River of Stars Ch 4 bit – Infirmary ground zero

Man, Gojyo thought, dodging a bullet as Janet yelled and Goku got between the idiots and Hakkai, I thought we left the assassins back on Shangri-La!

Good news was, they weren’t youkai assassins. A few quick strikes, and it would all be over.

Bad news was, they weren’t youkai assassins. And disabling humans was a lot harder than killing them.

Just when things were going so well….

It’d taken most of an hour. Long enough that Major Carter had made an excuse to get called away for a science-lab emergency and Teal’c had, politely, left for a prearranged lesson in Jaffa tactics; a nice way of granting them a smidgen of privacy as Jacob plumbed Hakkai’s brainstem.

Either that, or neither of ’em liked remembering how they didn’t get Jolinar out, Gojyo thought.

But Ambassador Carter had finally brightened, beckoning Janet over with the wheeled tank. Hakkai had shuddered, bone-deep, a hint of something dark appearing between his lips-

And these bozos had crashed the party, trying to hold everybody at gunpoint.

Sorry, guys. You’re not Sanzo.

Sure, ordinary bullets could hurt a youkai. Even without Sanzo’s extra oomph to block chi-healing. Human or demon, lead poisoning of the brain tended to be fatal.

But you had to hit the brain, first.

And when it came to aim, these guys definitely weren’t Sanzo.

Not enough room for shakajou; Goku’s having trouble even with Nyoi-bo that short….

Well, hell. Wasn’t his first close-quarters brawl. Damn sure wasn’t going to be his last, even if they were packing heat. “Keep going!” Gojyo yelled over his shoulder, grabbing Trigger-happy before he could shoot again, and delivering some bare-knuckle arguments as to why that would be a bad idea. “Get the bastard out!”

“Like hell am I taking him out of a host in this-” the Tok’ra started.


The doc just slapped him? Gojyo bared teeth in a grin, even as he body-slammed Trigger-happy into one of his friends, putting them both down for the count. Knew she was my kind of lady!


18 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 4 bit – Infirmary ground zero

  1. Go Janet!

    Personally speaking, whoever those guys are deserve to have whatever injuries befall them. Because they opened fire in an infirmary. What if Janet had had other patients in there? Hell, they could have hit and killed Janet.

    And for that, I sentenced you lot to the full weight of Hammond of Texas coming down on you like a ton of bricks AND Sanzo Genjyo after you have endangered his people – particularly his monkey.


      1. Maybe . . . . but it’s not my fault they volunteered to be Sanzo’s stress toys. And Hammond’s . . .

        Might be good for people at SGC to get a glimpse of Sanzo’s temper and why while we do not anger the smiling one, you really don’t piss off the priest. So far, they have seen cranky and annoyed. They are used to cranky and annoyed (hello Jack) . . .

        Janet will also achieve cult status for bitch-slapping a Tok’ra because I’m sure it has been the sincere desire of many at SGC to slap one of them. Or punch them dead in the face. Some wit will probably do Chuck Norris style jokes about Janet Frasier. She’s not sure how she feels about becoming a memetic badass.


      2. I think they will be properly terrified of Sanzo, yes. And Janet probably has a shrine with coffee offerings the next day.

        …Janet Fraiser jokes. I can see it now. “Death had a near-Dr. Frasier experience!”


      3. *snrks wryly* It’s not the one Sanzo gets that Vathara thinks we’ll feel sorry for. (No, him we don’t feel sorry for at all.)


  2. Once the rumor mill picks up on this, I doubt that Janet will ever have to fetch her own coffee ever again! 🙂
    I also suspect that future exams for SG teams will be met with a very respectful “yes m’am” so as not to incur the wrath of the tok’ra bitch-slapping Doctor. That it was Jacob, a former Air Force (?) officer will only add weight to the argument.


    1. He was indeed an Air Force general, and still uses the title under some circumstances. But Janet’s the doc who’s had one too many encounters with parasitic nasties. Knowing Sam was locked in a cell with Jolinar in her head and there was nothing she could do made Janet extremely upset, and I doubt she ever got over it. And now here’s someone she hopefully can help save, and Jacob was saying Nope? Heh. He should’ve seen that coming….


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