What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – quantum fumbling

“I still don’t get how butterflies can move a lock,” Matt grumped.

Oh man, I remember being that young. Alan grinned despite the chill. Matt was one sparkly, grumpy lump of, Mom can do anything, so if she can’t get this right, you need to explain it again!

And heck. It wasn’t like the kid was wrong. Continue reading


River of Stars Ch 5 bit – weapons you can’t find

A/N: With apologies to Sir Pratchett, but it really does describe Sanzo….


“Kanzeon’s a System Lord,” Jacob said flatly. “She’s part of what we fight. Remember?”

“Yet from your own description, she has not been part of the System Lords’ battles for longer than many Tau’ri civilizations have existed,” Teal’c noted. “Who is Gyokumen Koushu?” Continue reading