River of Stars Ch 6 bit – chaplain

A/N: Oof. And double oof. Well, someone had to say it…


Shading his eyes, Hakkai peered through the fog. “Ah. The interesting part.”

Stopping with the rest, Sam stared up at the so-called foothills. If there was a goat-track leading up, the goats had been taking ninja stealth lessons.

“Monasteries are usually near people,” Daniel complained. “Why isn’t there a road?”

“They’re not here to minister to the people,” Hakkai stated. “They’re a center for training and meditative arts. Usually, the only people who visit are from other temples. They’re really not enthusiastic about dealing with those… not fully dedicated to the faith.”

“Which means they’ll be oh, so happy to see us,” the colonel said dryly. “You want to go up this in the rain?”

“What, you want to camp out here a few days, while the next band of assassins tracks us down?” Gojyo snorted. “Believe me, His Holiness over there isn’t going to get any less snarly until this dries out. I’ll take my chances with the rocks.”


“See what I mean?” Gojyo patted Goku on the head. “Come on, kid. Let’s go break a trail.”

“Not a kid!” Goku said hotly. Raced past them all, only to skid to a stop near Sanzo. “It’ll be okay.”

“Hmph.” But the blond’s hand rested on Goku’s cloaked head a moment, rain beading on silver.

Goku grinned, gold eyes lit like sunlight, and dashed off.

“Seems like a good kid,” the colonel observed.

Violet narrowed, eyed him – and Sanzo deliberately turned his back.

Hey! Indignation blazed along with Sam’s itches. You don’t get to-

“Um, Jack?” Oddly, Daniel sounded no little annoyed himself. “Do you go to PTA meetings like that?”

“Do I what?” the colonel asked blankly.

“Or do you just talk to other parents in the Mountain like that?” From the set of Daniel’s jaw, he didn’t want to say this, but he’d decided it needed to be said. “Because if you do, I think I need to write a report to the general about a good, anthropological reason people with families keep asking for transfers out of the SGC.”

O’Neill rolled his eyes. “Of course they want transfers. We nearly got the whole Mountain sucked down a black hole once. Who wants their kids near that?”

Daniel sighed. With the slight upward push of glasses that meant, Jack, those ears are not just for holding your sunglasses up.

“Fine, fine – what’d I say?”

“It’s not what you say,” the archaeologist said deliberately, “it’s how you say it. Which is probably why Teal’c hasn’t called you on this before; he’s a parent, but Tau’ri aren’t Jaffa, so he didn’t get all of what you just implied.”

Teal’c put a brow up at that, but remained silent.

“Jack, what you say is ‘nice kid’. What you imply – tone, posture, the whole nine yards – is, ‘either he’s a gang-banger in a really good disguise, or he really is a nice kid… and that’s just too bad, because you don’t deserve him, you’re going to get him killed, and it’s such a shame it won’t be you‘.”

The colonel stood very, very still.

Oh god. Oh, this is going to be bad. “Daniel,” Sam managed, shocked.

“Don’t Daniel him, Major,” Sanzo said coldly. “He’s right.” The blond turned, just enough to rake violet ice down their spines. “You’re bleeding all over the world, and I’m sick of it. So since your friends can’t seem to tie off the artery, let me lend you a cauterizing iron.”


21 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 6 bit – chaplain

  1. I’m guessing now would be a good time to let everyone know they’re going to be headed towards a bunch of people /know/ when people are broadcasting strong emotions. Teal’c and Daniel probably aren’t going to be that bad (they’re the kind of people who don’t do that unless there’s a really good reason for it), Sam’ll be fine so long as she doesn’t have to re-write physics again or get’s jumped by a goa’uld, but Jack… everyone’s going to know what’s going on with the second he walks in the front door.

    And Daniel should probably follow the “why are their monasteries so isolated?” line of thought…


  2. “A cauterizing iron.” That is such a wonderfully vivid self description of Sanzo’s utterly necessary, brutal, and painful lectures.


  3. Well this conversation isn’t going to be pleasant . . . through conversation usually involves more than one person talking . . . but it needs to be said. Needs to be faced. We could say that about the others issues but at the moment, it’s Jack’s that are raining all over everyone’s parade.


  4. Fillet of Jack anyone? And why do I have a feeling Hakkai is off to the side conveniently behind Sanzo showing a few too many teeth in his polite smile as he watches the following vivisection of Jack? And that Goku and Gojyo are going to come back, take a look at SG1, turn to Hakkai and, compleately deadpan, ask “Sanzo let loose?”


      1. I am reminded that in a Manga Bonus the boys enter a Strongest Man contest with Sanzo vs Hakkai as the final two. Then they look at each other and simultaneously forefit.

        *squeeks happily and goes to read*


  5. “What kind of parent wants their kid near that?” Forget the earlier comment, that one is poisonous. When your boss goes around making it clear he thinks you’re a bad parent for working there, that makes for a retention problem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooof, yeah. That’s a link I didn’t see (but then again, I’m not a parent), but does make sense and link into the rest.

      Yeah, Sanzo’s last nerve has just been badly pulled on.


    2. Exactly. Jack’s canon attitude toward kids, and threats thereto, may make for interesting storytelling, but it’s pure hell when you think of the real-world consequences. Most people past 30 in the military have families, darn it!


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