What Comes Around ch 20 bit – murder him later

Concealed under the lip of a subway platform that Drakon’s maps swore didn’t exist, Ja’far peeked out just enough to get a second look at the armed guards inside and outside of reinforced doors big enough to take a whole van through. Six I can see, and the doors are between us and three of them. Direct assault? We’re fast, much faster than anything they’ve ever run into. Drakon doesn’t have a magoi boost but he’s still faster than most… no, no good, we’d only have one ranged fighter, Tiburon doesn’t have a distance weapon without his Vessel. Even if Malachy and I rush them, they’d have time to set off an alarm. And I’ve never been good with sleeping spells. Illusions, maybe; but we don’t have a handy magi with us for a recharge, and power I spend on that is power I don’t have to swat more drugs. Besides, what illusion would make them ignore the five of us? “We have a problem.”

“No, really?” Tiburon muttered.

“Can’t believe this,” Drakon breathed, eyes wide as he took in every damning detail; lights, bulletproof glass doors, all the machinery needed for a freight-handling subway car. “I’ve seen Chicago air terminals with less security. How could they have hidden this so long? And don’t tell me magic. Magic can’t hide power bills!”

“Bribes,” Malachy shrugged. “Leave a bit off the map. Offer a job. Dig up dirty laundry. Doesn’t take magic.”

“Hmm.” Simon didn’t quite glance past the edge, face still in a way that usually meant he was blocking out scene directions in his head. “So. We need to get in there. But we can’t get in there without drawing attention?”

Ja’far scowled toward the platform. Trust Simon to put his finger on the problem- wait. Wait, what had he just said-?

“Without them setting off an alarm,” Tiburon started.

In one fluid motion, Simon flipped up and over the platform edge.

For a split second Ja’far was frozen. Because Simon couldn’t have done that a week ago, you’d have to be a practicing ninja-climber to get that much strength into a hand-grip-

“Good evening, gentlemen!” Simon strode right up to the nearest incredulous suit as casually as he’d stroll the red carpet. “Can you tell me how to get to the Kingston Line from here?”

Drakon made a choked noise.

Ja’far groaned in utter and total sympathy. “Murder him later, back him up now.”


19 thoughts on “What Comes Around ch 20 bit – murder him later

  1. Refuge in Audacity- Simon’s Specialty. A great way to be underestimated- because obviously the guy’s an idiot to walk up and say hello, right? Right? …Not exactly….


  2. >> “Murder him later, back him up now.”

    Why do I see all the Generals having this on t-shirts printed by Ja’far when he was having a Bad Day? It would be said often enough to attain the status of joking/not joking among them.


  3. Later . . .

    Ja’far gives Simon a dirty look. Simon doesn’t bother pretending he doesn’t know what it’s for.

    Simon: “Well, we could not get in without attracting their attention. So we might as well attract their attention.”

    Ja’far: “Do you have get their attention in such an idiotic fashion?”

    Simon: “Yes. Shock value. Guards of evil liars EXPECT the heroes to rush and attack them. Not for the hero to casually stroll up to them without a care in the world. After all, nobody is that stupid.”

    Ja’far: “Except for you. You could have been killed.”

    Simon: “I could have been killed lots of times.”

    Ja’far storms away muttering things like “no self-preservation instincts AT ALL,” “hasn’t change a damn bit,” “I hate my life”, “why me?,” “why I’m even surprised? why?” and “going to kill him and save our enemies the trouble” in-between a string of impressively varied and multilingual curse words.

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    1. I have the feeling that polyglot swearing will be one of the first things that SGC personnel notice. Languages are important, especially when noticing a language shift is the difference between fighting through a couple dozen squads of Jaffa/upset locals and waking up to an abator and realizing you did it just as you pull the trigger to take yourself down.

      But yes, Ja’far is definitely cursing himself for *telling Sinbad not to be boring.* that is the gift that has kept on giving, and the rest of the Generals are Not Amused. Well, if Simon ever does regain Sinbad Memories, he can always short circuit a scolding from Ja’far by pointing out that Ja’far, literally, asked for it.

      Ja’far: …. What.
      Simon: And besides, it’s not boring! You hate being bored.
      Ja’far: I was ten! You can’t hold that against me!


      1. Simon: Why not? You hold Sinbad stuff against me.
        Ja’far: That’s because you STILL do the same crazy stupid stuff that Sinbad did!
        Simon: Of course I do. It’s not boring that way.
        Ja’far: ‘It’s not boring’ cannot be your argument for everything.
        Simon: It can’t?

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      2. *Snrrrrk*

        Yes. “Don’t be boring” is right up there with “May you live in interesting times.” Ja’far has no one but himself to blame….

        And yes. Language shifts are always a reason to notice!


    2. The multilingual swearing thought that *really* gives me glee is that Alan could probably swear in a cycle that goes English -> Spanish -> K’iche’ -> Balbadd back streets -> possibly Ancient Tran.


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