What Comes Around Ch 19 bit – Coils

Aladdin took a long, deep breath, and slowly breathed it back out. Closed his eyes, and didn’t pry at the rukh. Just… let it wander toward him, if it wanted, and waited for any glimmers of images.

Through his eyelids, he could see a few bright flutters detach from the coil winding around the tower, and whisper down.

Stones. Cold. Hope, firm against the press of darkness. A dark-haired woman and her child, listening to the wind.

Aladdin raised his head, trying not to grin too much. “He’s in there. Somewhere deep under there, but he’s there. And he’s going to be okay.”

“Okay?” Morgan frowned, serious as Masrur about to take down an army.

“He’s got someone there he’s worried about,” Aladdin said firmly. “He won’t give up.”

Maria was holding out her hands to the bits of rukh, wide-eyed and wondering. “Why do they care? He has always calmed the flutters around us, always – and I do not know why.”

“Because he’s a king,” Aladdin said patiently. This world didn’t know, even the old world hadn’t really understood. “That’s what he does. He finds the will of the rukh, and he helps it. And when people are in trouble, when all the flow is knotted up, he straightens it out. That’s what h’reg means.”

“Deep in.” Morgan scowled at the tower, eyes creased as if she wanted to pounce, just not quite yet….

Gripped branches, bark powdering a little before she eased up. “They use poison gas. What can you do about that, without Amon’s fire?”

“I’m kind of hoping to make it so they don’t see us,” Aladdin admitted. “When they do see us – then I’m going to use Wind and Borgs, like we did in the storm drains. Ja’far’s antivenom spell works, but it’s not fast. Though… yeah.” He beamed at them. “I can start that spell on all of us now, and just keep it going. It’s on us, not the air around us, so the slavers won’t see it unless they see us.”


24 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 19 bit – Coils

  1. Warning!: Explosions and other dangers ahead. All those desiring not to be burned with fire, shocked by lightning, hit with rock-smashing fists and feet, slashed to ribbons by sharp point things, and various other unpleasant fates please vacate the premise . . .

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  2. A certain insane idea came to me today regarding the whole Magi meeting SGC aspect. We have Sharrkan bouncing around as Tiburon but still no sign of the source of his belligerent sexual tension partner: Yamraiha.

    Now one thing that really stands out for said aqua-haired magician (aside from the rack *G*) is that she is a freaking genius when it comes to magic etc.

    So Samantha Carter is Yamraiha’s reincarnation. Not nearly as fanservicey I grant (different culture and upbringing etc) but just as smart , only focusing on science instead of magic in this life.

    As for her not being a magician in this life, it could be a combo of the magoi levels being so low and a situation sort of like Sarah where Carter has convinced herself that she doesn’t see the Rukh. She isn’t crazy and sane people don’t see fluttering glowing butterflies that other people can’t.

    As for how the groups meet, the SGC gets their mitts on some Toolmaker leftovers that the military thought were Goa’uld tech.and Carter being the latent magician, sets them off during analysis.

    Tiburon and co just happen to be in the same neck of the woods by chance (sure Fate, pull the other one). and recognize the feel of the magoi eruption/explosion as a Yamraiha trademark kaboom..

    End result is that Carter is fine but like Ja’far and Alan she’s going to be dealing with some appearance modifications due to the magoi overload.


    1. Oooo . . . . Through Vathara said the bunnies want the Magi and Stargate crew to run into each other with no knowledge of each other. Aside from hearing about incidents and not realizing one had to do with other. But until the kaboom happens, they didn’t know her . . . and she likely wouldn’t remember everything right away so that might appease them . . .

      And added awesome the next time the Tok’ra get pushy about Jolinar’s memories and Sam being a host
      *Tiburon’s sword at the offender’s throat*
      Tiburon: “The lady said no.”
      *Tok’ra is unimpressed by the ‘primitive’ weapon. Said idiot is also ignoring the predatory looks from the others with this white blonde hair and this weird heaviness like the air just before the storm*
      Tok’ra: “Are you threatening me?”
      Tiburon: “No.”
      *Blood Knight Smile*
      Tiburon: “This isn’t a threat. It is a promise. Unless Sam would prefer to parboil you herself. Sam?”


      1. Different life experiences can account for a lot. She might hiding a lot under her hat – she is in the military and that makes a lot of the typical avenues for self-expression closed. How much do we know about what Sam does when she isn’t saving the world?


      2. >>Huh. *Pokes bunnies* I’m not sure Yam and Sam are similar enough in personality to pull that off. Will mull!

        The differences can be explained in a similar way Alan and Morgan.

        Morgan is very different in some ways from Morgania since she didn’t spend her formative years as a heavily abused slave (May Jamil rot in the pits of hell for all eternity).

        As for Alibaba, while some of his circumstances echo his current life way he acted back then was rather different than current.

        Different experiences make for different people even if you have the same starting point.

        I guess the thing is when you go the reincarnation route you need to peel back all the trapping and habits that society and choices a person has made of who they are at the purest core. And then figure out what happens when you expose said person to the new circumstances.


      3. Actually I figured out at oh-dark-hundred why this won’t work, beyond the differences in character.

        …I may want the Magi and SG characters to start out as not-friends, but I do not want the two groups trying to blow each other off the map. Because that’s exactly what would happen.

        Jack does not tolerate threats to his team. (At least, not ones he doesn’t inflict.) Simon may be relatively easygoing in a lot of things, but he would not walk away from one of his Generals.

        You’d have two very determined guys butting heads over “Mine!” and the whole rest of the story would end up in flames. Bad idea.


  3. >>has horrible luck with boyfriends. Just horrible.>>

    To which the in-favor bunnies went: “But of course. None of these guys were half-Egyptian white blonde haired swordsman with latent Blood Knight tendencies whom she could get into spectacular screaming matches about the relative merits of their respective disciplines.”

    The ones looking for less crossover reasons just muttered something about Status Quo is God rearing its’ ugly head again and the probability that some of the writers shipped Sam and Jack and derailed her relationships to keep her “free” for that relationship . .


    1. I have a personal beef with that because it is contrary to good order and regulations. These are supposed to be dedicated officers. Argh. If you’re going to write about military people who are heroes, you could at least pay attention to what military people are supposed to do… *Insert incoherent grumbles about Hollywood.*


      1. Well Hollywood has a tendency to write their military heroes like the rules and regulations and laws governing officer and enlisted conduct are suggestions. Unless it is directly part of the plot, Hollywood seem to have no concept of the Bad Conduct Discharge.


  4. So, I left a nice long reply and then it doesn’t appear to have gone through. Dang it. I won’t repeat it, because last time this happened the reply showed up later and I felt bad that I appeared so pushy. The basic thrust of it was discovering that I am far more invested in Sharrkan and Yamraiha’s reintroduction then is normal. Like, it’s a very good thing it’s Hancock.

    On the other hand, if Yamraiha *is* Sam Carter, Simon is interested in the *physics* part of her job. As in, “I need a new physics teacher, you want in?” Oh, that’s a way to get the SGC looking into Hancock, Yamraiha is a high level physicist, or at least one the SGC has been keeping an eye on with thoughts of recruitment this life and suddenly she’s moved to Florida to teach. Does she even have a teaching degree?!


    1. Ok, my original reply doesn’t seem to want to come up, so I’ll try and remember more than the gist of it. (Mostly because I had a really funny moment between Simon, Ja’far, and Tiburon at the con that leads us to Yamraiha. Yes, I’m a dork and ridiculously invested in Sharrkan/Yamraiha. I haven’t even gotten to Sindria in the anime, too busy with the Sinbad manga, Bleach, medical terminology, Akatsuki no Yona anime and manga, and work. But I am so invested in those two, I think it beats out my investment in my boyfriend. (Not really)) Also, a part of it was my gripping about how Jack/Sam, while cute, both are career military. If they really couldn’t find it in themselves to stop looking at the other, one or both would have been looking for a transfer so they weren’t in the same direct chain of command. *snarl*

      Now, looking at the ficbit up there, Jack almost qualifies as a King. He’s not quite lucky enough for it, both good and bad. Yes, a big part of my thoughts is Charlie and his tragedy. Most kids growing up with guns in the house are the last ones to play with guns because a big part of having kids and guns in the same house is to teach to them that GUNS ARE DANGEROUS and not toys. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of the ones who refuse to have toy guns in the house. But part of parenthood is summed up in a crack fic I read in Naruto, “I’m supposed to get you to adulthood alive.”

      Tiburon carrying Yamraiha is partly because he’s hauling her out of trouble, partly because Simon said “Bring back anyone interesting! And it’s a bonus if they teach physics, our current physics teacher is drunk more then he’s not. And during school hours! *tch* You’d think a physicist would enjoy the opportunity to travel and investigate a new branch of the sciences.” And he *found Yamraiha!* If you think he’s letting her get away…. What are you smoking and why aren’t you sharing? (Cause you don’t share the good stuff!)

      Sarah and Matt are both Wind magicians? That’s pretty neat. Guess there isn’t much a kid can’t dream up, especially not when there’s a King nearby. And poor Maria, she really isn’t sure what to do. But Aladdin, I don’t know why, but Aladdin reminded me of that scene in Amon’s Dungeon, when he completely repudiates Jamil as a King candidate. When he looks like the Wisdom of the Ages are there in his eyes, and he’s totally serious. (One of my fav scenes so far. Because he looks at Jamil as though he’s *nothing* and it is such an awesome look of complete and utter disdain.) Just, it seems as though Aladdin is channeling an ancient secret there is all. I dunno why he’s got the serious/comfort/happy face on in my head though.


      1. Sarah’s a Wind magician, Matt probably not. He takes after his dad, temper and all…. *G*

        That scene with Aladdin dismissing Jamil is utterly cool. And we have no way of knowing if it’s Ancient Secret stuff, or just Aladdin recognizing that someone who risks his life to help people is the kind of person he wants around.

        And he might have that face because he knows if Alan’s not dead yet, someone’s going to have a deservedly bad day…. 😉


  5. >>Jack does not tolerate threats to his team. (At least, not ones he doesn’t inflict.) Simon may be relatively easygoing in a lot of things, but he would not walk away from one of his Generals.>>

    Very good point. Oh well . . . .

    Through I can still see Tiburon holding a Tok’ra at sword-point for being pushy about Sam’s no, I don’t want to be a host after SG-1 and Magi get to know each other. Because I don’t think Tiburon would be tolerate of that behavior regardless of who they were directing toward.

    Through if Yamraiha still has physics degree – we can still have Yamraiha and Sam having heard of each other. Like how Jack probably knows Tiburon by reputation and that they likely know some of the same people.

    Side note: Someone at Cheyenne Mountain, perhaps not SG-1 but someone there, is probably a fan of Simon Cavins. Or the Sinbad films – everyone says they were some of his best performances. It was like he was born to play the part.


  6. Just had the thought that Alan’s answer of “E-Bay. Twenty bucks” is probably going to be re-used when SGC starts asking him where he got Amon’s Vessel convinced that it is alien tech. Which is both wrong and right. And technically he isn’t exactly lying. They asked him where he got this and hold the multitool. It’s not his fault that what they mean to ask where did he get Amon. Through there is probably a Sarcastic Confession answer to that one too. Simplest might be “I didn’t.” For one, Amon came to him. And for another, Amon nor any other Djinn aren’t things. They are people. People who will make you go through the maze from hell to prove yourself worthy of wielding their power but people. And given how much power Djinn have and that they share headspace with their King, you could understand them not wanting just anyone to be their king . . .

    Speaking of kings, it was noted earlier that Jack has some king traits through he seems to have missed out on the lucky part unless you count that he is still alive despite several enemies best efforts. The thought occurred that Sanzo also has a lot of those traits . . .

    BTW are female Metal Vessel Users / Djinn Warriors also called kings? Does PIE or Trans in this story have gendered words and if so, is H’reg a male word, female word, nongender word, etc? I don’t have the weird Queens are automatically evil thing that has somehow infected fiction but when you hear Queen, most people still assume that woman is Queen Consort (the spouse of the actual sovereign), not Queen Regnant (one who is sovereign in her own right). Not that our kings actually rule countries (anymore) but the given that, ruhk might not think queen as a possible translation for h’reg.


    1. Well, as far as we know in Magi, anyone with a Metal Vessel is called a “King Candidate”, whether they’re male or not. So… my thinking is that it is a gender-neutral word – and that makes it even weirder, because ordinarily PIE is gendered all over the place.

      It’s a kind of weirdness Daniel might notice, and wonder if it comes from an even older word root, if he ever had the chance….


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