtered and consider it collateral damage. These things happen in a war you say to the whinging humans and Jaffa. Unless it is snakes who get killed. Then is becomes Big Deal that should never happen and we might flounce away in a huff because of it. How dare you imply that snake lives are of equal importance to human and Jaffa. Bitching about your precious Jolinar was killed and ignore the fact that SHE ignored your alleged stance against taking involuntary hosts by taking Sam as a host without ever at any point getting her permission. And using her body to cause deliberate harm to Sam’s own people . . .

    I could go on but I’m already starting to sound like Jack . . .

    Different fic but those Tok’ra habits, let alone being parastic aliens eyeing them as hosts, will probably make each and every one of the Magi people have to constantly restrain the urge to flame-broil, electrocute, smash into mush, and/or slice into ribbons (and more!) the lot of them. Can’t imagine what Earth’s rukh says about them. Probably doesn’t like them. Through this whole mess – straving off the invasion of the body snatchers while dealing with often unhelpful allies – definely sounds like a king-level problem. If Boston’s problem wasn’t older, Alan might have been born or grown up in Colorado Springs . . .

    Through it might be interesting if a member of SG-1 is a king. One without a Djinn but a king with all the usual chaos and being thrown at problems that entails. Which by that standard means it is probably Daniel.

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    1. Hakkai is pretty pessimistic about getting Gonou out of his head. And a little paranoid.

      …Okay, maybe a lot paranoid.

      As for Magi meeting SG-1 – yeah, Tok’ra are going to put hairs up on the backs of necks. Kings apparently do share some headspace with their Djinn, but it’s not a case where one side can take the other’s body over.

      (Although is implied Hakuryuu forcibly contracted with Belial, and ouch. Poor guy.)

      Hmm. Thing is, the people we’ve seen as King Candidates tend to be leaders; individuals who can get people to follow them, as well as straighten out problems. On the team, Jack actually fits that role best. Daniel’s closer to a magician…. 😉

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      1. Fair point.

        Through the thought of Jack with his own Djinn and Daniel casting spells is making the bunnies giggle. They only giggle harder at the image of someone like same with a Household Vessel. Maybe Teal’c through Junior would probably complicate that.

        I can’t blame them for giggling because “oh shit” expression that combination would mean for certain parties makes me cackle with laughter.

        Through I do wonder, both for this story and Goes Around, what the Ancients / Alerans (?) make these strange people. Probably something that manages to be just as annoying in its own fashion as the Tok’ra. And that’s not even going into the Asgard . . .

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      2. I don’t anticipate SG-1 getting their hands on much magic, but the idea of Sam with any Magic Tool, much less a Vessel, is oddly amusing. 🙂

        Hmm. First the Ancients/Alterans would have to notice them. It’s quite possible they haven’t until recently. As in, opening interdimensional dungeon portals recently. This could get sticky.

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      3. >>As for Magi meeting SG-1 – yeah, Tok’ra are going to put hairs up on the backs of necks. Kings apparently do share some headspace with their Djinn, but it’s not a case where one side can take the other’s body over.

        And the vast majority of the time, the Djinn choses a King they consider worthy of their power. They also try to get along with their Kings by all indications with no ‘nudging’ to the ‘proper path’ etc.

        As for the Tok’ra, how much proof do we have that it’s always the host talking when they are supposed to? Or that the ‘symbiotes’ don’t affect the host’s thought processes in any way. After all Jacob switched rather quickly to the ‘We’re more advanced and wiser than you, you are not ready for XYZ’ after becoming a host.

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      4. We honestly don’t know about the Tok’ra. Meta, I think the show writers used “too advanced” as a catchall for Status Quo is God, rather than investigate the actual consequences if Earth got their hands on advanced tech. Sigh

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      5. >>We honestly don’t know about the Tok’ra. Meta, I think the show writers used “too advanced” as a catchall for Status Quo is God, rather than investigate the actual consequences if Earth got their hands on advanced tech. Sigh

        Yeah, when you remove the constant ‘Status Quo is God’ effect in shows like SG1 and actually want to explain why it occured, you tend to be left with indicating that everyone is braindead.

        Or that one or more groups are actively sabotaging the various factions to keep the situation from changing.

        And given the Tok’ra general attitude they tend to fall in the second category. Though that doesn’t really explain everything that happened before they showed up.

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  2. Tok’ra + Sanzo = twitches and mental (purely self-contained) -whine- complaint of “can’t I shoot them a little? Or just not stop one of the idiots? *resumes renewed plotting against the idiot who decided that HE was the “adult” of the group.*

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  3. You know, if Magi and Saiyuki ever do met each other in any form, Sanzo is probably going consider Aladdin to be another monkey.

    Through the image of both Ja’far and Hakkai smiling at the hapless fools who just pissed them off is scary awesome. Especially if Sharrkan (Tiburon) is there too with his Blood Knight grin.

    Gojyo – red hair with red eyes . . . who else do we know like that . . .

    ACK! Bunnies, she gave you What Goes Around to avoid this kind of the thing.

    Bunnies: But it would be sooo coool! And she’s done far more improbable crossovers. And nobody said it has be canon!Saiyuki the gang meets . . .

    Me: That is entirely beside the point.

    Argh! Sorry. They are worse than cats sometimes once they get something in their heads.

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      1. Fair enough. And Buffy and Saiyuki fusion sounds like fun . . .

        Through now the bunnies have presented the image of Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles dressing as the half-genderbent Sanzo-ikkoku on a certain Halloween night . . . They picked Giles as number four because they find the image of him as Sanzo to be funny. They are also grinning viciously at image of Willow Hakkai, Xander Gojyo, and Buffy Goku. They want Willow to pick Hakkai because he is polite and quiet. Xander picks Gojyo because he’s a ladies’ man and one more successful (at this point in his life) than Xander. I think they like Buffy as Goku because they want Giles to be Sanzo and that makes for nice parallel with Buffy and Giles’ relationship.

        Also they think Sanzo would have definite (and unprintable) opinions about that whole drug-a-Slayer-to-strip-her-of-her-powers-then-turn-a-vampire-loose-on-her-to-see-what-happens thing.

        He also has an opinion about getting stuck being the adult for the monkey and those idiots again.

        Plus when given a brief character sketch, I doubt Buffy would want to go as someone else called Slayer during come-as-you-aren’t night.

        Meanwhile Kanzeon is laughing her butt off. Maybe has been planning this against the Powers That Be for years . . .

        I have very strange bunnies.

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      2. Finger in the Eye of Fate actually has a very… different… arrangement of who got reincarnated as whom. And thanks do go to Ethan Rayne for bringing the mess out, but not directly in Halloween.

        …For one hint, Jenny Calendar was Kanan.

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  4. Oh… nice dodge Sanzo and Hakkai. Funny how none of them mention that the real person to worry about nowadays is sane!Hakkai rather then insane!Gonou… or that Hakkai really doesn’t have a problem killing people so long as it’s him doing the killing instead of something else using him to kill. And why do I get the feeling that when Jack figures out that Hakkai really is a “homicidal maniac” (as opposed to just calling him one) it’s after insane!Gonou is not in Hakkai, or at the very least isn’t in control of him?

    Thoughts on some of the previous chapter bits…

    SGC does correctly guess that Sanzo is going though culture shock and is adopted… just, it’s for way longer then they think it is. As in, long enough for them to underestimate how much an effect it’s had on Sanzo. It’ll also probably take them a while to figure out that both Sanzo and Hakkai are empaths… before that happens, I can imagine several poker games are played…

    If Gojyo’s flashbacks are anything to go by, SGC is probably not going to agree with Hakkai about most youkai being completly sane.They’re probably too instinct driven for SGC to consider them that. Of course, the goa’uld’s probably think the same thing about youkai…

    I have a really bad thought about the NID. They’re so going to want to know how the “pull weapon out of thin air” “technology” works once they find the ‘gate security tapes. And Gojyo technically still holds rank in the Air Force (although his priorities have probably changed a lot in the past two years). Or worse, they think Goku’s better to go after since he’s the youngest… and given how much trouble scientists have given Sanzo and Co. the situation is going to be a mess in the “how many bodies did you leave behind” way.

    And somebody stupid is going to take off Goku’s limiter aren’t they? I just hope it’s someone Sanzo and Co. don’t feel obligated to keep alive while Goku’s limiter back on. That would make it a lot easier for them… which probably means they aren’t going to be that lucky…

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    1. Dead on with Jack only figuring out yes, he really is a homicidal maniac…. *EG*

      Fortunately for the rest of the mess, Hammond is both a good general and has seen the NID at work before. And between himself and SG-1, he’ll figure out enough of what he’s got in hand to take steps.

      Fortunately for the rest of the SGC, Sanzo knows how distractible Goku is….

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    2. *cackles* From the point at which Kanan killed herself and Ni caught Hakkai, Gonou has not been in control. *snrks evilly* Hakkai does worry about Gonou taking control of him again, but since then Gonou has been catatonic. (And there may have been something about the Temple in Chang’an after Sanzo rescued them that also made a difference…. *snickers*)

      I do like the point at which Jack has a Realization about what the situation has made of Sanzo. *snrks evilly again* It’s a Jack headdesking moment. It’s nice. 🙂

      Not sure what the SGC thinks about the instinct-driven element of the youkai… but yes, they understand it a hell of a lot better than the Goa’uld (save Kanzeon) do. Vathara will probably put that scene up (later, it’s in Chp. 5). I think you’ll enjoy it. 😉

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      1. What, the Sanbutshushin? Do something actually helpful? 😉

        …Well, actually, yes. Heh. Not that they mentioned it….

        Oddly enough part of the theme of this fic seems to be “Jack, wake up and look around. Things aren’t as bad as they look.”

        Of course, sometimes that means things are even scarier. 😉

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      2. Heh. Given this is before the end of Season 5, and thus the revelation that the Asgard really, really screwed themselves up….

        (Um, Vathara, I think we need to talk about that, actually.)

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  5. Re: Buffy / Saiyuki Fusion “Finger in the Eye of Fate”


    I foresee a certain smile on a certain person’s face. Nicknames are such tricky things – amazing how certain aspects from one life can reflected in another . . .

    Still . . . methinks one needs to craft a bunker or just be very far away from Sunnydale if certain canon events come to pass.

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