What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – sneaking

Morgan took a breath, and narrowed her eyes at the trapdoor on this floor. The light in here wasn’t the best, even with the door over them open. But it was enough to see a darker spot in the darkness of the fine line between trapdoor and frame. “Pressure sensor in the door.” At least it looked like one, from Uncle Tiburon’s lessons. “It’s meant to set off an alarm if the door opens.”

“If you wish to catch a rat, know when the cheese is bitten,” Maria got out. “And, there is… black in the door?”

“Gravity magic wards.” Aladdin sounded almost too cheerful. “I bet it’s set to yank the door closed when people go through.”

“…No.” Maria blinked, as if she were trying to see through fog. “No, it – it closes when there is no one here. In this room.”

Morgan glanced at her, weighing the scent of fear versus the pale determination on Maria’s face. “You remember?”

“It is like looking through the highland mists.” Maria swallowed. “I think so. But – not clear. Nothing is clear.”

“So we’re going the right way.” Morgan held out a hand. “Gum.”

One hand reached for her jeans pocket before Maria stopped, and gave her a look. “Gum will not stop magic!”

“Aladdin can handle magic,” Morgan said calmly. “I’m going to handle the sensor.” I hope.


8 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – sneaking

  1. After this mess, after all parties have exchanged respective stories, Tiburon will be going “Note to self, be more thorough with the special lessons since the kids are actually having to use the info instead of hypothetically needing it one day. Also start carrying certain supplies with you just in case. Because Simon. And Alan.”

    Predictions for the future:

    When someone expresses dismay at even attempting to corral the chaos whirlwind that is one king, let alone two, Ja’far only has one response.
    “Welcome to my world. Get good at thinking on your feet and checklists if you want to live.”

    Or if it is only a little chaos and/or antics, not even close to how crazy it can get with Simon and someone is freaking out like it was one of his major stunts.
    Ja’far: “You think THIS is crazy? This is Simon’s normal.”
    *Ja’far shakes his head, looks over at Simon.*
    Ja’far: “I think you broke him.”
    *Simon seems kind of pleased with himself.*
    Someone: “You did that stunt on purpose.”
    Simon: “Of course. It’s a good litmus test. If they can’t handle this, they shouldn’t go anywhere near a dungeon or anywhere else we might have to cut loose.”


    1. *G* I suspect conversations will also go along the line of, “Bug-out bag?”

      “No. King bag.”

      “…What’s the difference?”

      “Greater chance of world-ending disasters narrowly averted.”

      And yes. Agree so much on people needing a Simon-tolerance test. *G*

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  2. Considering that (at least in the anime version) Aladdin was able to use gravity magic to shape sand into a humanoid form, and move it around like a golem*, I’d think he can probably handle the trap. The secondary trap that goes off if someone tampers with the first one, he might not look for, though. (I may be assuming a little too much deviousness, here, though.)

    *Seriously, so many easier ways to attack with gravity. So. Many.


    1. *Nod* He probably can handle the magical traps. The trick is to do it without disturbing the rukh flow too much – as magis tend to do. The evil magicians may not know what a magi is, but rukh-disruptions are kind of… obvious.


  3. Through sheer coincidence I was looking up names and happened to come across Edna. Imagine my surprise when it turns out to be a Celtic name meaning fire. How do you do it? As for the actual snippet, were those lessons with Tiburon before or after he was adopted? Either way they give all kinds of warm feelings.


    1. *G* Lots of research in my spare time with “oh, that’s a neat fact, tuck it away for later”. I know a lot of names relating to fire. And I was looking for one for her character that would specifically give the impression of “Stuffy housewife”. After all, who’s named Edna these days? 😉


  4. Alan is going to be in good company with that understanding of locks he’s got, if his household is so good at messing with things meant to keep people out and/or in. 🙂 Anyone trying to lock them up is going to have a very, very hard time of it.

    Also, this is really random, but do you have a theme song for this fic? I seem to recall you mentioning it once but can’t for the life of me remember where…


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