River of Stars Ch 3 bit – Konzen

Visibly wrestling with himself, or perhaps with Selmak, Jacob sighed. “George. Given the Replicator situation, Garshaw agrees with me that some of the secrets we’ve kept for the Asgard ought to be declassified. But if we tell you, you won’t have plausible deniability with Thor anymore.”

Teal’c arched a brow. “What has the Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet to do with the Goa’uld Kanzeon Bosatsu?”

“They’ve got a bargain,” Jacob said flatly.

Oh. Damn. Listening, Hammond tried not to show how desperately he wanted an aspirin. Some days, it just doesn’t pay to come to briefings.

“We don’t know all the details,” the Tok’ra ambassador went on. “The Asgard don’t like to talk about it. But for the past fifteen centuries, she’s had access to certain Asgard technology. Specifically, that used for genetic manipulation.”

Major Carter sat up straight. “She created the youkai?”

“Among other things,” Jacob nodded. “Shock troops, better hosts, because it was fun- who knows why. Other System Lords steer clear of her. Partly because Kanzeon keeps to herself, and she’s polite when she does have to meet them. But mostly, because the Asgard have made it very clear that if anything happens to Kanzeon’s worlds, they’ll take it as an immediate treaty violation.”

“Suddenly and violently and all over the place?” Jack put in.

“You’re getting the idea,” Jacob agreed. “Put that together with the fact that Kanzeon’s deciphered enough of the Ancient library she has to put a lock on her ‘Gates – not even Nirrti’s been able to mess with her.”

“She has one of the Ancients’ libraries?” Daniel said reverently.

“Part of one, we think,” Jacob admitted. “Appears to be related to terraforming and biological manipulation. The Tenchi Kagen scriptures, locals call them – the five scrolls ‘used to create Heaven and Earth’.” He frowned. “One of the five scroll guardians was supposed to be arriving at that lab at the time of the raid. I don’t know what went wrong.”

“Besides everything?” Jack muttered.

“Colonel,” Hammond said mildly. Shouting would only make the headache worse. “Jacob. Let me see if I correctly understand the situation. The Asgard, allies of both the Tok’ra and Earth, appear to have come to an arrangement with Kanzeon. One they value at least as highly as their dealings with us. Possibly more; they removed the Ancient database from Colonel O’Neill’s mind, they certainly didn’t provide us with even a partial copy. And the Tok’ra-” he couldn’t quite suppress the growl “-meant for my people to act as decoys while you stole technological data the Asgard prefer left with its current holder?”

“She’s a Goa’uld, George,” Jacob snorted. “It’s not like the Asgard have ever complained any of the other times.” He paused, setting a holographic projector on the table. “Except for that one mess, nine hundred years ago… we’ve had to keep our distance during surveillance since then, so this image is a little old. Still accurate, though.”

Diaphanous silks draped a long-legged brunette seated casually on a simple throne. Golden anklets showed off perfect bare feet, a sun-disk mirror rested atop the swell of her breasts, and long, glossy brown ringlets were pulled back to display a familiar crimson chakra on her forehead. And behind her throne, to the left and right- Hammond kept his expression neutral.

“This is from about nine centuries ago, but Kanzeon tends to clone bodies her Heavenly Army chooses for hosts,” Jacob went on. He waved toward the gray-haired Goa’uld in far more sober jewelry and robes on her left. “Jiroshin. Her chief aide. Very fussy, stickler for protocol; he’d probably faint dead away if you pointed a zat at him. But he keeps Kanzeon’s palace running smoothly, and he’s got a hell of a nose for spies, worse luck for us.” He reached for the projector-

“Who’s the blond?” Jack casually nodded toward the slim, lavender-robed figure on Kanzeon’s right.

“Konzen Douji?” Jacob rested his hand on the table, surprised. “He’s dead.”


23 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 3 bit – Konzen

      1. Afterward . . .
        Sanzo: “The hag has some explaining to do. And she’s going to do it whether she likes it or not.”
        Someone: “How are you planning to make her if she doesn’t want to talk?”
        Sanzo: “I’ll figure it out.”
        *Ignores that said hag is usually more amused than anything else by his grumpiness and threats.*


  1. oh my! that is really interesting a Goa’uld with Asgard and Ancient technology is a lot of peoples nightmare. and with the blessing of the Asgard on top of that, this can go places.

    I find a lot more Goa’uld interesting when they break/play with their stereotype, (also why I like Mass-Effect)


    1. Given how little we know about what Goa’uld are actually like – we see them on their “raid and enslave planet” days, not so much day to day – you could argue any fanwriter who portrays a System Lord in detail is playing with stereotypes by definition. 😉


  2. okay I am trying again.

    crossovercreativechaos >> I have indeed seen the Lost Empire, but a crossover would give Daniel a horrible headache. One of the things Milo says in the movie is that “since their language is the root of all of ours, they should understand us!”

    I just assumed atlanteans have psychic powers. and Milo just came up with some techno babble bullshit to keep his job when he realized that this FUBAR expedition had the natives speaking english on top of everything else.

    it makes more sense and also makes Milo just a little less saintly. or maybe he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.

    but really at most having them speak a root language could mean it is unlikely that they will hear certain sounds as white noise. like, if atlanteans did not use “H” sounds in their language, they might not hear “H” sounds very well.

    the SGC could become interested in the expedition when they find out about the eccentric millionaire Preston Whitmore who is getting close to his second century in age.


    1. They could indeed become interested, but… somehow, my bunnies can’t place this in the same ‘verse with Around. I think the crystals as power-harnessing doesn’t fit quite right with Magi magic. Also – my bunnies would really prefer Milo in a ‘verse where he was right!


      1. I have been to the Disney and Stargate wikis. both look well developed, honestly there was things about Disney’s atlantis on there I didn’t know from the movies

        >>They could indeed become interested, but… somehow, my bunnies can’t place this in the same ‘verse with Around. I think the crystals as power-harnessing doesn’t fit quite right with Magi magic.

        well one way I can think off is that the Atlanteans are Alternans but not Ancients, instead they are actually Ori.

        would explain why their tech isn’t as Physics-defying as what we are used to from Ancient tech.

        the Heart of Atlantis is something like a ascended entity made of living-crystal from space and further empowered by the worship of the Atlanteans [1].

        the Heart of Atlantis has to merge with an ascended Atlantean to do complicated tasks or to use its full power[2].

        the crystal necklaces are made from pieces of the Heart, they channel power from the Heart to the citizens of Atlantis, healing them and powering their tech[3], you can think of them as mini crystal priors.

        [1]. its canon that ascended can gain extra power from worship
        [2]. with the unfortunate side-effect that anyone that is merged too long are lost to the Heart.
        [3]. mey also be a way to prevent other people from using their tech. much like the Ancient and their gene-locks

        I just like to see allied versions of otherwise ‘evil’ races in fiction and the Ori didn’t start out as evil as they was seen on the show

        if you want to go with Magi try thinking of the crystal necklaces as small scale Devine Staffs made from pieces of the heart. which leads to the question what is the heart? its canon it came from space so there are some options there


      2. I see three ways to fix the language thing.

        [1] retcon it! it didn’t happen and no-one’s gonna mention it.
        [2] justify the mistake. you could maybe use Science Marches On in universe. really I don’t know enough about this to tell if it could be accurate or not.
        [3] make it true, somehow

        you could also just ignore it, it has been over 90 years since the events of the movie.

        as for taking a shot at the crossover myself. I have to say its properly not happening.

        I am dyslexic to the point I am barely literate without the help of a text to speech program. a 1000 word one shot is more then I have been able to write so far. a good Stargate/Disney’s Atlantis crossover would need more than I can give.


  3. Somehow, that is both similar and completely left-field to what I had thought. Sanzo’s reaction will be interesting- but it’s the rest of the group’s reactions that I wonder about.


  4. Oh… ha, ha… Jacob, when you said holy demon hunters were at the lab, what did you think made them holy by that world’s standards? Oh yeah, Sanzo and Co. better keep quiet that they have a very good idea about what part of the Tenchi Kagen can do.

    Let me guess, the incident that the Asgard got involved with 900 years ago was this ‘verse’s version of Saiyuki Gaiden. And I’ve got my suspicions that the tok’ra who started the whole mess was in Lintounen at the time…

    The reason why the Asgard are okay with Kanzeon keeping Ancient and Asgardien tech is because she was successful in integrating human DNA with enough Ancient DNA to let the resulting hybrids use Ancient tech while still staying relatively sane. And by successful, I mean, it’s a trait that gets passed down the same as other DNA traits. At this point, it’d be impossible to get rid of unless every single youkai were killed off. The fact that Kanzeon is… well, Kanzeon… is just icing on the cake for the Asgard as it means they don’t have to keep an eye on her like they do the other gao’uld unless someone else goes way out of their way to cause trouble for her. I’m guessing that she’s their best bet at any trace of the Ancients (as opposed to their left-over tech) surviving long term and they don’t want to risk putting that in jeopardy.


    1. That 900-years-ago bit is indeed this AU’s version of Gaiden. What a mess.

      FYI, putting it at that point in the SG timeline makes it right when a lot of other interesting stuff is going on. To name a few, Anubis is thought taken out by the System Lords, Cimmeria’s created as a safe world, and it’s just about when the Asgard started to realize they’d genetically screwed themselves.

      I haven’t figured out all of the details, but yes, there was a Tok’ra/Kanzeon clash, along with a revolt by some of her own offspring, and it got very, very ugly. Konzen, Tenpou, and Kenren died; Goku, deprived of his link to his foster parent, pretty much had to be slammed into stasis to keep him from either homicide or suicide.

      But Goku, and the youkai, aren’t Ancients. *G* There’s a few more alien races out there the Asgard have an interest in….

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This fic. I love this fic but it’s giving me such fits of ” I need to know whats gong on now!” that every time I see see a new ficlet I try wait to read till you start posting. It never works.

    Liked by 1 person

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