River of Stars Ch 4 bit – youkai-taming

“We did it!” Goku jumped at the man, grinning bright as the sun. “Hakkai! You’re okay! You won!”

“I did?” Hakkai said, disbelieving, holding onto the kid by sheer surprised reflex. “I… did.” He glanced at Gojyo, slitted green eyes oddly innocent. “He’s gone? No, not gone, oh gods-“

“He is not your problem anymore,” Sanzo said fiercely, if a little breathlessly. “That guy Gonou took over came in here to take all of you away and turn you over to guys who’d love to apprentice with Ni, and you are not going to feel guilty about anything that happens to him, Hakkai.”

Damn, Gojyo thought. Is Sanzo shaking?

“I won,” Hakkai said, still stunned. “We won… but I….”

Even catching that sudden shift of scent, it still tore at Gojyo’s heart to see Hakkai curl into Sanzo and whimper.

“Shh,” the blond murmured; allowing the touch, sitting down on the table himself to let Hakkai nuzzle his neck, fangs closing gingerly on a frailer human jaw. “He’s gone, and it hurts – and part of you is angry, and part just wants to die…. We’re here, Hakkai. We’re not leaving.” An armored hand combed through long brown hair, bare fingertips tracing comfort over nape and scalp. “Shh….”

Hakkai tries so hard to act human, Gojyo thought, heartsick; crowding in with Goku so the healer could catch a good whiff of them all. He’s really not going to like it, that these guys saw him… not. Damn.

“Um.” Colonel O’Neill, and couldn’t the man take a hint and go away? “Dr. Genjyo. Those are… really big teeth, there.”

In English, at least. So Hakkai probably wouldn’t rip his throat out.

“He’s youkai,” Sanzo said levelly, in the same language. “I’m his clan leader. I’m as safe as you would be with any of your people. Probably safer.” All the same, he dislodged Hakkai’s teeth-

And carefully, firmly, bit down on the side of the healer’s throat.

Don’t know what freaks me out more, Gojyo thought. That Sanzo has to do that – or that he doesn’t care.


18 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 4 bit – youkai-taming

  1. That, considering Sanzo is involved- more like because it was him, actually- came across as amazingly sweet. ‘Cause this is the same guy who is horrifically touch shy, trigger happy, and all around bad tempered.


  2. Gee…people who may not fit the standard human mold, and thus require a few things that aren’t human-standard either that he *actually trusts*….vs. regular humans that don’t require any extra care and handling that he doesn’t trust at all. Tough choice, that one. (Note sarcasm, please.)
    Besides, humans actually do the same thing, sans fangs. We just call them ‘love bites’ or ‘hickeys’. Nobody mention that to Sanzo if they don’t want to get shot…. 😛

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  3. …Sanzo is terrifying. In a multitude of ways. But sometimes, his strength of self and character are humbling. And you’ve managed to capture that perfectly here. Where anyone else would read in-human and great-honking-teeth-get-the-hell-away, he reads ‘needs assurance, literally-not-human-therefore-different-set-of-instincts’ and goes ‘Okay. Let’s do this’.

    Which is flat out amazing.

    That said, feeling really bad for Hakkai here. Here’s gone through one hell of a wringer, hasn’t he. Talk about a situation that screams no-freedom-for-free. Of *course* something was going to leave him feeling guilty about being happy to be free in his own damn head. It’s *Hakkai*.

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    1. *Rueful G* Bingo. There was no way Hakkai was getting out of this without something Bad happening. The universe just does that to him. Fortunately, this time he has friends to kick his guilt trip to the curb.

      And my bunnies will always be impressed by Sanzo standing there when all the monks are running screaming from Goku without his limiter, and deciding that’s still the same idiot monkey, there’s no way he’s going to kill him, he’s going to fix this.

      And Sanzo does. Yow.

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      1. You can break diamond on Sanzo’s sense of self, and his shear nerve is made of adamantium. (But the soft squishy bits are real secret. *whimpers at the thought of Konzen and the heartbreak that is Gaiden.*)


      2. I think half the reason Konzen is so awesome is the fact that he doesn’t have any of the defense mechanisms or even basic training in self defense that Sanzo has. And definitely not the gun. And yet, he manages to take care of his monkey and kicks ass anyway. Even if that’s metaphoric more than literal, unlike our friendly Sanzo-sama.

        Gaiden was perfect in every way. Whimper worthy scenes included. Now if only it didn’t make me bawl my eyes out at the hopelessness of it all any time I get even a quarter of the way through it. -_-;;


      3. About every year or two I get wound up to where I just need to bawl my eyes out and let all the stress and tension go. During that day of tears, I sit down with a fresh box of tissue, a glass of icewater, and watch Gaiden and/or Grave of the Fireflies (if it’s a bad time, they may be back to back). It’s actually quite refreshing.


  4. Gojyo’s, not really noticed that he’s not acting human standard here has he? It is not standard behavior to get *closer* to the thing that can eat you. And with those teeth? Human hind brain says, to quote Entanglements, “Hell with this, I’m going to kill guys on the *other* side of the room.” So, he scoots closer, and lets his scent to whiff around and calm down Hakkai. That’s not something humans think about. And he’s not noticeably freaking over the neck biting thing.


    1. There’s a little later bit in the part that I’m going to post with Gojyo’s reflections on “human-standard isn’t normal anymore.” 😉 So yes, he has noticed, and it still upsets him, poor guy. He’s just learned to deal with it, because these are the people he risks his life with all the time.

      …Also Dokugakuji was a decent adoptive big brother and showed him a few of the ropes. Which kind of freaks Gojyo out even more… but at least he knows what’s going on!


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