Earring Tales – Fanalis Corps

I got some interesting raspberry luster beads, so I thought I’d try making a pair of earrings for that most mayhem-causing of groups in Magi: Reim’s Fanalis Corps.

Fanalis CorpsBlog

Believe it or not, those are not white beads setting off the center bead; they’re a very pale pink. White would have contrasted more, and I think badly, with the cranberry luster.

On the one hand, I’m pleased with the result; I got in the Roman-Empire style coloring of the Corps, with a hint of Imperial purple, and bits of gold. On the other… Hmm. It feels a little too… contained, for the Fanalis? Granted, they are supposed to be an organized group, and some of them at least try to be civilized and polite before all hell breaks loose. Still.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Should I have this more as Myron’s set (she does try to be refined) than representing the Fanalis as a whole?



4 thoughts on “Earring Tales – Fanalis Corps

  1. Randomized gold in the cranberry sections. Maybe the occasional green or yellow.

    Six even with one dropped length farther than you normally drop it for the different lengths. Second from the edge.

    Or maybe a gentle curve instead of even. Still one wildly out of place.

    I haven’t made any jewelry in a long time.


  2. I’d comment but I’d have to see and mess with the colors before I could say. If it’s not yarn, I can’t tell how it would go together. It’s weird.


    1. No, I feel the same way. Comparing bead colors on a monitor just doesn’t give you the same effect as in person. Heck, I’ve poked various bead-combo ideas that looked great separately, but combined on the needle were just wrong.

      I honestly sometimes spend as much or more time designing a pair as beading them! 🙂


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