River of Stars Ch 4 bit – Regrets

“Transport rings all over the planet,” Dr. Jackson observed, fascinated. “Roads, small industries; god, if this is right, Chang’an has over a million people.”

“Plus point two, last census I read.” Sanzo flicked a glance over them, reading the currents of emotion. Don’t hit it straight on; they’ll know something’s up if you do. “I’m going to take a wild guess that this isn’t what you’re used to seeing.”

“To be honest? Even if worlds like this were common, information of this depth isn’t what we expected,” General Hammond said levelly.

That’s the opening I wantโ€ฆ. “Because I work for Kanzeon?” Sanzo let a hint of a smirk touch his face. “The SGC isn’t going to attack her. And I’d like to think you’ve got more ethics than to hand over any of this to the Tok’ra without warning us first.”

Dr. Jackson swallowed. Hammond frowned. O’Neill looked dryly amused. “She’s a System Lord. Why wouldn’t we go after her?”

“Outside of her bargain with the Asgard, which I suggest you ask them about? You’ve got bigger problems,” Sanzo shot back. “Apophis, Nirrti, Ba’al, Osiris – it’d be stupid to slap Kanzeon in the face when she’s never done anything to you, or to Earth. And I really hope people in the SGC are not that stupid.”

“Kouryuu, son,” the general said compassionately, “if you go down this road-”

“You don’t want me back, General,” Sanzo cut in. I made my choice. Why the hell do you think you’ve got a right to feel sorry for it? “Like Dr. Jackson’s already guessed, a Sanzo is one of the few people Kanzeon’s allowed to directly interfere with. If she feels so inclined. You don’t need that kind of grief. Besides. I’ve seen too much, and done too much, and I have an annoying tendency to shoot people I don’t like. On Shangri-La, that works.” Terrified the acolytes, yeah, but worked. “And Goku goes where I go. Locked up under concrete and rock? He’d be miserable. And you couldn’t let him out of the Mountain. Just one accident with his limiter, and-” people would die “-you can’t cover up claws, fangs, and bad attitude.”

“And it doesn’t matter what you want,” Dr. Jackson said neutrally, “because a Sanzo is a Sanzo until he dies.”

Don’t you dare pity me! “Whatever you’re about to say, don’t,” Sanzo stated, low and dangerous. “I only have two regrets.” He held them up, a finger at a time, kote plainly visible. “I couldn’t get to the other survivors before Ni screwed them over. And I couldn’t save Koumyou.” Fingers clenched, before he brought them back down to the table. “Captain Sha wanted to come back. I brought him. I suggest you ask if he wants to stay.”

“Whatever you may or may not have done, you were a civilian,” the general stated. “Captain Sha is quite another matter.”

Sanzo eyed them, suspicious. “Why?”

Dr. Jackson cleared his throat, radiating discomfort. O’Neill’s expression was bland; a perfect mask for the :loathing: and :grim understanding: rolling off the man. “Somebody mentioned a village full of zatarcs,” the colonel said coolly.

Damn. And, how dare they. Gojyo carried enough guilt. To have to possibly face a courtroom full of people in the uniform he still respected, handing down sentence on a situation none of them had ever faced, where formerly innocent people had lost their minds, and were not coming back

You don’t get to do that to him. If anyone shoots the kappa, it’s going to be me. “Once we knew what we’d found, I had Sha and Hakkai get Goku out of there,” Sanzo said flatly. “They had no part in what happened next.” He eyed Dr. Jackson. “Maybe I didn’t explain. We don’t work for Kanzeon. I work for Kanzeon. They work for me.”

“An Air Force officer,” O’Neill said grimly, “doesn’t stand by and watch while his associate kills civilians.” He paused. “Even if it wasโ€ฆ unavoidable.”

Sanzo bared his teeth. “Believe me, he didn’t have time.”

Which was somehow more than he should have said; he knew that from the quick flash of :calculation: from O’Neill. But damn it, it was true.

This isn’t Shangri-La. I don’t know the laws here; I can’t protect Gojyo without violence. And if it comes to that-

“Cheep!” Hakuryuu stared toward the hall, fangs bared. :Human-scent. Arrogance and fear. Scalpels, blood, chains for monsters-from-the-‘Gate.:

“Someone’s coming,” Sanzo stated, glancing at the door. “And he’s trouble.”


24 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 4 bit – Regrets

  1. *sets up camp to wait to see who’s behind Door Number One.* (and honestly, Sanzo is seriously scary, canon, he not only KEEPS UP with high-level demons [and whatever-the-hell-Goku-is], but is the Pack Leader of said scariness. The shear nerve, will, and skill that takes is breathtaking. Joseph Sha didn’t have a freaking chance.)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This is Sanzo, less fireworks, more gunfire and unleashing of holy scripture of badassness. (Speaking of, is anyone ever going to comment on the fact that the Maten Scripture is/has been primarily [I think)] held by youkai… juuust saying…)


      2. *G* Fireworks, gunfire, both are lethal in the right hands….

        And yes, actually, I think it will come up. And probably croggle SG-1 in the process. (Which I feel like I ought to apologize for. But this is Kanzeon. She canonically loves jerking people’s chains.)

        I’ve actually figured out which race traditionally guarded each Sutra, even if I’m not sure it’ll come up later. Bunnies say the 5 sutras used to be split up this way: Maten with a youkai Sanzo, Seiten with a human, Uten (Ni’s) with a Kanzeon’s Favored, Muten with a human (unnamed dead Sanzo), and Kouten with a kami (Sharak still has hers.)

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  2. Hmmm
    >>Human-scent. Arrogance and fear. Scalpels, blood, chains for monsters-from-the-โ€˜Gate.:
    Pretty sure not a Tok’ra. NID, MacKenzie some other idiot etc.


    1. *snrks*

      Not MacKenzie. Don’t know where he is at this point – maybe Hawaii – but not him.

      However, I’d say your other guesses are hitting pretty close to the mark.

      *snrks again* Not to mention the distance at which Hakuryuu sensed this…. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. And the NID make their appearance. Sucks to be them, seeing as both O’Neill and Sanzo seem to be just looking for targets…:)


  4. And here comes the conflicts of interests/commands… This is going to be good… (to read!)

    The sooner SGC gets it though their heads that Sanzo would move heaven and earth (literally) before he does something he doesn’t want to do, the better. Otherwise, Sanzo’s going to have a really hard time trusting them when he knows they wish his circumstances where better (or more likely, more convenient for them). Or there’s going to be more shootouts then usual…

    Urk… the issues with Gojyo are probably where SGC is going to run into against exactly what non-human instincts youkai have… combined with the fact that Sanzo really does take his position of a leader seriously…

    Yep. Fireworks ahead…


    1. *EG* Given the mess Konzen made of Heaven last time he lost his temper… let’s just say, it’s a good thing Hammond has some old commander’s wisdom to draw on. Specifically, “Never give an order you know won’t be obeyed.”


      1. Yes! Good for Hammond.

        I like Hammond. He very much always tries to do his best for his people, even if he ends up hog-tied sometimes.


    1. Kanzeon’s Favored are humans hosting some of Kanzeon’s symbiotes. Kami are… well, SG-1 is guessing “evolved” humans. And the Heavenly Army tends to be hosted in those. More details will turn up in later chapters. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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