River of Stars Ch 4 bit – Jacob

We should tell them the truth, Jacob argued mentally, heading toward the SGC infirmary. At least tell them something.

:We can’t,: Selmak replied. :Let them say what they will. We will not endanger our best chance to gain the strength to wipe out the System Lords once and for all.:

Gyokumen Koushu-

:Uses unpleasant methods, yes. You know, as I know, how few our numbers currently are… and of Kanzeon Bosatsu, and her slaves’ unreasoning loyalty to her. Nothing less will suffice.:

Point, Jacob admitted. The Queen who’d told off Egeria as a “brainless, shortsighted, revenge-obsessed idiot who’d better stay the hell off my planet,” wasn’t about to be persuaded by anything less than total destruction.

And thanks to the Asgard, they couldn’t destroy her. Not openly.

But we can sure make her hurt.

After all, even if Kanzeon held her fellow System Lords in contempt, she did fear them. Why else would Gonou still be alive, if she weren’t worried he was a spy whose death might bring even more trouble?

Jacob stopped just outside the door, sensing Sam, Teal’c, and the naquadah of another symbiote. Here we go….

Sam smiled at him from across the room, where she and Teal’c were waiting with Janet, a few more members of security, a brown-haired teenager and a-

Oh, hell.

Han’you, as they called them on Shangri-La. You couldn’t mistake the red hair and eyes for anything else. And one who obviously knew what a body laced with naquadah smelled like, given that half-snarl of lips.

Most of the time, Jacob didn’t think about how Selmak’s presence in his body made him capable of out-muscling half of Stargate Command. Then again, most of the time, he didn’t run into anything else short of a Jaffa that could take on that strength and stand a chance of winning.

Strength enough to chance it, and crazy enough to do it, Jacob thought darkly. From what Selmak remembered, even a full-blooded youkai might have been safer. Kanzeon’s creations might be dangerous, unpredictable, cannibalistic predators, but they at least had a wild animal’s wariness around humans. Han’you were like feral dogs; not wild enough to stick to their own kind, and not nearly human enough to be trusted.

We’ve got to warn Janet. She has no idea what kind of danger someone’s brought into her infirmary.


14 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 4 bit – Jacob

  1. *sigh* There are those assumptions again.

    Then again, it wouldn’t be the Tok’ra if they didn’t think they knew everything. And Kanzeon’s hands might not be clean and the Tok’ra might have a reason to hate her, I bet trying to get in with Gyokumen Koushu (considering her methods) is not going to go over well.

    And maybe you ought to look into why they are so devoted to Kanzeon. But they probably don’t look for a reason considering by the description, they probably don’t consider youkai and hanyou to be sentient and therefore capable of reason.

    I bet the Tok’ra have never dealt with youkai and hanyou in peaceful circumstances. Or youkai and hanyou are simply far less tolerant of their all-pervading arrogance and/or they keep triggering dominance fights with it by assuming they are the dominant one around youkai and hanyou – not an assumption it sounds like they are willing to let simply pass.

    And for someone who evidently considers themselves extremely knowledgeable about youkai and hanyou, you have missed two of them . . . .


    1. It’s partly a species behavioral thing. Youkai are, well, like wolfpacks. Goa’uld are kind of like nasty, backstabbing wasp hives. Understanding each other is not going to go well.

      And Jacob missed them at the first look. He’s going to be looking again….


      1. Yeah, that will get ugly.

        >>And Jacob missed them at the first look. He’s going to be looking again….>>

        Fair point.

        Maybe I’m being uncharitable because I don’t like the Tok’ra and missing Hakkai when he dislikes or distrusts you is usually a good way to die . . .

        Of course, the Tok’ra is probably what you get when you have a species whose only sense of tactics is the: The enemy of my enemy is my ally until maybe said enemy is dead / neutralized and said ally fully intends to the same to me as soon as possible so I better make sure I have my knife ready first.

        Not saying that humans aren’t and haven’t done that exact behavior in the past but . . .

        And: Oh look, the little Terran monkey-creature thinks it is capable of being in charge and holding its own against beings who are their clear superiors. It’d be cute if it wasn’t so annoying.

        The Tok’ra seem to forget they are dealing with a species that is social, forms close social bonds with others, and works (mostly) cooperatively to benefit both themselves and their social group rather than a species that is mostly individuals out for themselves that occasionally and very temporarily cooperate with each other. In the latter, there was never any trust in the first place so breaking and reforming bonds at the drop of a hat is reasonable.

        But that is not how social species work, we probably instinctively mistrust people who behave like that. Probably because in humans, that behavior is a good indication of sociopathy.

        They keep breaking the unspoken rules, rules that since their host’s body is human and they have access to their host’s memories, the non-host humans keep expecting them to know and follow, And they don’t.


      2. There are so many things worse than death, though. 😉

        Part of what I’m trying to get into this fic is the SGC realizing – through having other behavior to compare it to – how much they don’t know about Tok’ra motives, goals, and what they consider acceptable behavior. Likewise the Goa’uld, and the Asgard. They are not going to like what they find. But I think in the long run SG-1 will be glad that they know, instead of just assuming.

        As for dealing with Kanzeon – in a way it’s going to be less about “is she a good person”, and more “so what do Goa’uld consider the rules of polite behavior, and can we reach an agreement that doesn’t bleep us both off?”


  2. *settles down to watch the fireworks*

    It’s kinda easy to see why Selmak would think that Kanzeon’s people are showing her unreasoned loyalty; that’s what the subjects of nearly every goa’uld do anyway. Of course, that also probably means that the tok’ra have stopped checking to see why a goa’uld’s subjects are loyal to them which means that they aren’t going to tell the difference between subjects who are loyal out of fear and subjects that are loyal because the goa’uld in question is genuinely doing a good job ruling their planet. Although the fact that Selmak thinks the people of Shangri-La are Kanzeon’s slaves is a good indicator that they’re missing a lot of other things then just that…

    I love the irony that Jacob ignored the people who have the most reasons not to trust him in favor of going after the person who’s (probably) most likely to give him the benefit of the doubt. And I’m really looking forward to Jacob’s reaction to finding out that the han’you used to be part of SGC as opposed to being a Shangri-La native. I sense lots of conflicts of interest coming up.


  3. Oh this is going to be fun. Jacob starts blabbing and the Saiyuki crew start calling him on his Tok’ra BS.

    Sha Gojyo: Of course we’re dangerous you moron, particularly to your breed of idiots. You spew nothing but false promises and lies out of your mouth and either use our people as expendable pasties or haul them off to be vivisected. And you wonder why youkai, hanyou and humans are all willing to kill you on site? Egeria obviously passed down a lot of s**t to you worms but brains and common sense obviously weren’t in the package.


    1. >>It might be better if Jacob did start blabbing. Oof.

      When I said blabbing I didn’t mean him being forward with information etc. This is a Tok’ra we’re talking about after all.

      I meant him trying to convince SG1 and co that they need to lock up this ticking time bomb of a bloodthirsty monster ASAP before it starts randomly killing people. That or shoot it so full of bullets the corpse sets off a metal detector. Preferably both in short order.


      1. Very messy.

        But Hammond having Leverage is a good thing, despite the messiness of its cause.

        (Yes, Jacob, Gonou is a Tok’ra. Yes, Jacob, he did go insane. No, Jacob, the SGC has taken just about as much as it can possibly tolerate of the Tok’ra flat out lying to them.)


      2. >>(Yes, Jacob, Gonou is a Tok’ra. Yes, Jacob, he did go insane.
        Isn’t all the proof regarding this merely verbal coming from ‘mere’ humans, youkai and hanyou? I can’t really see Jacob/Selmak accepting that.

        >>No, Jacob, the SGC has taken just about as much as it can possibly tolerate of the Tok’ra flat out lying to them.)
        And the Tok’ra would care about the Tau’ri being upset why? One of two things happen from this in the snake’s mind:
        Humanity breaks off and the Tok’ra can much more easily use them as scapegoats for riling up Goa’uld for their own purposes. Sure the loss of a host supply will be annoying but SGC hasn’t really been holding up that part of the bargain (they still haven’t made Jolinar’s host take a new Tok’ra like they are supposed to etc).

        Or two humanity remains in the alliance since they need the Tok’ra and just grumble more.

        Status quo remains the same or they get the Tau’ri annoyance off their back and can still use them to further Tok’ra goals. The Tok’ra don’t lose here.


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