Earring Tales – Crisol (Taka character)

There are all kinds of fae out there. Dryads are a common theme. But has anyone run across a sundew fae?


Well, there’s one in Count Taka. And Criosol is a very sweet guy. So… I ended up with some gold-lustered green tea beads, and thought, “These are sundew-colored!” And went from there.

Sundews actually have small white flowers part of the year (some species are pink), hence the very pale pink “flowerspot” up top. Red for red tentacles, paradise shine crystals because the “glue” isn’t really water and doesn’t quite refract like water to my eyes.

This was an experimental pic out in the sunlight. I think it worked, though getting the earrings into a position without too much finger-shadows was tricky. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Earring Tales – Crisol (Taka character)

  1. A friend of mine tried raising pitcher plants and venus flytraps, but they are amazingly fragile plants and didn’t do well. They do not tolerate *any* chlorine, so tap water is poison (and we don’t get that much rain in my part of Texas)


    1. Ouch, so I’ve read. There are some neat books on insect-eaters on Amazon… I think the book I have suggests using various filters if you can’t get rain. Book was unfortunately written by a British citizen, though, so the idea of “no rain” kind of boggles them….


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