River of Stars Ch 5 bit – strategic reassignment

“Captain Sha.” Hammond gave him a serious look. “I should have done this before, crises or not… you did it, son. You’re home.” He held out a hand, ready to grip.

I can’t. “I lost them, General,” the han’you said painfully. “I couldn’t get to the rest of my people in time, I couldn’t save them-“

“I know.” The hand was still waiting.

Shaking, Sha took it.

Hammond shook his hand, firmly, eyes shadowed with compassion. “I know it doesn’t make the nightmares any easier to bear. But given what we now know… you fought against incredible odds, Captain. All of you. If it were up to me, you’d be up for commendations.”

“I hear a but,” Sha muttered, as they let go.

“The fine nuances of the situation on the ground on Shangri-La may be lost on some at the more rarified levels of those cleared to know about the SGC,” Hammond admitted dryly. “We’ve had to deal with two zatarcs here, permanently. Even so, the full extent of the threat, and the lack of options presented to anyone dealing with it without an entire army behind them… well.”

Sha winced. “I’m in trouble, sir?”

“Unjust as it is, yes, you would be,” Hammond allowed. “If you remained under my command.” The general eyed him. “I’m allowed a certain leeway in assigning personnel permanently offworld. It was originally intended to cover those joining the Tok’ra, but there’s no reason I can’t extend the same courtesies to a liaison to an allied world.”

Sha blinked. “…You want to stick Sanzo with me.”

“Is he not someone you’d choose to work with, long-term?” the general said bluntly. “I understand you would have had limited options before-”

“No!” Sha said; too quickly, he knew it, but god. Stay with Sanzo? Officially? And still help out Earth, god, let it be true…. “I know he’s an asshole sometimes, but he’s trying to do the right thing. Usually. And he’s a damn good shot. And stubborn; god, that’s like calling the ocean a little wet, the guy just will not die, and….”

He wasn’t going to break down and bawl like a baby. Not in front of the general. Even if finally having duty and clan pulling the same way was a relief so sharp, it cut like diamond.

“We’ll get the paperwork started, then.” Hammond leaned back in his chair. “Kanzeon?”

“Thinking, sir.” The han’you stopped himself from reaching for his pack of cards; no monkey to tease with a shuffle, right now. Instead, he concentrated on what he’d seen, what he’d felt, and what his gut said about the situation besides you’re all nuts. “If you really want to do this, we’ve got to head to Chang’an. We could get in contact with her at one of the other temples – well, Sanzo could, anyway – but if you want to do this with all the bells and whistles, they ought to go through the Sanbutsushin.”

“That wasn’t what I asked.”

“Yeah, just give me a minute.” Sha closed his eyes, picturing Kanzeon’s grin as Goku went limp in his arms, shiny new limiter in place, while Hakkai worked frantically on Sanzo’s injuries. It wasn’t a safe grin. It was, in fact, kind of like a certain roadrunner’s beaky smile, before a very unlucky coyote stepped right into his own carefully-laid trap.

But there was no malice in it.

“I think they’d be safe,” Sha stated, looking at the general. “Well, from Kanzeon; Shangri-La’s not safe. But if she wanted to do mean, nasty things to people just because they were from Earth, she’s had plenty of chances already.”


20 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 5 bit – strategic reassignment

  1. Go Hammond!

    Getting ready to go to Shangri-La with the goal of meeting Kanzeon. At least eventually – if things don’t get momentarily derailed and/or knocked temporarily off-course as they tend to do around both SG-1 and the ikoku . . . this should be interesting. In the Chinese curse sort of way.

    Genjyo: You planned this, didn’t you?
    Kanzeon: Meep! Meep!
    Genjyo: *growl* Okay, who gave her copies of the Looney Tunes cartoons? Because they need to be shot right now. The Hag does not need help coming up with ways to annoy people.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Kanzeon introduced to pop culture would be a terrifying prospect to consider. I don’t know whom I’d feel the most sorry for, Sanzo or Jiroushin. *grins innocently*


  2. >> But if she (Kanzeon) wanted to do mean, nasty things to people just because they were from Earth, she’s had plenty of chances already.”
    Sanzo would probably refute that statement if he heard it.
    Kanzeon stuck him with idiots. And a monkey.


      1. The Crossover Bunnies would like to point out that meeting Kanzeon will be good preparation for meeting the Hancock crew. Through they also point that once SG-1 figures out some of the insanity around them, one of them will go:

        Person A: They cannot meet Kanzeon. That much insanity in one place would cause some kind of singularity.
        The Rest: Agreed.

        To which one portion of rukh looks at another portion and asks it if it’s been pondering what it’s been pondering?

        Ja’far shudders and starts going through his utter catastrophe checklists (and yes, he has more than one – because Simon). He can hear the rukh giggling and in his experience, that means he damn well better be loaded for ticked Fanalis (or worse).

        Liked by 1 person

      1. …That thing Sanzo used to have, before he got pulled out of a river by a telepath, planned out how to raid a youkai castle, and picked up a monkey. *G* He kiiiiinda vaguely remembers that normal people don’t do these kinds of things. He’s lost track of why, though.

        Yes, Sanzo is well aware that should probably bother him. He’s too busy keeping idiots alive to worry about it, though!

        Or, in other words…


        Saiyuki – Witch Doctor


      2. >>Yes, Sanzo is well aware that should probably bother him. He’s too busy keeping idiots alive to worry about it, though!
        And somewhere behind a huge desk Kanzeon is Finger Tenting ala Gendo with a massive smirk.
        Kanzeon: Just. As. Planned.


    1. >>Kanzeon’s a better person than gendo, so maybe keychain of creation’s mars sid would work better?
      Sure but Gendo’s mug shot is the title image for the Finger Tenting trope page.


  3. Hm. The idea strikes me that a useful comparison between your average System Lord and Kanzeon would be, to go to mythology, Zeus as compared to Coyote. Not perfect, but it would help SG-1 get their heads around the differences.

    Zeus… well, he does whatever he feels like, regardless of what the consequences are for other people. Coyote… teaches people. Well, most of the time. Sometimes it’s just for his entertainment, but a lot of the time it also gives the people involved a chance to better themselves.

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