River of Stars Ch 6 bit – Rain

Blood and pain and he couldn’t get there in time-

“Be strong, Priest-“

Sanzo bolted upright with a gasp, almost tangling himself in the tent wall before he remembered where he was.

We’re not in the palace. I’m not an apprentice. It’s not-

A scatter like dropped beads, pattering into a steady drum.

…Raining. Oh, gods.

Burrowing back into his sleeping bag was very, very tempting. Meditate deeply enough, and the whole world would be swallowed up in a gray ocean of misery. For a while.

But Teal’c was :waiting, alert: on watch, which meant the rest of SG-1 should be up within the hour. And if Sanzo stayed put, O’Neill would try to wake him. Meaning O’Neill would get shot. Meaning Kanzeon’s chances of negotiating with the SGC to get the Tok’ra off her planet – or at least, put them on notice that they’d been permanently disinvited – would go down like a rock.


:Patience: radiated through the tent wall. :Anticipation of subtle revenge.:

Damn it, Hakkai. I’ve had a bad week, I can’t shoot a bastard who deserves it, and I want to sulk.

:Patience. Worry. Hands wrapped around a warm cup, liquid easing tight lungs.:

…And he’d gotten Hakuryuu in on it, which was patently Not Fair. Sanzo sighed, and flung back covers. :Coming.:

Hakkai let him have a few minutes to take care of necessities, then appeared, offering a raised brow and a steaming cup that smelled like mint and burned pecans.

Grimacing, Sanzo gulped half of it down. Ugh.

“Now, now,” Hakkai chided gently, slipping hands under Sanzo’s rain cloak to sense the flux of energy in throat and lungs. Hakuryuu was a white lump in the healer’s hood, looking smug at being out of the wet. “You always say there’s no reason to waste energy healing when prevention can avoid it in the first place.”

“Nrgh.” Shuddering, Sanzo drained the dregs. Rain meant more than bad memories for the both of them. Rain meant mold – and while Sanzo hadn’t yet met a germ on Shangri-La that could put him down for more than a day or two, there was at least one kind of fungus out there that left him a coughing, wheezing ball of misery. If they didn’t head it off first.

Hakkai could heal him, of course. But he hated to need it.

Satisfied, Hakkai stepped away. “Tea?”

“Mmph.” At least the crispness of green tea rinsed the medicinal taste from his throat. Caffeine didn’t hurt either. “Up early.”

“Yes,” Hakkai admitted.

Which was all that needed to be said. It’d been raining the night Kanan took her own life, and when Koumyou’s life flickered out, and the grief rippled between them like water.

“You’ve been very tolerant,” the healer mused. “I don’t think they appreciate that.”

Which was a warning sign, if Sanzo cared enough to pay attention. Right now, he didn’t. Let the bastards walk into whatever Hakkai had cooked up. As long as it didn’t kill them. And it wouldn’t. Dead, they’d never learn their lesson. “The Tok’ra are allied with the SGC, and Thor reportedly has a soft spot for O’Neill,” Sanzo said bluntly. “Any move the hag makes against the idiots could drag in the Asgard. And that could put Shangri-La right back in the middle of the System Lords’ petty wars. Kanzeon has her children, and they’ll fight – but she doesn’t have armies of Jaffa. We’ve got to try to negotiate first.”

“Tok’ra don’t respect host species,” Hakkai said matter-of-factly. “Any terms they might come to with the SGC would need to be renegotiated decade by decade. If not year by year.”

“I know,” Sanzo sighed. “But if we can hold out another century….”

“They’re killing themselves.”

Kanzeon’s voice. Kanzeon’s nails tapping the arm of her throne as she looked over facts and figures. A waft of roses and vanilla; the familiar slide of silk and silver over his skin, and the weight of long hair brushing the nape of his neck-

“Seven millennia we’ve poured across the galaxy, conquering world after world. Only this one will be their last. Ra’s children are dead. They just don’t know it yet….”


12 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 6 bit – Rain

  1. What a time for a bit of Konzen’s memory to show up. There is nothing like waking up and knowing you have to slog through rain ( and cold rain is a million times worse). Knowing you and Kyral are co-conspirators gives me some idea of what Kanzeon is talking about.


      1. Yes he does, but one of the reasons I stopped paying attention to the anime is it ramped up his hatred/depression to extreme levels partly because they ran out of manga material. Granted, the manga never showed him dealing with a storm that lasted more than a couple of days, but even in that story with Rikudo(?), he wasn’t all but catatonic like that one episode in the anime. One of the most OOC episodes I saw, for everyone.

        On a story note, I hope the rain isn’t something the zatarcs conjured up. But since this is chapter 6, and you’ve already said the gang doesn’t see Kanzeon until 8.. *ominous music*

        Liked by 1 person

  2. After reading your story over and over again, I thought: the reason why the Tok’ra don’t have youkai host is because of Nataku. Li Touten said that Nataku is created by using youkai and kami powers. And, we both know that happened to Nataku in the end. So maybe that’s one of the reason whty there is no youkai host.


  3. Oh oh oh, I just realized..

    “You’ve been very tolerant,” the healer mused. “I don’t think they appreciate that.”

    Hakkai meant SG-1 hasn’t properly appreciated how tolerant Sanzo has been of them, and he doesn’t. like it. at all. Ooooooh boy. XD *starts popping popcorn*

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Well that is ominous . . .

    Part of the problem might be that SG-1 doesn’t KNOW that they are being annoying, exactly (it’s a little like Obi-Wan in Shadows “Okay what did I say or do wrong this time?”) NOR do they know nearly enough about this mess. You can only work with the information you have and they are at least trying to be helpful and not a pain in the behind. Which is probably why Sanzo is reigning in the urge to shoot them. But someone is going to get the Fan at least if they don’t stop getting on his nerves.

    And SG-1, the idiots (especially the smiling one) don’t like it when you annoyed the priest. It makes him even grumpier than usual and that’s really saying something.


    1. *Nod* And Sanzo’s not helping, given he’s clinging to “I don’t need to explain, just get them to talk to Kanzeon and out of my hair.

      As if it would ever be that easy.

      Oddly enough, what Hakkai’s going to do may actually help – by reminding Sanzo that yes, he’s supposed to be leading these idiots, not letting them get away with murder.

      …Ahem. So to speak. *Sweatdrop*

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