River of Stars Ch 6 up on AO3

Because the full degree of Whoof needed to be shared.



6 thoughts on “River of Stars Ch 6 up on AO3

  1. -Reads-

    Jack is going to be BSOD for the rest of the trip or going to try and kill Sanzo shortly.

    Emphasis on try. Because I suspect even without backup and his Sutra Sanzo could hand Jack his own ass.


    1. >>Fortunately, Teal’c is talking him down. But yes, Jack is pretty much in shock for a while. Might take meeting Kanzeon to snap him all the way out of it….
      You know something just occurred to me.

      Considering how big Jack’s hang up regarding what he considers how children etc should be treated, if and when he meets Simon in WCA he going to go completely bug nuts.

      I mean here is this guy not only exposing children to danger, he actively encourages it!

      This is of course ignoring the facts that Simon’s stunts like Ball’s dungeon are all supervised and he’s not simply tossing unprepared kids into a lion’s den etc.

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