River of Stars Ch 3 bit – Possibilities

A/N: I have to admit it’s amusing that all of these are canon possibilities. Ah, Stargate. 😉

“And there’s one more thing that bothers me.”

“Only one?” But Jack gave him a hand-wave of, go on.

“Well, two. First, how’d Sanzo get along without his reading glasses? Janet’s records say he’s far-sighted-”

Having finally snatched a few non-sports sections of the paper from Sha, Sanzo reached into a pocket and took out a pair of antique-looking spectacles.

“And two?” Jack asked, humor coloring his voice.

“Two is… a little more nebulous.” Daniel hesitated. “He doesn’t feel like the Dr. Genjyo I met two years ago.”

“Doesn’t feel like him.” But Jack’s voice was thoughtful, not doubtful.

“The man I met was a linguist,” Daniel went on, unsure how to explain. “Young, interested in what might be out there, a lot more practical than most of the scientific recruits we’ve gotten through here. But I wouldn’t exactly have wanted him behind me with a sidearm.”

“And this guy can nail a Goa’uld in midair,” Jack nodded. “Time. Combat. Can change a guy.”

“I know. But….”

“Yeah. But.” Jack frowned. “Like to think I would have noticed a guy with command potential. Even if it was hiding behind books.” The colonel leaned back in his chair. “Janet’s pretty sure they’re ours. Then again, she was pretty sure we’d turned into tin men one time, too.”

“She wasn’t exactly wrong,” Daniel reminded him. “So?”

“Not a tin man, or the battery would have run out by now. We’ve met energy beings who can look like other people-”

“Wouldn’t have blood,” Daniel pointed out.

“Those spirit-aliens with the Salish, who shapeshift-”

“Wouldn’t have human blood,” the archaeologist stated, starting to enjoy this.

“Suicide rather than capture aliens with holograms-”

“High-frequency blast when things came through the ‘Gate would have blown their cover.”

“Kind-of clones made by renegade Reetou-”

“The TER detector alarms Sam put together haven’t gone off.”

“And Goa’uld playing with human evolution by aging people with nanites,” Jack concluded.

Daniel considered that one, eyes going wide. “You really think Dr. Genjyo – might not be Dr. Genjyo?”

“He sets off your weirdness radar. He sets off mine. And his DNA’s screwy.” Jack lifted a shoulder, let it fall. “We’ll keep an eye on them. After all, it’s not like they’re going anywhere.”


16 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 3 bit – Possibilities

  1. Oh Jack, there you go tempting Murphy.

    Well we know that he’s wrong about them, you can understand his caution. A caution that Sanzo-ikkoku will probably appreciate if they hear even half of the attempts made to impersonate people to cause havoc that have gone on there – they understand being justifiably paranoid.

    Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if they have a system for making sure none of them have replaced by a body double mole after separation. It might be as simple as their own version of spider-sense tingling / particular powers but I will bet that they have thought of it. Or they will after hearing about that in “Our enemies haven’t tried that. Yet. Better have a plan for when they do” sense.

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  2. Uh… Jack… you forgot the “Ancient devices download info onto human’s brains” possibility. And you know these guys are on a planet that knows what the Ancient writing system at the very least looks like, if not actually knows how to read it. Although, give that Sanzo isn’t having a brain meltdown at the moment, it’s easy to see why you missed that one…

    Also, knowing how Saiyuki and SGC go, you probably shouldn’t have mention Sanzo and Co. not being able to go anywhere because you’re keeping an eye on them. Murphy loves being given Ideas…

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      1. Unfortunately the Murphy-taunting is canon Jack behavior.

        Speculation tends to the opinion of either he’s trying to make sure the bad stuff falls on him because he’s in command, or he has a smidge of a deathwish due to past history.

        Sanzo has a problem with deathwishes.

        Nitro, meet glycerin….

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      2. I have to admit that for this particular mash-up, I have the head-canon that Murphy and Kanzeon frequently meet up over tea and coffee to swap ideas about what they’ll inflict next on their favorite four-man-teams… and that they’re pretty happy that all eight of them are in the same vicinity for once…


  3. Dont forget that Sanzo’s party has had their own experiences with imposters; from simple con-men, to fightng their own clones, to venting all their frustration on what they thought was the real Gojyo and who turned out to be a doll (much to their disappointment).


  4. Re: Jack and Murphy and Reasons For Taunting

    It might be a combination of the two.

    I like the image presented by ObsidianFire of Kanzeon and Murphy discussing which bit of unexpected “coincidence” to have fall upon their favorite quartet’s respective heads. And how they can double the fun now they are in one place. *Both deities in question exchanges smiles with a disturbing amount of teeth on display while their victims get chills down the backs*

    Side note for Around universe: Jack and taunting Murphy (or the ruhk in this case) and his deathwish reasons for it are probably also going to rub several members of the Magi crew wrong. They also have reasons for having problems with deathwishes. World-ending reasons.

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