River of Stars Ch 4 bit – mortal worries

“Would you believe I’m clairvoyant?” Sanzo shrugged.

“No,” O’Neill said dryly.

Good. “Dragons are telepathic.”

Dead silence.

“Kyuu?” Hakuryuu tried to look innocent.

“Exactly when were you planning to mention you brought a telepath into a secure facility?” the general glared.

“What, like Thor doesn’t wander in here any time he feels like it?” Sanzo pointed out. “Hakuryuu could care less about SGC secrets. Hakkai is her person. She looks after him. Us, too, because Hakkai likes us; as far as she’s concerned, we’re his flock. And when somebody wants to hurt her flock, she lets us know.”

:Worry: and :anger,: tainting the air like bitter smoke.

He was not going to roll his eyes, Sanzo thought. It was undignified, and if he was going to pry the general loose from this idiotic idea of bringing Gojyo up on charges, he needed all the dignity he could carry off.

Besides, O’Neill did enough eye-rolling for all three of them.

“It’s not a Vulcan mind meld,” Sanzo said sarcastically, touching the dragon’s shoulder before she could take off to singe Hammond’s retreating hairline. :Human – my target. Watch, listen; get to Hakkai if there’s trouble.: “All she looks at is the surface. Why someone’s angry, or sad, or happy to see her. The guy upstairs must be gloating about us pretty loudly.” Not that Hakuryuu couldn’t dig deeper, if she wanted to. Usually, she didn’t.

“Kind of hard on a guy’s privacy,” O’Neill observed, tone too light for the dead seriousness in his eyes as he-

:Charlie – cordite and blood – my fault-:

Hakuryuu hissed, head lowered and wings spread, as Sanzo held onto himself through the drowning wave of :grief: and :guilt.: He’d kept his cool when he’d forced a rapist and his victim apart; he wasn’t going to lose it now because the colonel was a smart bastard with an experimental bent. “Whatever you’re up to, she doesn’t like it.”

“But she’s not telling you what it is.” The colonel’s eyes were hard, openly poised to pounce.

“No.” Sanzo shrugged. “Must not be related to us.” And Hakuryuu knew damn well he didn’t need help to sense anything that strong.

You think I’m going to crack because you throw a little pain at me? Hakkai lost his sister, his town, his own body. Gojyo lost his men, and has to live with the human in him wanting home while the youkai wants clan; every time we fight Kougaiji’s people, he’s bleeding inside. Even Goku, with all those years of alone under his grin….

I live with pain, Colonel. I don’t break for them. I sure as hell won’t break for you.

O’Neill’s eyes narrowed.

Sanzo gripped the ragged edge of his temper, fingertips biting into wood. This was a challenge, plain as any youkai’s drawn blade. And he’d spent the past two years learning not to back down.

I could crush him. Like an eggshell.

Power burned in him like fire, demanding to be used. Chants Koumyou had drilled into his head fluttered in memory, like paper scrolls cracking in the wind. Paralysis. Pain. Deflect. Distract. Cast out. Barrier shattering-


Sanzo seized those words, that shaped intent. Not safe; not safe to touch any of that power, not here. But far, far safer to have that flexing in the back of his mind, when the lava heat of the mortal dares! threatened to break free.


18 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 4 bit – mortal worries

  1. Funny thing about mortals. They dare do quite a bit- particularly at poking things with a stick, when they really aught leave them be.

    And really Jack? Using improvised KI as said stick? There are easier ways to commit suicide.


    1. Jack tends to do risky stuff when he thinks his team or the SGC might be in danger. Which, honestly, they would be, if Sanzo had ill intent. So it’s not that it’s an unreasonable plan. Just… test-to-destruction type.


  2. You know one of this days I’d like Jack to learn just why you don’t poke the bear.
    The bear can and will poke right back. And it can poke a lot harder than you.

    Of course considering his mentality he wouldn’t learn from a reaction directed at him. Maybe something that permanently affects one or more of SG1 as a result of his actions.


  3. >>Jack will get pretty well poked (and poke back) starting in chapter 5. *G* Though Sanzo doesn’t skewer him ’til 7.

    Question is, will he learn anything from it?


  4. Playing with fire there Jack but as said above, that is his MO about something that could be dangerous to his team and Earth but as said, that is one day going to backfire in ways that could be messy. Very messy.

    This poke-the-bear-until-it-roars / test to destruction habit is going make meeting the Magi crew interesting. If it it ends up set in this universe and he somehow got that lesson through his head, there are just so much “what the hell was that?” with them and bad habits die hard . . .


      1. Aladdin has the best chance of looking innocent and having people buy it.

        Alan can do innocent and clueless or the patented teenager look of annoyance with adult stupidity.

        Simon wouldn’t bother with innocent, nobody ever believes his innocent look but they do tend to believe his utterly clueless how would I know I’m an idiot expression?

        Ja’far should probably stick with polite disinterest as he is probably as capable of doing the believable innocent face as Hakkai.

        The Fanalis give the same I-have-no-idea-what-you-talking-about expression anyone who has ever lived with a cat should be familiar with.

        Tiburon . . . maybe the smirk of future teasing for the idiotic thing you just said or did.

        Drakon would go for annoyed – giving them why-are-you-bothering-me-with-stupid-questions-dragons-indeed look – easily accomplished because he likely is annoyed.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. *SNRK* That does pretty well sum them all up!

        Oddly enough, I think those reactions are more likely to bamboozle (or possibly delight!) SG-1 than anything more overt. Because they’re so used to entities who have an… inflated sense of self-importance, shall we say. Dealing with Large Hams ought to be a nice vacation.

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  5. >>“Dragon? What dragon? The heat can really get to you, you know….”
    That or Simon starts spinning a tale of the science department at his school making a dragon automaton for the next school movie.

    SGC member: It’s breathing FIRE!
    Simon: Well of course. I told them to make it as real as possible. Problem is that some moron who didn’t know what my kids were working on stole the remote and is apparently messing around with it. Come on Malachy, let’s go lasso a dragon-bot. We can’t exactly wait for this thing’s batteries to run down. People has places to be and things to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Simon: Haven’t you seen the animatronic T-rex they used for Jurassic Park? And that was decades ago. We’re advancing the field!

      …Besides, we like to help out our local forest service around here, and it’s awful trying to bring in the equipment for controlled burns in some places. Not to mention, people hear you say that you want to set fires on purpose and they get all huffy! No, what they need is good PR, romance, a reason for people to get enthusiastic about setting fires when they’re needed… er, excuse us, we’d better not let it get away….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Somehow, I have this picture of Simon with an armful of fluffy things and a gigantic grin, going “Jafar! I just had an AWESOME idea for a movie!”
        Jafar sees what Simon is holding and immediately starts scolding him, “Dammit Simon! Will you stop picking up plot-bunnies! We do not need another infestation of an invasive species. The paperwork and fines are endless!”
        “NO. Now put them back where you found them. ALL of them.”


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