River of Stars Ch 5 bit – ambush

“Can’t you just trust us?” Gojyo tried, smiling.

“Would you?” Sanzo said dryly. “Colonel. They’re coming. They’re distracted right now, but they can read maps just like we can, and by now they’ve got a good idea we’re not on the road. They are going to ambush us. I’m not fighting in mud if I can help it.” His stance shifted, obviously tensing and loosing muscles in preparation for an all-out sprint. “You want answers, they’re going to have to wait until the zatarcs are dead. One. Two-”

“Hell,” Jack breathed, and joined the mad dash after Goku.

Son of a bitch, the priest can fly.

Well, not really. But the robes Jack would have sworn should have brought anybody down to earth with a thump didn’t slow Sanzo down at all.

How the hell does he still think he’s anywhere near human?

One advantage of taking the field with Teal’c; his team was used to keeping up with better-than-human speed in short sprints. Usually, back through the ‘Gate. They were going to pay for this later-

Goku’d outpaced them all, dashing ahead to the rise, stopping just short of the bamboo watchtower to turn and seize his bo out of empty air. And the look on his face, as his nose wrinkled… and the odd, squelching sounds behind them….

Ah, hell.

Jack turned and fired in one motion, absently wondering how the hell anybody had been able to breathe, dug into mud like that-

And flesh blew away and it was still coming, jaws gaping, hands reaching, wearing muddy, bloody remnants of a farmwife’s neat dark dress with blind blue eyes….

As more cold hands seized him, Jack realized it wasn’t alone.


Gojyo’s shakajou sliced him free, dead fingers still clenched tight. Teal’c’s staff weapon opened up like thunder, and Carter’s P-90 snapped off shots, while Daniel dragged him back onto his feet-

“Zombie uprising?” Jack snarled, kicking loose a severed hand as he made it up onto the hill. Behind Hakkai’s glowing shield; homicidal, sure, but he wasn’t crazy.

There was something very disturbing about that thought, and Jack meant to chase it down. Later.

The redhead did not look one bit put out, bladed chain still slicing, grin wide enough to swallow his ears. “I tried to tell you!”

“They’re – they’re dead!” Carter stuttered; pale as a ghost, but still gamely firing.

“Yeah! So stop wasting your ammo,” Gojyo got out between swings. “Believe me, they’re not feeling it.”

“So what do we do?” Daniel asked, pointedly glancing where Teal’c was ducking out from behind protective energies to blast away the closest bodies. Goku was flanking him, grinning in a way no kid on the battlefield should grin, staff thumping pieces that kept crawling closer.

“Dunno, but this is where I’d call in an air strike-” Jack started.

Stopped himself. Eyed Sanzo. Who was standing, chanting under his breath, the scripture on his shoulders rising and glowing in a way that did not bode well for any poor, innocent colonel who wanted to keep a scrap of sanity.

General, I think I’m going to be able to write that report you wanted….

Violet eyes blazed open, and Sanzo flung out a hand toward their enemies. “Makai Tenjyo!”

Darkness seared Jack’s vision, whipping with green and white strips of something that was just pretending to be a scroll, reaching out to ignite every last crawling piece of dead flesh.

…If I live that long.


16 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 5 bit – ambush

  1. Ah, so many fun things at once! Zombies (!), everyone fighting together and Jack’s brain breaking. 😀

    The scriptures are disturbing enough in canon – particularly Ukoku’s – but seeing something that looks like paper turn into something *other* cannot be fun. Especially when it’s science that creates these things here, and the human brain just reacts to that by going ‘oh! But how do *we* do that???’ As anyone not Hammond in the higher chIn of command is likely to react.

    Jack learning to not align homicidal with crazy when it comes to Hakkai is amusing. As is everyone except the ikkou’s reaction to zombies.

    Ikkou: Well, we’ve faced damn near every other kind of weird shit out there. Why not this too. Get ’em!


    1. Jack’s brain isn’t broken yet. Dunno if that’s good or bad….

      And yeah. The sutras are hella scary. I suspect there are things about them Jack and Hammond will decide do not need official confirmation. (They may decide this over beer. Or something stronger.)

      *G* At some point I want SG-1 to hear how they met Yaone. Though by that time they may be rolling with it enough to just go, “oh, she poisoned you and tried to blow you up, okay….”


    >>Ikkou: Well, we’ve faced damn near every other kind of weird shit out there. Why not this too. Get ’em!

    That or something like this:
    Ikkou: Huh, fourth time the bad guys tried this stunt. You’d think they’d get new material, or at least make the zombies more dangerous. Oh well, extermination time.


  3. A Sufficiently Advanced Technological Hip Pocket Nuke in the hands of a Person of Mass Destruction. Whom, likewise, groups with several OTHER Persons of Mass Destruction. Trouble magnets, one and all, recently allied to yet ANOTHER group of trouble magnets… who have never quite managed to step into a mess quite this bad before.

    They are in for some Interesting Times. Kanzeon’s giggling up there, I’m sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We were promised zombies and we have zombies. 😀

    Jack’s report might end up featuring some selective telling of the truth . . .

    Some part of his brain is probably also going: Note to self, find a way to combat zombies without Sanzo’s not-a-scroll. Knowing my luck, this will not be the last time I see them and that next time will not have Sanzo Gejyo nearby.

    Meanwhile Kanzeon notes that she might have underestimated how much popcorn she would need for this . . . She’ll have Jiroshin get more while she edits the clips of this stuff into highlights reels and compilations with amusing background music like the Benny Hill theme . . .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would never promise zombies and not deliver. *Halo* Unless I could make it even worse.

      And yep, Jack is definitely considering the virtues of flamethrowers and resorting to three zat blasts at a time. Yow.

      I dunno, she might go for more action.


      1. Of course, she has action ones too. This is Kanzeon and the ikoku we’re talking about. 😉

        I think the Benny Hill ones are intended to annoy Sanzo . . . which they do.


    1. Zombies are the trap. These zombies are dead, dead, dead, and there’s only the bodies left.

      Psychokinetic control. 😉


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