What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – red rukh

Hypothermic, Sarah thought, half-slipping down onto the lab floor, trying not to crack either of their skulls as she dragged the teen over to a lab workstation. Shivering is a good sign. I hope. “Matt, get his shirt off.”

“But it’s cold in-”

“Wet clothes kill you faster.” Damn, she could hear Matt’s stifled sob, she wanted to say she didn’t mean it but there wasn’t time. It’d been a while since college chemistry but Sarah knew a Bunsen burner when she saw one; lousy heat source for a frozen kid, but right now it was what they had. Striker, come on, tell me one of these drawers has – got you!

Sarah pounced on the familiar flint-and-steel cup with its squeeze handles, making sure the knob was turned and the airslit at the bottom was closed before she tried to remember the exact scrape of the handles to make sparks. Come on, come on….

With a quiet whoomp, yellow flames burst up from the top of the barrel. Sarah almost dropped the striker on the black-slabbed bench, hand shaking as she opened the airslit to concentrate the gas into one roaring blue flame.

A blue flame that almost disappeared from her view, swarmed by red-touched rukh.

Red wings… the red ones are warm.

Alan seemed to be breathing easier as she got him up on a pair of chairs, as close to the heat thrumming out of the burner as possible. More of the red rukh seemed to flutter in with the warmth, circling cold skin as if drawn to the boy.

Each color is a kind of energy. Red is heat, Sarah realized. There’s got to be something I can do with that

7 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – red rukh

  1. *giggles*

    Commence countdown to bad guy butt-kicking . . .

    From the labs we have Alan the Fire Prince, Amon the Fire Djinn of Manners and Austerity, Sarah the Wind Magician To Be, and Matt the Baby Dragon (never underestimate little baby dragons – they can and will bite) . . .

    From the trap-door entrance, we have Aladdin the Magi, Morgan the Red Lioness, and Maria the Budding Lightning Magician . . .

    And from the other door, we have Simon King of the Seven Seas, Ba’al the Lightning Djinn of Wrath and Heroes, Ja’far the Life Magician Assassin of Slicing Death, Malachy the Glowering Red Lion General, Tiburon the Swordsman, Drakon the Angry Dragon Cop, and at least one, two (its complicated) possibly three lightning spirit familiars flashing little smiles with a lot of teeth (their creator is so proud) . . .

    Spelled out, it looks they might almost be the trope codifiers for “There Is No Kill Like Overkill.”

    I say almost because to be truly overkill we’d need more Djinn and more Generals and maybe another Magi but they were still in the wind probably blissfully unaware of how insane their lives will get once they get too close to either the purple-haired or blonde dudes . . .

    Of course, the ones we’ve got now are more than capable of kicking butt and taking names . . . *grin*

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