River of Stars Ch 4 bit – Unhappy realizations

A/N: AKA Jacob continues to have a Bad Day.


“Ambassador Carter, this is Captain Joseph Sha, Son Goku… and Cho Hakkai.”

Say what?

:I heard it as well.: Selmak was equally stunned. :Did she truly say that-:

The han’you’s supposed to be their missing Air Force captain? Jacob finished. Yeah. Which is crazy. George has to have noticed-

:Perhaps not. They can pass as human, for short periods of time,: Selmak said thoughtfully. :Combine that with relief in finding one who was lost – any being’s judgment could be clouded.:

Not George, Jacob thought firmly. And not Jack. You know O’Neill; he’s paranoid about things even a little off standard human. He wouldn’t leave Janet down here with a threat.

:That he knew about,: Selmak reminded him. :We will have to tell the SGC more of youkai.:

Yeah. Because obviously Dr. Genjyo hadn’t. “So you and Dr. Genjyo both made it back?” Jacob said neutrally. “I’m kind of surprised he’s not here….”

“He’s talking things over with Colonel O’Neill and Dr. Jackson,” Sha said dryly. “Which is a nice excuse for keeping the doc sitting on his hands instead of strangling you. He’ll probably be civil after you get Gonou out. But right now? We’ve had a bad week, on top of a bad month, on top of a couple bad years-”

“And I don’t think we want blood all over Dr. Janet’s nice clean floors,” Goku smirked, hands curling as if to grip empty air.

:It’s not air he means to grasp!:

Jacob reined in Selmak’s panic, trying not to stare at the glints of gold in brown hair. Is that

:A limiter. Mother of us all, there are two of them!:

George, Jacob decided, was definitely in over his head.

“You can’t hold my father responsible for what Gonou-” Sam was saying.

“No offense, Major,” Sha snarled, “but somebody better be fucking responsible!

“Gojyo. Goku,” Hakkai said quietly. “We should solve the problem first.” He looked at Jacob. “What do we do?”

Jacob produced his healing device. “With a Goa’uld,” which you might still be, hell if I believe Gonou would take someone against their will, “this wouldn’t work. But we’ve… encouraged our people to leave unsuitable hosts before. Usually because they were booby-trapped by a System Lord, but- I should be able to coax him out.”

Sha pointed at the device. “So. That needs to get through, unfiltered?” He glanced at Hakkai. “Damn. They’re going to have to come off.”

“I’m afraid you’re right,” Hakkai acknowledged. “That’s not really safe….”

Sha rolled his eyes. “Come on, Hakkai. When’s the last time you lost it without them? We’ll keep people back, and nobody’ll make any sudden moves. And if all else fails, Goku can knock you out.”

Wait a minute, Jacob thought uneasily. Is he saying….

“That’s true,” Hakkai said, slightly more cheerful. And looked at Janet. “Please don’t be afraid.”


29 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 4 bit – Unhappy realizations

  1. ooooohhhh……*passes out cookies and drinks of choice while ducking behind a blast shield* This promises to be *fun*. Also, it’s just mean to cut it off right before the best bit…*pouts*. Now I’m going to be wondering about what happens next all night!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *grins wryly* This is a good thing for us writers. It means you’re enjoying it enough to eagerly anticipate what’s coming next! 🙂

      Why yes, Vathara does indeed have full membership in CliffHangers Anonymous. (Who really aren’t all that anonymous, but I was grasping for a good name for it when I came up with it. 😉 )


    2. Oh, and yes, a blast shield is a very good idea. Let’s leave it (for the moment) at the fact that it is a Good Thing that Hakkai can form a chi shield. 😉


      1. >>Jacob is probably not going to stop going “Gaaah!” anytime soon, no. 🙂
        *EG* And just think. As the story goes on you’ll likely be able to write the High Council’s reactions as well.


  2. …No matter how long I read Saiyuki, the names Genjyo, Gonou, Goku, and Gojyo all being used in the same chunk of text will never not confuse me. *eyes swirling*

    But anyway. Ah, one of my favorite things about crossovers: Sweet, sweet Outsider POV. Especially protagonists being shocked and horrified at each other. 😀


    1. That always is fun, isn’t it? Is one of the things I like about Kryal’s Dragon King’s Temple (SG/ATLA cross).

      And it is confusing, which is why I try to give clear stage directions and description if I use two of those close together. And stick to using “Sanzo” a lot….


  3. I am amused by Jacob and Selmac almost having heart attacks. They might be some of the better Tok’ra, usually, but as established that low bar is laying on the ground but if anyone deserves to be knock down a couple of pegs, it’s a Tok’ra. The only ones who need it more are System Lords. Funny that . . .

    New Semi-Related Image from the Bunnies:
    After meeting and dealing with the Tok’ra,
    Simon: “And people call ME arrogant and high-handed.”
    Ja’far: “You ARE arrogant and high-handed. But these people actually seem to be worse. Not even Sinbad was usually this arrogant.”


    1. To give Simon/Sinbad some credit, (not a lot, but still) its not (all) arrogance if you can back it up.

      Which he can/could, but the Tok’ra can’t. Not as shown in the series anyway

      High-handedness is a totally different issue, but the Tok’ra are still so much worse.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There. Right there is one of the big sticking points.

        Tok’ra: “You ruined our plan!”

        SGC: “Planet. Trying to save. And your alternative was, so we can use it next time?”

        Tok’ra: “You can’t use such advanced technology.”

        Jack, probably in private to Hammond: “I think that translates to English as we have no plan, but you’re not supposed to know that.


      1. >>*Snrk* Yeah; Sinbad was wilier than that.>>

        He certainly is. Probably enough to look at the Tok’ra and shake his head, muttering something about amateurs.

        Depending on their behavior in the story, Ja’far and others might very well decide comparing them to Sinbad / Simon is an insult to their king.

        Because often the Tok’ra are arrogant to the point of being stupid and while Sinbad / Simon has been guilty of doing that sometimes, the key word there is sometimes. He’s crazy, not stupid.

        Also they don’t have an ounce of his charm. Letting Simon talk is almost as bad as letting Alan talk.
        “It’s a king thing.”
        “What is?”
        “The ability to talk people into doing the craziest things and think it is a best idea ever.”

        Here’s to hoping that SG-1 learns the dangers of Alan and Simon talking sense into you the hard way.
        “How the hell did he talk me into this?”
        “Everyone has a different theory.”

        I foresee comparisons to the Kou Empire. Because it takes a certain arrogance to believe in that plan for the world of theirs.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Tok’ra vs. Sinbad. OMG, the horror, the horror….

        Jack: “Are we sure he’s not a System Lord? Even just a little?”

        Simon vs. the Tok’ra High Council. I’d bring popcorn!

        (In part because it wouldn’t be just Simon, given we know neither Simon nor Sinbad was lethally stupid. He’d bring everybody – or at least what the Tok’ra thought was everybody, there’d be someone ready to swoop in as the cavalry when they least expect it!)
        >>“How the hell did he talk me into this?”
        Ja’far: “It usually starts with, ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time….”


  4. “It’s a king thing, you wouldn’t understand.”

    But, well, that strange charisma? Might just very well be part of the thing that makes them kings. Like, they can read the flow of the rukh, and the rukh seems to want to have things straightened out, so it helps push things along. They are to charisma what magi are to magoi.


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