River of Stars Ch 3 bit – Job interview

A/N: Need to poke a bit of the current chapter of Around I’m working on a little more before I post any of it, so here’s a double-dose of our demon-slayers. 🙂


“Oh no,” Dr. Jackson muttered dryly. “This doesn’t look familiar.” The flash of humor faded as he closed the door and crossed to the table. “Janet helped me find this,” he said matter-of-factly, setting a container of flesh-colored powder – some kind of makeup? – on the table. “You’re going to need it, if we don’t want the Tok’ra to realize we have one of the Tenchi Kagen scriptures here.”

Erk, Hakkai thought.

“Um… and before anybody panics, I know what Jack looks like when he’s about to take someone apart… we like the Asgard. They’re good people. Thor’s really helped us out. If he didn’t stick his neck out for the SGC, Earth wouldn’t be under the Protected Planets Treaty and we wouldn’t have a Stargate anymore. So if Thor wants Kanzeon Bosatsu’s people taking care of an Ancient library, we’re not going to argue with him.” Dr. Jackson took a breath. “And we’re not going to let the Tok’ra argue with him, either. So if you don’t want to wear the concealer, you can go ahead and give Jacob a heart attack. But since he’s our best shot at getting Gonou out….” He spread empty hands.

“He’s not the only guy about to keel over,” Gojyo managed. “How the hell-?”

“Duh.” Goku rolled his eyes. “They saw Sanzo wearing the sutra.”

“But there are no legends here of the scriptures that founded Heaven and Earth,” Hakkai observed. “You’ll have to forgive us, Dr. Jackson. We’re not accustomed to dealing with outsiders as quick as Ni, or Prince Kougaiji.” Or Sanzo.

Violet eyes were weighing blue; cold, wary, and silent.

“I think the Tok’ra set up our raid to take Koumyou,” Dr. Jackson said quietly. “They’ve been after Kanzeon and whatever advanced technology she has for centuries, but we won’t let them have you. Jacob’s lying to us about Gyokumen Koushu, and we don’t know why.”

“And if you did find out why?” Sanzo said levelly.

The archaeologist licked his lips. “Are you serving Kanzeon by choice?”

Hakkai held himself ready with Gojyo, as Goku fidgeted and Sanzo went very still-

“Sit down.”

Table and chairs were dragged over to the bed where Sanzo sat. Cups were brought out; tea poured, courtesy of Gojyo, who’d so far kept Goku from any disastrous experiments with the microwave.

“After the Centipede Clan’s palace burned, we went to Chang’an,” Sanzo said levelly. “Hakkai was still under arrest, Captain Sha didn’t legally exist, and Goku… I didn’t know what the hell to do with Goku.”

“Keep me,” Goku shrugged, as Hakuryuu finally relaxed and settled onto Hakkai’s shoulder. “Sheesh.”

“I’d only known youkai for a few months,” Sanzo defended himself. “It took me a while to figure out you and anyone sane was not going to work.”

“It’s very hard to keep a youkai child somewhere he doesn’t want to be,” Hakkai informed the curious archaeologist. “Usually, they don’t pick human foster parents… but even the temple finally gave in. Once the situation was explained.”

“Anyway,” Sanzo went on, determined, “I walked everyone into the Temple of the Setting Sun, the way Koumyou would have. Played the part long enough to get into audience with the Sanbutsushin… and then I told them everything.” He looked at the archaeologist. “I was just – done. I couldn’t go any further. Sha and Goku needed someone to get them set with new lives, Hakkai needed serious legal help, and I… I couldn’t believe Koumyou had picked me for his successor. I wasn’t a monk. I didn’t believe. Hell, I wasn’t even from the right planet. And I told them that. Loudly. In detail.”

“Some of it profane, I take it,” Hakkai murmured.

“They did blink.” Sanzo almost smirked at the memory. “And after they picked their jaws up, they told me the Merciful Goddess knew damn well who and what I was; Koumyou had called her right after he fished what was left of me out of the river. Koumyou had cleared taking me on with her first, she approved – and if I wanted Cho Hakkai not to go down in flames due to some surviving Centipede Clan allies twisting the facts around the alleged murder of over a thousand people, including one of Kanzeon’s favored, then Genjyo Sanzo had better get his butt back out there and do his damn job.”


8 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 3 bit – Job interview

  1. I think the ikoku is getting a crash course in why Dr. Daniel Jackson, for all that he is a glasses-wearing, sneezing archaeology-anthropology-linguist and nice dude, should be considered extremely dangerous.

    I see the Tok’ra are being their usual entirely honest and helpful selves. And careful attention to detail and gathering of all facts available. Instead of, you know, leaping to conclusions, lying to their allies and messing with stuff they don’t understand but assume they do because we’re Tok’ra and we know everything, and otherwise being a pain in the backside.

    And hooray for backstory!

    They might end up heading back to Shangria-La earlier than anyone initially planned if things continue to get messy but I have the feeling that certain parties might aid and abet that process. Probably certain parties who have decided that since certain someones aren’t telling the truth, as usual, the team is going to have to go there themselves to see the truth of the matter.


  2. Lol. And of course Sanzo would ignore the “did you choose your job” question in favor of the “are you sure I’m the right person for the job” question. Although Daniel probably isn’t going to be happy to find out that part of the reason Sanzo would be okay with working for Kanzeon in the first place probably has to do with Genjyo’s past memories being fiddled with. But yey for Reasonable Authority Figures all around.

    And Hakkai is comparing Daniel to Ni and Kougaiji? I hope Daniel finds out how much of a backhand compliment that is. Just not by running into Ni though, Daniel does not need to meet him. Which probably means they will run into him…


    1. Sanzo’s memories may have been blocked at certain points, but they weren’t altered. He’s okay working for Kanzeon because he can see he’s doing some good… and he gets to shoot annoying people. Never underestimate that.

      *G* It is a complement, isn’t it? We’ll see who he runs into when….

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I hope Daniel gets the chance to meet Kougaiji. He might be a member of the opposition, but if you look at his history, motivations, and behavior, he’s actually a decent person. His father never approved of his ‘soft’ attitude, he treats his followers well, obviously cares about Lirin’s wellbeing, and just wants his mom back. Poor guy. Doesn’t help that his step-mother and her pet scientist are manpulating and sabotaging him at every turn.


    1. I can understand Kougaiji’s motivation but . . . . given his step-mother’s history and attitude, it is highly likely that she had no intention of fulfilling that promise. At all. In any universe. Might even be planning to after she’s got what she wants to crush that hope into oblivion. Or some other kind of monkey’s paw where she fulfilled the letter of their agreement – like she brought her back but she never promised not to kill her immediately after doing so.

      That said, Kougaiji doesn’t seem stupid so I bet he is aware of this. Hopefully he is coming up with a plan better than “hope the bitch queen isn’t lying through her teeth and actually fulfills the promise she made to me like a honest person would.”


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