Music to write to – Saiyuki

A few cool vids for our terrifying group of pilgrims.

Immortals – Saiyuki AMV

[AMV] ♦Saiyuki Gaiden ♫ No Plan B

Saiyuki – Sanzo x Goku – Hurry up and save me – AMV

Saiyuki: Kung Fu Fighting

Saiyuki-Whenever Wherever



18 thoughts on “Music to write to – Saiyuki

  1. >>Saiyuki Gaiden ♫ No Plan B
    That would imply that crew ever has a plan B.

    They just keep modifying Plan A on the fly.


  2. 1. Kanzeon Bosatsu would ADORE Shakira (both her music and the person.) I have no definite reasons for this, I just feel it to be true. (The Great Merciful Goddess’ Hips most definitely Don’t Lie and she would scar Jiroushin every time he walked in on her dancing. )

    2. I now have a burning urge for a Saiyuki AMV to Disturbed’s version of The Sound of Silence (Saiyuki requires that metal rasp.) Unfortunately, I don’t believe it EXISTS and I am not creative enough to make one… (I also lack a computer with video editing capabilities, I may have checked.)

    3. I blame (thank) you for the two hours I have just lost to YouTube AMVs.


    1. …I’m currently ridiculously grateful to you, because somehow, I’ve never managed to stumble across Disturbed’s cover of Sounds of Silence till now. Which is ridiculous, because I’ve been a rock and metal fan for years. My life feels a little fuller now, having heard this. ^_^;;

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    2. My bunnies headcanon that part of why Kanzeon plans to deal with Earth is she wants a copy of “It’s Raining Men” specifically to play whenever the Sanzo-ikkou shows up.

      Alas, I too have no skill with making AMVs. Drat.

      Two hours? Eeep….

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      1. *narrowly avoids spilling drink on phone* OMG SHE WOULD! I doubt Sanzo would care the first time, but it would just. keep. happening. And he’d develop a facial tick conditioned specifically for that song.


    3. Kanzeon playing It’s Raining Men as the ikkou’s insert song would be typical, wouldn’t it. I have terrifying images of Sanzo somehow being the only one who can hear it, and *no one* understanding why he’s constantly irritated.

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  3. Oh wow, each and every one of these videos are gorgeous. Amazing selections, and such perfect timing in each of them. Though the Whenever Wherever amv killed me. Just a little bit.


      1. If those two got together and had offspring, I have 0 doubts it/they woud quietly and efficiently take over Shangri-La. Then smile pleasantly.


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