River of Stars Ch 5 bit – Need to know

“Sanzo’s usually accurate within a half mile,” Hakkai observed. “Beyond that, it depends in part on how many people are grouped together.”

“Now see, that would’ve been nice to know,” Jack said dryly.

“What’s the point of telling you anything if you’re not going to believe it?” Gojyo eyed him, not at all friendly.

“Zombie uprising?” Carter sputtered. “Who’s supposed to believe that? Dead – doesn’t move, it doesn’t-”

“It’s psychokinetic,” Hakkai said gently, and pointed toward the dead youkai. “One of them was the controller. Possibly both. They used chi to stimulate the muscles. It’s why… the bodies need to be reasonably fresh.”

“H-how can you…?” Carter turned away, trying not to throw up.

“There are a lot of Earth legends that refer to the dead walking,” Daniel said quietly. “Some folklorists believe the Grim Reaper was supposed to be a comforting figure. Sort of. Because dry bones can’t hurt you. But a dead body….” He gestured toward the fine ashes sinking into mud.

“Indeed,” Teal’c agreed. “If your enemy serves a false god, it is not sufficient to kill him. The body must be destroyed, or you may face him again, at a time of his choosing.”

Okay, Jack told himself, breathing slowly. Those two can handle this, time for the Air Force to hold up its end. And time for him to think, really think about their so-called local help.

After all, given Sanzo was lighting up yet another cigarette, he probably had a good few minutes before this planet tried to drive him crazy again.

“All right. Zombies.” Jack shook his head. “Okay, point. I wouldn’t have believed it without seeing it.” And how I’m going to explain this to the general – ouch. “So. Now are you guys willing to give us a straight story?” He didn’t – quite – point at Sanzo. “You can scare an NID guy into a faint, slow down bleeding, hide us… what else can you do?”

“What, you planning to tell us the ‘Gate security protocols?” Sanzo said dryly.

“That’s classified-” Carter started.

Sanzo smirked. “So am I.”

“You’re serious,” Daniel said after a moment.

“Sanzo is the highest rank of spellcasting priest,” Hakkai said frankly. “There are only four or five at a time. Even if an heir should start as an acolyte, his training in the temples only goes so far. The master handles the rest.”

“Kanzeon and the Sanbutsushin know what a Sanzo can do with the sutra,” Sanzo said levelly. “Everyone else, does not need to know.”

But your team’s got a good idea, Jack thought. They didn’t flinch, even when you crispy-fried a village-worth of bodies. They knew.

We’re traveling with a walking WMD. A WMD a Goa’uld Queen wants.


15 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 5 bit – Need to know

  1. You know, finding out about what a Sanzo with a sutra can do, is probably as world-view tilting for Jack as going through the Stargate for the first time. Afterward, you just cannot look at the world the same way again.

    Sam is probably going: Damnit, I’m going have to re-write physics. Again.

    Danny probably has a million questions running through his head – if they can get somewhere safe long enough he’ll probably ask a few of them. Through if anyone is dumb enough to give him free reign to ask question (while not promising they can answer them all) might discover that Danny can come up with a lot of questions.

    Teal’c is chill as usual – well, he’s usually pretty chill about things that can be fought and successfully killed, however that is accomplished. Much like a Fanalis is our Jaffa . . . the Hancock Fanalis Pride just might be adopt him.

    I have the feeling Jack’ll be going through a similar range of emotions when he finally learns just what someone in full Djinn Equip can do . . . not to mention a Magi . . .

    Come to think it, Sam and Danny will probably also react similarly to the Hancock crew – at least a million questions and having to re-write the book on physics for the umpteeth time . . .


    1. I admit the bunnies for “what can you do with a world-creating sutra” may be drawing in part off Diane Duane’s “The Wounded Sky”. (Star Trek novel.)

      After all, as a certain glass spider says, “Ask, and it will be given unto you. Wonderful Terran creative physicist, way ahead of his time….” 😉

      As for SG-1 and Djinn Equip – I suspect there will be much headbanging. But mostly due to “magic has working, independently verifiable laws”, not so much sheer power. 🙂


  2. Congratulations Jack, you are beginning to see the scope of the mess you’re in. Now wait until you realize that along with homicidal, Hakkai is a WMD as well, Goku is the Godzilla threshold, and Gojyo keeps up with these guys… and they haven’t forgotten about the Tok’ra. Popcorn? Bomshelter?


  3. Oh, Janet did notice what Sanzo was doing with Hakkai in the infirmary, yay! Since these are excerpts, I wasn’t sure she noticed and/or said something during the after-event(?) meeting with the general.

    And actually, Jack? Koushou already has (at least) 2 sutras now, she’s probably trying to get the others to overthrow Kanzeon or something along those lines. So it’s a lot worse than you probably think. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s always worse than you think. *Halo* And yes, Janet tries to keep her patients under close observation – given extraplanetary illnesses mean people honestly may not know something’s wrong with them. She noticed. 🙂


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